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How Chef Anthony Bar Shares His Love for Food

How Chef Anthony Bar Shares His Love for Food

– Success is never owned,
you know, it’s just rented. And it’s a rent that’s due everyday. I’m just walking out and
I’m gonna keep doing it til I really get on the top. My name is Anthony Bar, and I’m owner of Anthony Bar Cooking. Very young, I really enjoyed eating. So the best way for me,
like, to make myself happy about the food like to learn how to cook. I start like cooking escargots,
garlic bread, onion soup, beef arginine, like very very old school. We don’t do that in France anymore, but. I wanted to see and learn
more from our country. And every single travel I did in my life and every single chef I work with, I really took like a
little bit of each one to make like, what I’m doing right now. I consider myself an artist. Every single plate I do,
I always draw before. And I really appreciate
when people sees the plate and says, “Wow.” Like before even trying,
they really appreciate. I start cooking class when most people used to come
to my restaurant asking me, okay, how you do that? Thinking about how I can market myself, best thing for me was to
like open my own business. I think the website was more like how to start the conversation with people. I just go online and
search a great website. And of course, I find my GoDaddy, and we have all these
templates already done, so it was for me the easy, and I’m not like a computer
guy, I’m very old school. Like I’m still doing all my recipes by writing on piece of paper. To be able to create a website without calling someone to
help me , GoDaddy was perfect. It took me like, maybe like
few hours, just to do it. And I was like, so proud about myself because I created my first website, and you are like amazing now. So the message I want to give to everybody is the food memory starts like very young. I grew up in the kitchen, so like for me it was naturally
like walking the produce, like try some new food,
like make new experiences. My mom always used to give
us like a fresh tomato. And I can totally remember this flavor, like sweet, acid, it was perfect, no. So it’s very important at a young age to learn what is good for
you and quality produce. I’m not here just like to
make profit and serve food, I’m there because I want
them to have good experience, I want them to be happy, and I want them to come
back and say, “Wow. “I tried something over
there, it was like amazing.” (techy music)

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