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How Business Analytics Create More Effective Ad Campaigns – Ken Rona

How Business Analytics Create More Effective Ad Campaigns – Ken Rona

Erik: So what are you doing right now at this
company X+1? Ken: So my role is two fold. I do the data
strategy and run the client analytics team, mostly in the display business. The data strategy
piece is really interesting because of my previous experience at IXI. I have good relationships
in the web data space. This is a very new field. All of the ad networks, the publishers,
the agencies all know to do a better job of getting the right ad in front of the right
person is going to require that you know more about the person. I mean, this is something
that data based marketers have been doing for years. So, as… certainly over the last
six months, a year, there have been a lot of data providers who have shown up who want
to be able to enable those direct marketing that is available offline, online. . So being
able to assess those providers, we do what we call a data strategy test. We take the
data in house, decide if it’s valid or not. Is it reliable? What’s the coverage? How
many people does it address? So to be able to assess the data for our business use is
a big part of my job. I sign and negotiate all the deals to sign up the data providers
and then I help a little bit with implementation. The second part of my job is to help the clients
figure out… I don’t want to say just do reporting, but we do at least reporting on
how their campaigns are running. We also do what I call inside generation. We help them
understand their audience better and then we’ll do optimization so now that we understand
their audience better we share that with them and figure out how we can improve the performance
of their campaigns.

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