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How Creative Advertising Agency “Poolhouse” Uses StudioBinder to Shoot Commercials [Success Story]

How Creative Advertising Agency “Poolhouse” Uses StudioBinder to Shoot Commercials [Success Story]

When you’re in production, organization is a vital part
of the creative process. It’s imperative to implement the
necessary tools to do it right, and to do it in the most
efficient way possible. My name is Tim O’Toole and I am the
co-founder of Poolhouse based in Richmond, Virginia. And we have also have
an office in Atlanta. We are a hybrid agency in
the sense that we are both a advertising agency. But we also housed within
it a production company, both post and
regular production. Every day these chaos. With us that spread
between two offices that speed and efficiency was one of the biggest
difficulties we have whether it’s a project
that’s in pre-production or out in the field shooting or it’s something
we’re working on post. It was imperative to
streamline our workflow. To have a tool to
ease that pin point. StudioBinder being in the cloud, enabling everyone to collaborate and work on several projects
at the same time is huge. You know, the D.P.`s able to
put together their shot list and from that the A.D. is able to
develop the right schedule. The fact that I can be
part of that conversation and post feedback, and then see that my feedback
has been received right, and someone has checked it
off that’s been completed. It takes ten emails
out of my inbox. With StudioBinder, it’s built-in a way that
you can plug and play exactly what you need. Whether it’s things
like contacts, having your saved crew in there, to literally just drag and
drop them into a call sheet. And having Google Maps
built into the software to confirm the
location of a shoot. Another feature is this
intuitiveness in way it communicates to crew members. Being able to see when
that person has received and confirm their call sheet, eliminates this
antiquated calling and following up on email and knowing that they’ve got it, they’ve confirmed and
they’re going to be there. One of the bigger values that StudioBinder has
provided a pool house. It is pushed us
in a direction of being more on top of our shoots, be more proactive
in our organization. StudioBinder is clearly coming
from the mind of producer. It’s clearly coming from
someone who understands what this piece of
technology supposed to do. and supposed to help. That’s why we’re
so committed to it. ♪ ♪

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