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How Child Sponsorship Works

How Child Sponsorship Works

World Vision is one of the largest child
sponsorship and development organizations addressing global issues
and impacting change worldwide. For over fifty years we have been
partnering with Canadians like you to help vulnerable children, their families, and communities break
free from poverty and injustice. Together we are impacting the lives of more than
five hundred thousand children in forty nine countries and in over two hundred
forty communities worldwide. As a sponsor, have you ever wondered how you’re making
a difference in transforming the lives of children families and communities? To start we approach each community we work with
in the same way. Local World Vision staff get together with community leaders
parents, and children and help them assess their greatest needs, identify
current opportunities, and develop an action plan addresses the root causes of
their challenges. For example, do they need access to clean drinking water,
education, healthcare, and nutritious foods? Overall,
our main goal is to help children out of poverty and help communities help
themselves. Local staff work alongside existing
organizations and leaders in the community and also empower new ones. We help bring the community together to
develop plans and put them into action. Our work doesn’t stop there. It includes monitoring the well-being of
children throughout the life of the project, tracking their progress and
measuring the success of programs and the impact we’re making in the community and
in the lives of the most vulnerable children. And local staff don’t just help families
and children get the things that they need to thrive. They teach them how to
develop their own systems so the community can continue to thrive on its
own without help in the future. We work with the community to make sure
it’s a better place for children to live grow and have a brighter future. It’s more equipped to handle setbacks
and has the capacity to assist children, families and even neighbouring
communities. Together we constantly look at what it takes to provide better lives
for children and when the community has grown healthier and more self-sufficient
we transition out and moved to another area in need. From beginning to end, this
transformational journey takes about fifteen years and it’s made possible
because of generous Canadians like you. Who are committed to making a difference
and hoping vulnerable children, families and communities break free from poverty.

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