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How Brands Are Using Instagram vs. Facebook Ads

How Brands Are Using Instagram vs. Facebook Ads

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab
this is Social Media Minute. Marketers often think that Instagram
is more of a reach medium than it is around direct conversion or links. And while that’s absolutely true
for most content and organic content, we pulled some Socialbakers data around a comparison of Instagram
ads and Facebook ads. And the numbers did surprise us. Because the number one
ad in terms of volume of ads on Instagram are link ads. And this is surprising
because you’d expect it to be post reach or post engagement ads while they are actually links. This might be due to gaming
companies advertising on there but these were brand-related data.
Brands are obviously sending links to their websites whether it’s
fashion brands, beauty brands or others. This was kinda surprising. With Facebook, the number one
category’s obviously still post engagement but this shows
that a marketer that goes on to advertise on Instagram, where 35%
of the ads we’ve analyzed were links, and when we compared this
with Facebook, only 15% percent of the analyzed ads were links. And this was on a massive sample. Majority of marketers
are still not doing a great job when it comes to advertising
on both Instagram and Facebook combined. You really gotta find your
custom audiences and adapt your goals. I actually don’t like the fact that we’re
seeing too much of this post engagement or even the links,
it should be much more diversified. Marketers have to
set a strategy for themselves and this is what I urge
agencies, brands, CMOs, for crying out loud,
go and build the right strategy for you. If you’re not advertising
on Instagram, are you kidding me? I mean you could be
a total mismatch for Instagram but it’s likely that you’re just
not putting the effort into Instagram. Send that to your agency now, send that to your CMO now. Put more effort and budget in. I know it’s towards end-of-year and your
budgets were pre-set but be flexible and go try and do some of these
Instagram ads a little bit better. Thanks, guys.

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