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– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I
will be sharing with you my full house tour. I have been meaning to film
this for so many months and today is the day. I’ve never felt that the house
was quite ready to show you, but today I’m gonna show you every room, the garden, everything. If you want any more
details on any of the rooms, I have actually filmed room tours for pretty much all of them. So, I will link all of
those videos down below and as many items as I can link
in the description, as well. So, if there’s anything you think, oh, I really like that. Where’s that from? Hopefully, it will be in
the description down below. I also wanna dedicate this
video to my viewer, Lily Moore. She has asked me in the
comments on every single video for the past year when my
house tour was going to be. So, it’s finally here, Lily! This one is for you. I really hope you all like it. If you are new to my channel, I would love for you to
subscribe and stick around. I post three videos a week
about lifestyle, interiors, being a mom, just all
kinds of different things, and I would love to have you as a viewer. Yeah, so let’s get started. Come in, this is our front
room and we recently did it up. It used to be a room that
we actually never used. It was really a difficult space because it’s kind of the entrance. It’s got our big stairs right
in the middle of the room. Over here is my home office. So, this is where I edit or plan videos. Then, we have these shelves put up. I have done a full office tour. So, again, if you wanna see
that, go and check it out, but there are a couple of new things. This is new, I think. My 100,000 play button
came through the post. So, I was just so, so chuffed. Obviously, it’s got pride of place. These prints aren’t new,
but this one here is new. It is from Desenio. I wanted to make this space
a little bit more pink and I just really liked how subtle it is. I’m sure lots of you at
heard of Desenio before. It is a really good website that has all kinds of
different prints and frames, and they’re really
trendy and the selection is really, really amazing. So, you’ll see quite a few
throughout this house tour and they’ve actually said that
they will offer my viewers 25 percent off of their
posters for two days. So, if you use the code Emily,
you’ll get 25 percent off from the 13th of February
to the 15th of February. So, go ahead and use that if
you want to check them out. I think a few hand-picked collaborations aren’t included in the offer, but lots of them are. So, I will put the links in
the description bar below if you wanna go ahead and check them out if you’ve been thinking about
getting prints for a while. So, yeah, that’s this area. A few things to note: I’ve got monitor where I can link up my laptop to and do work on. This globe is from Maisons Du Monde. Lots of people comment on that. I’ve got a few little cactuses and stuff, and the desk itself we actually had built again by our carpenter. We looked into buying a desk,
but it’s kind of awkward space with our pipe in the corner. So, in the end, we decided
to just have it made. Then, we also had this
glass top put on top of it. So, on these two walls, we have recently had
paneling put onto them. We had our carpenter put on- well, it’s actually emdeon
that we just painted. So, we painted it all gray
and I think the effect is really, really nice. Everyone comments on this rug; it’s from French Connection. Everyone seems to love it. We’ve also got a new sofa,
which is a nice gray leather. Throw cushions are
mostly from Oliver Bonas. This is a new addition
to the room, as well. We had this fireplace made by
someone that makes granite. We’ve got this little electric
stove from B and Q, I think. It’s really cool because it
looks like there’s a nice fire on and it actually
gives off heat, as well. So, we love it. Over here, there is a little
side board that our carpenter actually built for us. We had the same granite that
we used for the fireplace to go on top of this
and have the TV there. Matt designed all of this. It’s quite clever because he
made this space the exact size of a DVD so we could line
up all the boy’s DVDs. I use this bit for storage for
all the boy’s hats and gloves and scarves and stuff like
that in little baskets there. All the Wii U consoles
and DVD players are there. Then, over here, we’ve got
a new radiator recently, which is so much nicer than the old one. We also had shutters put on the windows. One of my favorite things
in this entire house is this under-the-stairs storage that our carpenter built for us. It just slides out and then
it holds all of our shoes and then kid’s bags
for karate and swimming and stuff like that. It’s all hidden in there and
it’s the most amazing thing because they used to all be on porch. So, I love it. I should probably say, as
well, the floor throughout our downstairs is a Laura Ashley laminate. We’ve also got this big mirror here. It used to be cream, but
we recently painted it gray and it’s really handy to
have there and check yourself before you walk out the door. So, that’s that, and
now we’re gonna show you the family room. I’ve done a full kitchen tour in the past, but this is our kitchen
as it currently is. I think if there was one
