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How Are These Relatable? (Bad Relationship Memes)

How Are These Relatable? (Bad Relationship Memes)

hoGwartS???11 -How are you enjoying your dinner (subtitles by Greg) GF-It’s uh? GF-It’s great. – Well. I made it especially for you because you’re my girl, and I’m so lucky to have you GF-Wow Thanks GF-Thanks – Hey is everything okay, you seem really quiet GF-well… GF-No, I didn’t want to say this, but no it’s it’s not, everything is not okay GF-I don’t think I can do this anymore -What?I-I don’t -Understand I thought everything was going so well. What did I do? GF-It’s not really any specific thing GF-It’s just sort of everything you do I mean you don’t know how to be romantic -Romantic? I’m-I’m romantic! -I just made you a whole dinner! GF-Danny! GF-You didn’t even make anything you just handed me an empty plate GF-And we’ve both been sitting here pretending to eat for the past half-hour. -Okay. What about the flowers I brought home today? -That was romantic GF-You thought those were flowers?You came home with three dead toads and put them in a vase -Okay,so what? I’m supposed to be some kind of flower expert. What about the new bib -I got you that says girlfriend character you love that GF-Okay. I do like this bib, but other than that GF-I just, I can’t. – Babe GF-‘m sorry Danny GF-But I need someone who knows how to be romantic and if you can’t do that then I’m out of here all right -Please I don’t know how to cook,don’t leave me! GF-*sighs*Goodbye, Danny. -Oh not romantic how can I’ve been such an idiot? -Well, I guess there’s only one thing to do now. D-Make a youtube video No, that’s not what I’ve meant- D-Yep!I’m gonna make a youtube video sounds good. What’s up Greg? It’s me Danny back with another episode Of how to being a romance.This video is sponsored by Audible,if you’re looking to get started listening to Audio Books,go to to get a free book and a 30 days trial so,I’ve noticed that on Instagram and Facebook more and more,this post that just bait people into liking and sharing and commenting,have become more and more prevelent,it used to be a funny video and at the end it would say “Share this with a friend” or “Tag a friend in this”,so it would be a funny video and then it would tell you to share something,but more and more,all of the content,like on insta and fb has become like the sharing and commenting part comes first And then it’s like we’ll try to throw something entertaining in there too, post that are just like tag a friend who loves cleaning to- Tag a friend who loves to clean It’s just like the most blatant attempt to just get more people to see what you’re posting without actually having to come up with any interesting content or anything that offers any like entertainment value But I’ve noticed. There’s one sub-genre of this like comment and share baiting content That’s like Relationship related stuff. Like stuff about love and sex and marriage and dating that are either written by like eight-year-olds or People who don’t speak English as their first language. They just like some of them Just don’t make any sense like, being relatable on a surface level is not very hard But I feel like these people really fall short sometimes Being relatable in like the simplest ways I’ve discovered like a bunch of accounts like this one called “HiddenFeelings”. They just post pictures Uh-Like this one “Marry a short girl..” ..because” and then you have to click to the next picture to find out why “they gives the best hugs and… ..could listen to your heart beat easily too” which I mean, it’s really something that you would look for in a significant other umm-giving hugs is great and listening to your heartbeat is super useful in a significant other um-I can’t tell you how many times I asked Laura to listen to my heartbeat Just to make sure I’m not dead “drop a like if you agree” so basically this is meant for short people It’s saying “hey short people deserve love too right? drop a like on this if you’re short” And you think that short people deserve love What short person is going to see this and be like” I don’t think I really do deserve love” But it’s just so weird to see them try to relate on the most basic level Things and just failing so badly like this one is called “When Bae is in periods” Oh fellas don’t you hate it when you’re tryna-you tryna to like cuddle with Bae but she’s in periods Huh it’s so frustrating It’s like “Bae get out of periods” okay When Bae is in periods this one’s a little scene between a boy and a girl so here goes “Boy-hey baby you up for tonight?” “Girl-No
