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How are Women still Poorly Represented in Advertising?

How are Women still Poorly Represented in Advertising?

One is in terms of how we perceive each
other particularly for women. Even though and
even now when we’re seeing all of all of these women coming forward and claiming
their space, women are still vastly portrayed as as objects and particularly
in advertising. For us to still in this day and age be talking about women in
terms of their bodies instead of their minds and particularly in advertising is
terrible Cindy Gallup right now is major person
in the advertising business who is calling for more women to be in top
positions in advertising and that’s really one of the reasons why, is if you
don’t have top women writing the ads then you’re not going to have women in
these more powerful positions within the context of the creative. So I think
that’s one part of it .I think the other part of it my biggest issue is that
people forget that their cell phone is an advertising technology, that’s all it
is. Everything that exists around your cell phone is all about getting you to
spend more time with advertising and ultimately to get you to spend more
money and it’s created to be incredibly addictive. And the most recent statistic
that I heard is once that you start to get a notification and move into away
from what you were currently doing you’re going to spend approximately 23
minutes doing something else instead of what it is that you’re doing. So think of
all the waste of time that we have instead of doing what we want to do or
thinking our own thoughts are coming up with our own creative ideas we’re lost
in this online world that is not of our own making. That’s my biggest issue with

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