thing we would change in the house now, we would probably get a new kitchen or just more storage because
we have this bad boy here, which is from Laura Ashley and it’s great, but there’s loads of dead space up here. So, we have thought about
maybe getting a full cupboard all the way down this side. Anyway, this is how it is at the moment. We love this space. We’ve got our cereals and
things up here in IKEA storage. We had this little shelf built so that we could have a bit
of a tea and coffee station. This is a bit of a command
center for me as a mom. Party invitations, meal planning
and stuff all goes on here. Yeah, this is just our kitchen really. We have a pink, glass splash back because I am really
outnumbered in this house. You will see, there is lots of pink stuff and lots of things to make the
house more feminine for me. Over here is our dining table. The table itself is from Laura Ashley, but we actually ended
up painting the legs. The chairs are from made.com. They’re just like a nice, gray leather. This area is where the boys watch TV and play with all of their toys. I get loads of questions
about their toy storage, which is all from Great
Little Trading Company. I really liked the baskets that they had. So, we try and hide the other toys, but they have so many toys. This carpet is from IKEA. I love it because it’s the kind of carpet that you can throw into
the washing machine, so that is really good. Couch for next. We have some family photos,
nail clippers, and these flowers we also get a lot of questions about. They are fake and we’ve had
them for, like, seven years. They are really, really good. We love this room and we
spend most of our time in it, as a family. It’s so nice to have an open plan, and it’s also very bright. So, it’s great for filming in
because we have so much glass in this room. We have two sliding glass doors there and then we have four
bi-folding doors, as well, which are just perfect in
the summer for the boys to run in and out of. The decking is actually the
same level as the house. So, even for Jackson,
he easily step outside from the bi-fold doors
and get onto the deck. In the summer, our house
feels that much bigger because the garden becomes another room, which they use all the time. They are just in and
out, in and out, all day. Neither Matt and I are big gardeners, so we actually had artificial
grass laid in our garden just because when it’s messy outside, it looks messy inside because
there’s so much glass. You can always see out here. So, whenever the grass needed mowing, we were just like, oh, it’s so messy. So, we had it put down
quite a few years ago now- four years ago. It has been fantastic for the kids. We really, really love it;
can’t recommend it enough. Then, down the side of our house, we have an area where we barbecue or entertain in the summer. We have a nice, big, round table and that’s where Matt barbecues, as well. We have painted all of the
fences a nice, like, light green because we wanted to
brighten them up a bit because, again, you see outside the whole time you’re in this room. We really wanted to make it look nice. So, although it isn’t the
biggest garden in the world, it is perfect for us. This is probably one of my favorite rooms in the whole house. This is our utility room. So, this is where I do all of the laundry. We put some units in, which are actually kitchen
units from Howdens, which we like the color of. Then, this area has been
brilliant because when our babies are very young, we use it
as, like, a changing table. When it’s not, I use it for, like, detergent, first aid box, clickers. All of the boys’ crafty
bits are in these cupboards. Then, we’ve got a washing
machine, tumbler dryer, and another freezer. We decided to wallpaper
one wall in this bathroom with a Cath Kidston wallpaper, which, again, is nice and feminine. Then, over here, we’ve
obviously got a toilet, which is perfect having a downstairs lou when you’re potty training. Then, I love this butler sink. This sink is where I have
bathed the boys as newborns, so it’s been really, really handy. Yeah, and more units, as well. This mirror was found in Danouns and then we just put,
like, some tiles here. But, again, I have a full
room tour of this room, so if you want to see, like,
all of the storage in it, you definitely can. The floor in here is also Laura Ashley, but it is kind of like
a white, wood laminate. Right, I’ll show you upstairs now and we recently actually
improved the stairs themselves. They used to be really dark
wood and really overpowering. So, we painted the bottom of them white and then we sanded down and
varnished the top bit here. We added a new carpet, which is a stripey, sort of like, brown and gray-beige carpet. It’s actually really
good for hiding stains and it makes the stairs look really long. So, yeah. Right, so we’ll start
out in our master bedroom and there is a bedroom tour of this room, so I will link that down below
and just walk you through the key features. This is our ginormous bed. It is a super king-size bed and we got it on the English
Bed Company and we love it. It’s amazing and it has
full gas lift storage when you lift it up, as well. Pictures of our wedding
next to the bed here, and then, over here, there
are a couple of prints. This one says love you, and this is a new one