I rather eat shit than go and see you ” “Boy-Period?” “Girl- Yes.””Boy- Wait, I’ll be there in 10 minutes with chocolates, movies, blankets and Chinese.” “Girl-This is why I love you”- Drop a heart for your love and tag someone!” yeah don’t you hate it when your girl is in periods and she tells you she’d rather eat shit than come and see you Okay, this one’s kind of weird “Girls are perfect,short girls are preety, tall girls are beautiful,fat girls are cute, thin girls are sweet, fair girls are attractive,dark girls are gorgeous!” “Moral-girls are perfect in all aspects and appearances and most beautiful gift from God” “Drop a heart if you agree, tag someone” they all end with drop heart if you agree n’ tag someone obviously I just think it’s funny like they have to cover every single base just in case Some like a thin girls watching this or a fair girls watching this so that all of them will like this post like wouldn’t it Be weird if they singled out one girl like in the middle of this like fair girls are attractive Dark girls are cute girls with green eyes can fuck off She’s like “whoa what-what” also it’s talking about how like hot and sweet all these girls are Why the fuck is the picture a five year old like shouldn’t it be a gorgeous? Woman? ,why is it like- It’s all these like kissy emojis “Fat girls are cute,tall girls are beautiful I mean just look at this five year old girl -This one I like cuz it’s like this is the type of thing that you would see people post and be like “Yes This is what I want in the bedroom. Give me this” It’s a picture of a butt with someone grabbing it and the caption is “Grab those things that makes you happy” “Grab those things that makes you happy” say that in the bedroom next time you’re getting getting down with someone “Oh, yeah, baby grab those things that makes you happy. “”I just want- “I just want to grab those things that makes me happy” I really like the ones in here that are like stories though write out little stories between like a boyfriend and a girlfriend To illustrate some kind of point, so this one is called.” I am pregnant” so I’m gonna-. I’ll act it out. “Boy- love you” “Girl-…`sighs`” “Boy-What’s wrong?” “Girl-well..” “Girl-I’m pregnant” “Boy- What?!? “Girl-`crying` I still need to finish my study my parents would be so disappointed if they know” “Boy-I’m breaking up with you. I don’t want to be your boyfriend anymore” “Girl-What!?!After you’ve done this to me, how dare you?!” After you’ve done this to me ,this-this baby inside me, what have you done, okay?”Boy- Please? Let me explain” “Girl-What is there to explain?” “Boy-I’m breaking up with you” “Boy-And I don’t want to be your boyfriend anymore cuz I want you as my wife now not my girlfriend and don’t worry” “I’ll talk to your parents, and I’ll do anything to help you with our baby” “And your study as well now put a beautiful smile of yours on your face as I said. I love you, baby” “Girl-I love you too, baby” – “And this is called true love,treat your girls like that!Tag someone” That’s true love. In like a girl’s emotional state when she’s really nervous to tell her boyfriend she’s pregnant It’s really important that like as as her man You have to sort of like play this weird mind game with her or you tell her you want to break up with her Make her cry and then only then clarify “nO. I mEan bReaK uP wiTh yOu aS In pRopoSed tO You” That’s what people say when they want to propose to someone right and be their husband I want to break up with you like I get what the story’s trying to do, but it just like doesn’t really work Why did he have to go through all of that just to say okay? We can get married, and I’ll help you Why didn’t why don’t you just say that there’s a couple stories that are like that this is another good one I will act this one out as well. “Boy-Will you marry me?” “Girl-Do you have a house?” “Boy-None, but… “Girl-Do you have a BMW car? “Boy- ummm, none?” “Girl- How much is your salary?2 “Boy-No salary, but.. “Girl-No but. You have nothing, how can I marry you? Just leave me!” “Girl-Please!” *girl goes away* “Boy-*talking to himself*” “Boy-I have one Villa ,three plots, three Ferraris ,two Porsches, one Lamborghini” “Boy-Why I still need to buy a cheap BMW” “Boy-How can I get a salary when actually I am the boss?” “Moral-don’t judge anyone because everyone has a different story” first off Uh, what is the-what is the relationship between the boy and the girl ,where the boy asks “Will you marry me?”and the girls first question is “do you have a house?” I’m so confused about where this conversation started Is this the first time they’ve met and the boy just walks right up to the girl and he is like “Will you marry me?” cuz then honestly the girl has a right to ask a few questions about this guy Or have they been dating for like years, and the boy is finally proposing to the girl But the girl has for some reason never been to this boy’s house or seeing his cars like she doesn’t know anything about him also I get the moral It’s like don’t judge a book by its cover But why did the boy wait for the girl to walk away to start saying all the cool shit he has Like he’s just saying all this shit by himself alone talking to himself like a psychopath- the girl walks away And he’s just like “I have one Villa ,two Porsches, three Lamborghinis. I am the boss.” It’s like dude the girls gone What are you-what are you doing? Just talking to yourself?” What if I still need a cheap BMW?” “I’m rich.” You could’ve-you could’ve told the girl that she’s gone now. Here’s another good story It’s called a conversation between two lovers. This is the girl “Her-what’s up?” “Him-Nothing.” “Her- “how was your day?” “tried to know deeply about his sad face” “Him-Okay” (after ten minutes) “Her-Are you busy?”