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How Can I Use Google Adwords To Promote My Amazon FBA Private Label Brand?

How Can I Use Google Adwords To Promote My Amazon FBA Private Label Brand?

my name is Marco my question is about
Google AdWords so I would like to know if there is anything on your club blog
that talks about Google AdWords because right now I’m not in the bye box with my
product in on Amazon and actually I don’t want to lower my price so I would
like to get started with Google Adwords so yeah this is my question thank you
very much hey Marco thank you so much for the question and the answer to that
question is no there really isn’t anything on on AdWords and there’s a
reason for that right now I don’t think that is the best
use of your time or anyone elses time when you have Facebook Ads we can use
instead I would rather use Facebook Ads than Adwords okay now if any what it
anyone listening is saying well Scott what is AdWords AdWords is Google’s ad
platform honestly it’s it’s harder to use than Facebook ads by a longshot and
I think anyone anyone would agree with that that’s ever worked in in Adwords so
my my thing here is I would go after Facebook Ads
I would dial them in if all you’re looking to do is drive external traffic
to your listings I would not drive it directly to the
listing by the way I would build an email list and then drive it to the
listing page after I’ve qualified them or if you do want to drive them over to
Amazon I would suggest that you drive them to your store page because this
won’t then hurt your conversions on your listing if we drive them directly from
let’s and we call that like cold traffic their traffic that that’s never seen or
heard about you or your product or your business and all you’re doing is asking
for a sale your conversions are gonna be lower period now because of that that’s
also going to drive traffic to that listing and then not turn into a sale so
Amazon’s gonna also look at that as a bad a bad thing and then there
going to you know they’re probably gonna hurt your ranking or they’re going
they’re going to take that in consideration when they’re looking at
your conversion rate and how many people are landing you know on your page and
buying and not buying and all that stuff so my suggestion is go Facebook Ads or
go influencer marketing by going out there and finding a YouTube channel and
Instagram channel even a Facebook group or page that’s already existing that
would be in line with your product that’s what I would do but my first
suggestion would be I would do the contest model where I would build an
audience in that market related to your product and get a lot of buzz around
that build that email list and then send them through you know we call it like
our little our three-day sequence where we actually let them know about an
upcoming special and then there’s a deadline to that special that can be
found at if you haven’t watched that yet I would say definitely go check that out
anyone listening to by the way then that can be found at the amazing seller com
/a build list and that will take you there and it’ll it’ll lay everything out
for you and it’ll talk about Instagram and Facebook ads and that’s really what
we’ve done in this new brand and it’s been it’s been awesome and it works so
well and I just had a conversation the other day I’ll just I’ll add this in
that you know I had a conversation the other day we had actually had a coaching
called one of one of our winners from the 400th episode I went ahead and said
if you tell your story on the on the or in the Facebook group we’ll go ahead and
we’ll pick two winners we’ll do a 30-minute coaching call actually we went
for about an hour so it would but cuz it was awesome we we we totally loved doing
him Chris Shaffer was on with me and we had a really great call
with Ryan and it was just great right but we were talking a lot about he’s
already launched and all that stuff but we were talking a lot about you know the
leverage of a list and not just making the sale from the list and this is what
I want you to really take away from this and you know Marco this is really for
you but it’s also for anyone else listening that is thinking I want to
build a list so I can just drive it’s more than that when you have that
list and this happened to us where we sent out a piece of content to that list
and then they shared that content in a in a bigger group than ours and we sold
over a hundred and eighty units in one day because of that okay and that’s what
happens so you you need to look at not just the sale that can come from that
email subscriber you need to look at that email subscriber is a person that
has the ability to share content or your product in a group without you needing
to do it all right and we actually have I think it’s about six people right now
that are like diehard loyal fans and they share it in all of the bigger
groups for us and we don’t have to do it so if for some reason their post gets
taken down or you know the admin says you can’t post that in there it doesn’t
reflect us as the brand because we didn’t do it and we didn’t really ask
them to do it we just said hey you know you know here’s there’s an offer or or
here’s a tutorial on how to use this hopefully it’s helpful and then they’ll
share it so a lot of people like I said they look at just the money brought back
from that email subscriber I want you guys to remember that there’s more to it
than that and when you start to ship the mind them
the mind set on that it changes everything
so um and again I just kind of go back to your original question because it’s
about driving outside traffic is really what you’re asking um I wouldn’t do
AdWords right now that doesn’t mean y’all wouldn’t do it the future just
right now I think Facebook Ads is gonna be a better option for you and anyone
else listening so hopefully that answered your question holy I give you a
little bit of direction and all right

2 thoughts on “How Can I Use Google Adwords To Promote My Amazon FBA Private Label Brand?

  1. No joke. I learn something everytime. I'm prepping to do my first email list build in the next month or so.

  2. The problem with gurus if they don't do it is not recommended. Many sellers do well with adwords to listing can be cheaper than amazon Ppc.

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