from Desenio, as well. We just really liked the
pink and gray colors. We thought it looked
really good in this room. One of my favorite things
about this room is the storage. This is all of Matt’s storage. So, he has sliding
doors to his own closet. All of this storage here we
had built in by our carpenter and it is all mine. So, it is amazing to have all this space. I’ve got all my tops here
and then drawers for pajamas and stuff like that. Then, over here, I have any longer items. But yeah, it’s amazing
to have so much storage. This is my vanity unit here. It’s actually just from IKEA
and we painted it a nice gray to match the rest of the room, and the paint on the wall
lines up really nicely with it as well because
we painted it two-toned in this room. But yeah, it just has,
like, my makeup, my perfume, any jewelry and bits like that on it, and also, like, max storage as well. We also had shutters put up
on our windows in this room, and all of the blinds
throughout the rooms upstairs are electric, which is great
because I really didn’t want cords with all of the children. So, yeah, we really like the shutters. Attached to our room we
have this little en suite, which we redid as soon
as we bought the house cause it was horrible, wasn’t it, doll? It was, like, yellow and disgusting. We had these shelves, like
sunk-in shelves, put in. There’s tiling everywhere. We have, like, a floating
sink and a shower with a really handy shelf in it for all of our millions of products. Both me and Matt are really into products, so storage was really important for us. So, I’ve got even more makeup here and then stuff under the sink
and obviously all my skin care and everything here. So, yes, it’s just really handy to have this second bathroom upstairs. This is our hallway and,
as you go downstairs, we have this ginormous
canvas of the two of us on our wedding day. I love this photo so much. We got married in a little chapel. I think you can see how happy I am. Obviously, we had this
blown up and printed before we had children because,
before we had children, it was all about the wedding, wasn’t it? So, that is there. I love it. Then, we’ve got a few
more wedding photos here in the hallway. Next, I will show you Fraser’s bedroom because it’s probably my favorite bedroom in the whole house. Extension that we built on
top of our living space. So, because it was an extension,
we built it with, like, a vaulted ceiling because
we went straight up into the loft space, as well. So, he has a really high ceiling. When we built this room we were like, oh, should we actually keep it? But, because of the en suite,
we have given it to Fraser. So, I get loads of complements
about this light fixture. It’s huge and it’s just from
IKEA and it’s really cool. We call it the Star Wars
light because you can close it and open it, as well. So, we love that and we’ve
got lovely Velux windows in the roof, as well, so it’s like a really bright room. We got him a double bed
because my mom comes over from Canada sometimes to stay. So, she can either stay in
here and Fraser can bunk in with us, or sometimes
they just stay together. But, we just thought
it would be a good idea to get a double bed
because he has the space and he loves having it. I think the bed was from
Next and then we had this duvet cover made. Oh, hi, Jackson. (laughing) We had this duvet cover made. (baby babbling) Yeah, we found someone on Facebook who makes Minecraft
bedding so we had this made with Prefer. This is Freddy the floppy dog. We got him this for Christmas and he sleeps with it every night. He used to get in bed with us every night, but now that he has this toy, he doesn’t. We’ve got his keyboard here
because he is learning piano at the moment. So, we got him that for his
birthday and he loves it. He plays it all the time. He’s got a cactus light from Next and a little radio for him, as well. This big bean bag is a new
addition to Fraser’s room. I just got it. I found it on Amazon. I basically wanted some clever storage for all of their soft
toys and this bean bag, if I can flip it, you can see hides all of
their soft toys inside. So, it’s really, really
comfortable to sit on and the boys have been sitting
on it with their iPads, but then it also has
all of their toys in it. Look, Jax! Wow, should I open it up for you? They like to get in it, as well. (sound of zipper) Yay! (laughing) In terms of storage, Fraser has loads. We just decided to get
our carpenter to build floor-to-ceiling storage in
here because you just need so much storage when
there are five of you. So, we have all of his and
some of Daddy’s drawers and hanging, as well. Then, we have, like, extra
duvets, Christmas decorations, everything at the top. So, yeah, it’s really, really handy to just be able to hide everything. I feel like his room always feels clean. This cupboard’s got all
of his toys and books. Then, this here is their teepee from the Great Little Trading Company. So, we can just put that
out if they wanna play in the teepee because there
is enough room in this room to do that. So, yes, I’ll show you Caleb’s room now. This is Caleb’s room and
I love his room so much. I feel like it’s very him
and it’s really lived in and played in and I love it. Since we did his room tour, we’ve actually got him a new bed. This is a full size
