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How are advertisements made? | The Meredith Minute

How are advertisements made?  | The Meredith Minute

ad writers just brainstorm brilliant ideas that
instantly become great ads. In reality, creativity follows
a process, a process that begins with a creative brief. An advertising account
team writes this document, which gives the
creative team a roadmap. A creative brief provides
the team with direction. But it is not a description
of what the ad should look or sound like. It typically includes
the project background, the campaign objective,
and anything else that must be included in the ad. This document is
called a creative brief because it is
supposed to be brief. A really important component
of the creative brief is the consumer insight. This is a discerning observation
about consumer behavior that guides the
messaging of the ad. A famous example of this
is the Got Milk campaign which is based on a very
simple consumer insight. In a focus group, a
woman said, the only time I even think about milk
is when I run out of it. This was the key insight that
was incorporated into the brief and ultimately drove one of
the longest-running campaigns in advertising history. So the next time you see a
compelling ad like the Got Milk campaign, remember that it all
began with a creative brief. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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