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How Do Google Ads Work? | Intro to Google AdWords | PPC Marketing

How Do Google Ads Work? | Intro to Google AdWords | PPC Marketing

Hi! I’m Ameet Khabra from Ameet Khabra Marketing, today I’m going to teach you about Google AdWords and how it works. What’s a keyword? What do I mean by bidding? And where do your ads show up? All that and more, coming up! On our last video, you learned how AdWords is Google advertising platform, today we’re going to talk about the basics of how it works. At the core of AdWords, are the words! Specifically, Keywords. Keywords are the key parts of a search term a customer plugs into Google when they’re searching for something. Whether it’s something specific like, “How old is Celine Dion?”, by the way, she’s ageless, or something broad like, “The best potato recipe”, both these searches contain keywords that an advertiser would want to bid on. Google places ads around these search results. These ads can be placed at the top or at the bottom of the search page. The process of buying the space is called “Bidding”. It works like a really fast, constantly rotating auction. When I am managing a campaign for a client, I go through a number of steps to ensure that their ads show up in Google searches. And then we go a step further to ensure that the ads shown to people actually, turn into converting clients. Let’s pretend you make really, really great potato salad. Momma raised a damn fine chef. How can you share this amazing recipe with the world? You’re going to use Google AdWords, of course! That’s why you’re here! Come on! If you want people to find your amazing recipe, you’ll have to pay to appear in the available ad slots when someone is searching for it. By selecting the keywords that you want to pay to advertise on, your PPC contractor can narrow down on the searches that you’ll actually appear for. You’ll want to bid on searches for like, “Potato salad recipe”, or “Best potato salad recipe”. Keyword bidding can get a bit complicated, so I’ll go more in-depth in another video. Next you’ll need ads! Search ads are text-only, so you’ll need to write good ads that are attractive to your potential customer. When you’re buying PPC ads, the ad platform only gets paid when someone clicks on your ad. This bidding strategy is called CPC, or Cost Per Click. Because of this, Google will give you a bit of a discount if you make a good ad. That’s what quality scores are all about. And I’ll cover that in another video. Your PPC consultant will then put the ads into a group, set a budget and monitor their performance. A good PPC consultant will keep you in the loop, suggest ways to reduce cost, and improve campaign performance. So, now your ads have been set loose on the world! Appearing in relevant searches and driving traffic to your website. This isn’t the end though. Since, like most advertising, AdWords needs constant attention and monitoring. So, now you know a little bit more about Google AdWords. Watch our other videos to learn about Remarketing, and GCLID. It can get confusing with all the terms out there, but I hope I’ve helped you with this one. My team and I created “The Ultimate PPC Glossary”, so you can learn the rest of the terms. You can download it in the link below. The PPC world can be confusing and scary. If you want to learn more, please subscribe, ring the bell, like and comment on the video below.

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