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How do I customize my Google Hotel Ads Center Dashboard?

How do I customize my Google Hotel Ads Center Dashboard?

This video talks about using the
Dashboard in your Hotel Ads Center to customize your reporting and at-a-glance
information for your Hotel Ads campaigns. You can think of your Dashboard as your
command center — it’s where you see the performance for your overall account, for
your specific hotel groups, or even for your individual properties. You can
customize your data as well as drill down into more detailed reports. When you first access your Dashboard, the information displayed will be for your
overall account. To see information for a particular hotel group or an individual
property, you have two options: first you can simply search in the search bar
at the top, or you can change your view using the drop-down menu and click into
the hotel group or property ID you want to look at more closely. Once
viewing information for the group or the property you choose, you can use the
filters to show you specific data like performance only within a certain
timeframe or on a certain Google property. Below those filters you can use the
graphs, sometimes called the widgets, to view trends in your metrics over the time
period you specify. Use the drop down menu to change the metric for a graph or
the + button to add another graph to your view Once you’re done customizing your
view, you can save it for easy access in the future from the same drop down menu. When you save a view, it will be available at the same level throughout your
account. So in our example since the view is created while looking at the ski
resort hotel group, this view will be available when viewing any hotel group
in my account. Having looked at the top half of your Dashboard, let’s look at the
bottom which offers more detailed performance information. This performance information allows you to drill down into your data by various aspects. Choose
which to view using the “View by” dropdown. From there you can customize which metrics you look at using the “Select Columns” dropdown. And finally you can check the boxes next to specific rows of data to compare them more closely and
even update your top graphs to reflect only this data.

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