single now and we love it. It’s a teepee bed. We found it on a website
called Cuckooland. I will link it down below
because whenever I show it on Instagram, I get so many
questions about where it’s from. But it’s really comfortable
and I liked that he sort of can’t fall out still. It kind of protects him from falling out and it’s really cool. They got so excited when they saw it. In Caleb’s room, he has
the same light as Fraser, but in silver and it’s
like a mini version, but he really likes that,
as well, doesn’t he? Over here, we have some prints and photos of him and his brother. I found this print and I was like, I have to buy that for Caleb. It says stay wild my child
because out of the three so far, he is our wild child. Now that we have this bed, we probably have to
move these up slightly, but we haven’t yet. Then, he also has Norman the moose. This is an old toy box
which was actually mine when I was a child. We have all of that to
dress in it in his onesies. We painted it gray and
then I got the lettering from Posh Graffiti and just
put it on, and it’s brilliant. We use it all the time. We’ve also got this little house light and he also has electric blinds. Then, over here, I love
this print so much. It is also from Desenio. So, again, I’ll put that code
in the description if you want 25 percent off. It says always be yourself,
unless you can be Batman. Then, always be Batman. I think it’s really cute. We got this little ochre
rug from Mama’s and Papa’s. I actually bought it for
Jackson’s room initially, but then I really liked
that color in Caleb’s room. We’ve also got this little
ochre or mustard yellow puff thing from Amazon. In Caleb’s room, he’s
also got great storage. We used to have big doors that came out, but we’ve made them sliding doors now. So, we keep all of his clothes. He’s got a set of drawers in there, swimwear, accessories and stuff. And then, on this side, we have, like, his little library of books because all of the boys love to read. So, we fitted in, like, some shelves there, and then there’s also LEGO
and toys at the bottom. Over here, we have all
of Caleb’s fancy dress. He’s always loved dressing up, even since he was, like,
really, really, young. So, I found this little
mirror from Dunelm’s and also these little hooks from IKEA, and we’ve just hung up
all of his fancy dress, like, his favorites there. I found this print that
says I’m a super hero and my name is Caleb. So, yeah, he’s got, like,
a little area to dress up. Next up is our family bathroom, and when we did all of our building work, unfortunately one
compromise we had to make was to make this family
bathroom slightly smaller, but I think we’ve done
a lot with this space. We managed to fit a small window in and we’ve made it quite
glamorous and glitzy. We chose quite expensive tiles because it was the smallest
space in really glitzy light and it’s perfect for the boys. I think, in the future,
we might get a glass door on the bath so that they can have showers, but for now, it’s perfect the way it is. Lastly is Jackson’s little bedroom. This is the smallest room in the house, but it’s still a good size. You could definitely fit
a single bed into it. So, come in over here. We’ve got all three boys in the crib because they wanted to
be hanging out with us while we film this. So, the crib is from IKEA. It’s the same one we’ve
had for all three boys. Then, we’ve got a chair here for feeding and for reading, as well, and a big mirror from
IKEA, which we painted. Used to be in our old bathroom ages ago. Then, over here, I just
wanted to show this little J I actually made when I
was pregnant with Jackson. We made it together, didn’t we? Yeah, we all made it. Then, this little sign
I saw at a summer fair and I had to buy it. It says thank heavens for little boys. Since his room tour,
these are new additions. We have a ball pit in his room, which takes up loads of floor space, but he loves it and plays with it when he gets out of the bath or when I’m trying to get ready. So, we’ve got that and
I’ll link it down below. Then also a little toy
basket from My First Years. (child shouting) This is his nappy changing area. Again, this is an IKEA chest
of drawers that we painted and we changed the handles on. So, we’ve just had like a
mat here, but to be honest, now that he’s older, I change
him on the floor loads. I’ve also got a shelf just
with a few bits we were given when he was born. Over here, I had this
print made by someone. It’s, like, my favorite quote
from the Robert Munsch book I’ll love you forever. This is his storage,
which I recently redid. It used to just be one long cupboard, but I had two shelves put
in by our carpenter again. Then, we painted it
and added some baskets. It’s honestly made it
such a more usable space. I’ve also got all your
books at the bottom, Jacksy. I’ve just got, like,
some jumpers and things that you would hang up and then, like, I’ve got his summer clothes. Also, because of the three boys, I have clothes that he will
be growing into quite soon because he has so many hand-me-downs. Alright, so that is all of the rooms and that is it for our house tour. Thank you so much for stopping by and I will see you in my next one. Bye, guys!


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