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How Budweiser Won the Big Game with “Puppy Love” | YouTube Advertisers

How Budweiser Won the Big Game with “Puppy Love” | YouTube Advertisers

At Anheuser-Busch, we want to be the number
one company in additional world. Consumers are evolving, behaviors are evolving, so the
way we connect to them should evolve as well. I think video is one of the best ways to tell
a story. That’s why we think YouTube is a great resource for us. We know that viral
videos just don’t happen overnight. You cannot buy followers, you cannot buy subscribers
and Super Bowl provides that unique opportunity to connect with millions and millions of consumers
who want to be entertained, who want to see the stories of the brands. We knew that it was very expensive to focus
on Sunday and Monday. So one of the key strategies that we had was, we wanted to leverage the
organic search for the Super Bowl spots. So we went to Brown Lab to spend two full days
at their campus in San Francisco, to learn about consumer behavior trends, benchmarks.
Really to get smart about what goes into Super Bowl season. Not only Super Bowl day, but
the days before and the days after. So six days before Super Bowl, we released the spot
and created a lot of buzz, and for me, that was one of the best things that happened in
this campaign. So have a campaign objective and a clear KPI,
while the key metrics that you will be seeing across the campaign, like how many reviews
you want. And also, if we want to be successful, what are the resources that will get you there?
One of the big successes of Super Bowl campaign, we had more than 50 million views on YouTube,
80% of them were earned, that means we didn’t pay for those. Consumers put that content
in front of their friends. That means that content really resonated with our audience
and people wanted to follow more of the stories. Some of the key learnings from Super Bowl,
we applied to the work of campaign and we are applying to the future campaigns as well.
We were smart about, what are the consumer behaviors leading up to the games. We knew
exactly when to release the spot. What are the key metrics for success, so we knew how
much per view should cost. How many subscribers should get? So we have clear metrics for what
success looks like.

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  1. I have seen so many Budweiser commercials of drink responsible think of those waiting on you to get home I believe the man's best friend commercial was great!

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