( asked in a very utter way) hold on let me do that line again So I can ask in a more utter way. “Her-Are you busy?” I don’t know what is utter way Him-Hmm (Acted like a stranger) “Her-okay eat properly for too long” “Him-okay!” (and still online) “Her-still online?” “Him-Hmm” *she turned her phone hugging her pillow tight* *reminding the sweet moments with him and cried silently all night because* “Sometimes in between these kind of ignorance a true love story is left unsaid* damn, that was really deep, it even says the more like this one even has like a paragraph of the moral of the story at The end and I still don’t understand. I-I just don’t follow. Here’s another good little story “Her-am I pretty?” “Him- no” “Her-Do you want to be with me forever?” “Him- No” “Her-Would you cry if I walked away?” “Him-No” *She had heard enough and was hurt. She walked away, tears ran down her face, the boy grabbed her arm* “Him-You’re not pretty you’re beautiful. I don’t want to be with you forever” “Him-I NEED to be with you forever, and I wouldn’t cry if you walked away. I would die”( boy whispers)”Him- please? stay with me” (girl whispers) “Her-I will” “Tag someone” Anyone, it doesn’t matter who,just tag someone, honestly tag your fucking boss and piss your boss ,shows up to work the next day like “what the fuck was that?” “Why did you tag me?” “Sorry dude- It’s a tag someone and you were-I-you were the first person that popped up” “I’m sorry” What is it with these stories and the boy just being? Completely oblivious in the first half of it and then suddenly turning around and being the hero like ,like it’s not romantic The girl just it starts off with the girl asking the boy if he thinks she’s pretty and he’s just like” no” Like why not just say “No, I think you’re beautiful” all right. Well. That’s enough of those That’s that’s about all I think I can read ,sometimes It’s just kind of fun to fall down a weird rabbit hole in Instagram or any other social media platform Until you just find like the weirdest subsection of like accounts that are just posting the weirdest shit And it might not be like these these people are doing the worst thing in the world It’s just very strange, anyway guys as I said earlier this video is sponsored by audible Audible is a great service for listening to audiobooks I used to commute like an hour each way to work every day And I would listen to audiobooks all the time in the car, long car rides are like the perfect time to listen to audio books and audibles like the perfect service for that I really like listening to books by some of my favorite comedians ,one I listen to today egghead by Bo Burnham I’ve Read the book before but I recently I just listened to the audiobook cuz it was only like an hour and a half and it Was great, it’s great to just like put something on and listen to it while you’re writing Or if you’re going for a run and you want to just forget about what you’re doing and just listen I feel like for me for someone who tries to be funny for a living always Listening to other people who are funny and that I think are really funny is really helpful to me -Demetri Martin has a book on Here, too well
This is an audiobook which I want to listen to next so ,so if you want to check any of these books out or you Just want to check audible out because you can get a 30-day free trial and a free book go to audible.com slash Greg4 life or text Greg4 life to 500-500 It’s super easy to set up your account in your free trial so if you want to get yourself some audiobooks go and do that Thanks to audible for sponsoring this video and as always if you’re new here, and you’re not a part of Greg yet You’re probably wondering why I said “what’s up Greg” at the beginning of this video, Greg is my fanbase on YouTube I call all my fans Greg (yeP,I am greg,you watching dis is greg,we’re all gregs) We’re the strongest army on the internet ,we’re the fastest-growing army on the internet, and this is a little-known fact I’d never stated this publicly before but all Greg’s are in fact immortal (*gaSps*DON’T SPOIL OUr sECRET) So Greg’s can’t die and we’re all so impervious to all diseases. This is something I’ve known for a long time, but I just decided that now is the right time to say it, so yeah If you’re Greg you’re immortal don’t worry about dying It’s not gonna happen, and oh if you’re still one of those mortals who aren’t subscribed go ahead and subscribe all you have to do is subscribe and turn on my Notifications to be Greg Thank You Nati love for turning out my notifications you are truly Greg if you want to be the shout-out in my next video just turn on my Notifications and be one of the first people to comment on my videos. Thank you guys for watching this video I’ll be back again soon with another really fun video where I accidentally trip and fall for 9 minutes straight Bye *voice crack-clears throat* bye

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