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How An Ad Can Inspire Your Own Creative Ideas

How An Ad Can Inspire Your Own Creative Ideas

Woke up this morning and scrolling
through my feed in facebook, I always start my day like, routines right? I get
up I make my coffee, my wife’s coffee and then I start scrolling through Facebook
and I was served this ad from promo.com Okay so there’s nothing shocking about
me seeing an ad from promo, we use their platform, we are very loud about being
one of the largest users of their service, curators of their video content
and we use that for our client ads, for our ads. But I saw this ad of these
flying cheeseburgers and it gave me an idea and so here’s the idea and I’m
gonna do this and show you like step by step, how to use something as just
bizarre as a flying cheeseburger video for your business. And so I’m gonna put
it to use for my business Ad Zombies, if you don’t know what that is, by the way.
But I guess if you looked in the upper corner of Facebook here or Instagram,
wherever. I’m pointing in directions I don’t even know where this is, you’ll see
it. So, I’m gonna take that video that I just showed you on my phone. I’m
gonna find that video on Promo, I’m gonna show you how to turn that into an ad for
your business by showing you how I would turn that into an ad for my business.
Let’s go! Okay, so I’ve moved to my office and I’m at
my desk, I’m gonna launch promo.com right now and walk you through the
process, so you won’t be seeing me you’re gonna be seeing what I’m doing on
the screen and I’ll do my best to narrate as I go okay? So the first thing
I’m gonna do is go to the Promo website and I’ve found that when you search you
want to search for very specific words. So what I saw in that ad were
cheeseburgers on a brown background. That’s gonna help me isolate and find
that a lot quicker. There it is, there’s the video that I was served. So I’m going
to use that video as the foundation. First thing I do is I turn the video
from horizontal to square. Why? Whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram Square converts
better, it also fills the screen properly so, meaning that on a smartphone it’s
going to actually use up more real estate of the phone screen then it would
if you went horizontal, horizontal that’s gonna be narrower, it’ll go wide to get
someone’s attention in the newsfeed. Go square with your videos especially
for Facebook and Instagram and they work and convert a lot better. Now,
how do cheeseburgers inspire me for what we do at Ad Zombies? Well, so let me
think about this. Our ads are beefy, right so there’s the first one. Now, if I really
want this to grab your attention I can use the same text effect, waterfall, but I
can do something very different with it. I’m gonna put each word on its own line.
You’re watching me do the process that we go through when we’re creating a
video ad. Our ads are beefy! Now I want this to eat up a lot of screen real
estate so what I’m gonna do is get it to kind of like… really eat up that screen
real estate and then I’m gonna center it out. Our ads are beefy. Right, so now this
thing is in your face and if I were to run this right now or show it to you
right now let me get that little thing out of the way there okay? Then our next
text box… oh it went back to that right? So how do I fix this?
Really easy, I just delete this text block and I’m gonna delete this one here
and then I’m gonna take this one that I created which I already like the way it
looks I’m gonna duplicate it and now it says our ads are beefy here and I’m
gonna start changing the copy. 100% pure… see so I’m working through what I want
to say. 100% pure words boom! 100% pure words and I can make this
longer and I’m going to because I want it to say no artificial flavors, fillers,
or fluf. So our ads have no artificial flavors, fillers, or fluff. That really
took it off the screen, so again I have to adjust this. So before I do that, do I
want to adjust it so that it’s one word per line like I’ve been doing? I can
eliminate superfluous words like “or” Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect
and so this is definitely too big so I have to scale this down. The easiest way
to do that is grab the corner of the box I’ll recenter it and there we go no
artificial flavors now nobody’s gonna see the size difference because there’s
more words here, it’s just gonna continue to fill the screen. No artificial flavors,
fillers, fluff. Now Promo has a really interesting thing here on the outro. So
you cannot have a video ad without an outro, you have to have one. Okay?
So choose one that works for you visually and remember you can always
change your coloration in your palette when you’re doing things, so look at
something that feels like you, right, that works for you and you can go through
these and you might find one that really just goes… ooh this is what I want. In
this case I’m gonna just go up to the this one I kind of like this one this is
a go-to for me and I’m a stickler about font matching, so if you notice this font
which is Anton is different than this font which is Raleway Black, so all I
want to do now is change that font before I start putting my messaging in I
want that font to match because it’s gonna drive me nuts
and visually it’s gonna appear off. Your consumer, your people watching it are
not going to know why it appears off or feels off to them it just is. And so now
the next thing I’m gonna do is say well I don’t like that color that blue bar
doesn’t match anything else in this ad so I want a different color and this is
going to be a call to action right I want them to do something so for us
we’ve tested lots of different our schemes and all sorts of different
things. When I can’t make a decision my decision is always green for go, by the
way, because we’re zombies we like green, it’s just the color of our skin. Now I’m
gonna add my final text, so let’s pretend I’ve got my final text which I haven’t
done yet, you’ll see it in the finished ad in a moment. Now I’m gonna go and select
my music. So what music works for flying cheeseburgers? Well I don’t know, it’s
definitely not holiday, it’s not big band, it’s not cinematic, right? So rather than
getting stuck on genre, I skip that often times and go to mood, because mood
allows me to set the tone a lot easier than genre, because genre is going to
pigeonhole the type of music that I can pick, therefore my mood may not be as
accurate or as close to what I envisioned in my head. So now let’s
listen to a couple of tracks. Nope! So far none of these work for me, so
let’s go to instrumental. Let’s see if we can find something that’s brass and
funny, that’s gonna be more clown comical. I like this one so I’m gonna say that’s
my music and now I’m gonna save and preview and now you’re gonna see the
start of this ad coming to life. I do have to wait for the mixing and they
have to prepare it for the screen and sometimes they hire a new director it
just depends. So there you go, so that is the start of
an ad for us. Yes, you caught it! Continuity error, that’s what they call
it in film. I actually started this video yesterday and had to finish it today
because I ran out of time. So, but what you saw is how the process unfolds. Now
what I’m going to do is show you the finished ad which you will most likely
start seeing in your newsfeed within the next couple of days if you haven’t
already seen it.

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