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Honest Government Ad | We’re F**ked

Honest Government Ad | We’re F**ked

Hello I’m from The Government™ with an important message as we enter the
third decade of the twenty-first century Things are going uhm… fine, overall The Amazon is fine… Half of Africa is fine So is the Arctic, Indonesia, Spain, Greece… even Greenland’s on fucking fire – I mean, fine Scientists have coined a new term for this
stage of climate change we’re entering: We’re Fucked Unlike the previous stage, which climate scientists
called “Listen to us or we might be fucked” We’re Fucked is happening, and in your lifetime This is thanks to us wasting decades pissfarting around at
climate summits with non-binding emission targets whilst handing out subsidies to climate criminals obstructing renewables and generally not giving a shit that rising CO2 levels are
about to trigger what scientists call “Feedback Loops” A Feedback Loop is the scientific term for
when a species uses its own ignorance to screw itself and everything else around
it so hard that it’s own planet tells it to GTFO Some people are already experiencing We’re Fucked Such as these Pacific Nations facing rising sea levels who recently begged Australia to please
stop burning coal To which Australia responded, “get fucked” The combination of We’re Fucked and Get Fucked will cause wars to break out over access to food and water Except in America, where the Chosen One
will just nuke hunger But please, don’t panic If the realisation that We’re Fucked troubles you why not ride a bike to work? have shorter showers or send thoughts and prayers? Just don’t join the global climate strike this September Or Extinction Rebellion in October Because a sustained, collective movement would force us to
take drastic action and turn this ship around Which might just be doable, if enough of you demand it Or you could go to Area 51 and demand
to see the aliens In which case we’re definitely fucked This has been a message from your local
Government™ franchise Authorised by the Department for going gentle
into that good night

100 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | We’re F**ked

  1. Hello friends, our latest Honest Government Ad is dark, i know – but it wouldn't be an "honest" government ad if we didn't tell it like it is. Some will say we're just trying to make people panic. They're right. I reckon it's time we did panic – panic calmly and take appropriate measures – including pushing our Governments to take drastic action to respond to this emergency. Because whatever we've been doing until now sure hasn't worked. Once Governments take drastic action, then we can start to hope.

    ✊ If you feel the same way, check out the links above to find out where you can join the Global Climate Strike on September 20-27 and the Extinction Rebellion events between October 7-18 – reach out to your friends, colleagues and family to join us too. And share the video.

    👉 Some people will argue that rather than protesting we should be taking personal action: riding our bikes, taking shorter showers, recycling, giving up meat. They're half right – these things are essential. But unless our Governments quit propping up fossil fuels and building more coal mines (all heavily publicly subsidised!), all such actions are rendered irrelevant. So the answer isn't to do one or the other: it's about doing both.

    On a sidenote: this is a new style of HGA I'm experimenting with: rather than the host being from a specific Government, we've created a new impersonation of all our collective shithouse Governments: "The Government™". The reason being that whilst some issues are specific to certain nations, there are also many problems that clearly have no borders. Such as the climate emergency. So I thought, why limit this video's audience to a specific nation, when it's relevant to everybody on the planet!? I will of course keep writing nation-specific HGAs, like always. But The Government™ HGAs might become one of our new formats going forward.

    🧡 Giordano

  2. You do know man made climate change is a myth right? Lying to children isn't good. And extinction rebellion is joke funded by corporations. The purpose of "climate change" is to make money, you know that right? Sea levels are not rising (according to the world's leading authority) the reef is alive and well and as good as its ever been (according to the the world's leading authority). Don't be lied to people seek the truth out of their profits.

  3. Hilarious! How about we separate natural science from social science. Look back at weather patterns. At the height of the Egyptian and Roman civilisations the temperatures were much hotter than they are now. Do you supposes it came from their horses arses? The impact of humans on the climate is .10% as per recent studies from Japanse and Finnish universities. Why don't you brush up on your Mandarin and address the Chinese people….. China has never signed the Paris Agreement. Aaah, I forgot….you would lose your personal freedom for talking such crap…..at least you have a sense of humour:)

  4. Complete bullshit. Global warming is a fraud con job and the synagogue of satan criminal headquarters the illegal terrorist state of israel has stolen new tech it's using to start the fires same as the Commiefornia fires etc… See my following posts in comments

  5. Oh yeah, the amazon is burning because they are clearing it for farmland. Its a rainforest so wont burn without help. The predominant product to be farmed? Soy.

  6. Those Pacific islands try to abuse Australia's generosity and good nature. "Give us money to make up for all the coal you're burning!" They didn't give China that attitude lol. So transparently a cash-grab, nothing more.

  7. GET FUCKED..! Climate change is a con by the pedo elites for the purposes of control….! DON’T BUY INTO THEIR BULLSHIT..!!!

  8. It's all about efficiency. For example YouTube app on Android is inefficient, it will force you to have your screen on even for audio only "videos".
    And if mankind will not become more efficient and therefore effective with their communication and organisation then we are fucked. Regardless what will get us, let it be climate change or nuclear war.

    While writing this comment I was fully aware that it wasn't worth the electricity it used up, which is again inefficient.

  9. I love it, but man made climate change is total B.S, because of ignorance were fucked focus on world pollution instead I know I know there's no money in it but that problem is very real.

  10. Well said friends…l heard the news today that our corrupt and f..ked Federal Government is going to subsidies the coal/carbon industry into the future…and continue to flog of our coal & natural gas overseas!….I fear we are still heading in the wrong direction…and one day we will have environmental refugees coming here by boat and aircraft??

  11. Ha! There's nothing wrong with the planet! It's always been 90F in Oregon in October! (not). Rising sea levels just mean better surfing dudes!😂

  12. Juice Media – you are extraordinary human beings. Thank you for all that you do. See you in the streets on Sept 20th and Oct 7th. PS: I created a website called www.Local ResilienceProject .org to help my Brisbane community wake up…. but it fell on deaf ears…for now. Sigh. Go well and may your hard work wake us all the fuck up!!!

  13. so my mate (a school teacher) sits me (a scientist) down to tell me it's fine, these things come and go in cycles. That's reassuring I said, here's me thinking that we're ABSOLUTELY FUCKED

  14. These are the only Left whom know how to meme… I love U guys… I don't agree with you on everything… but I have to ❤ U.

  15. Please save the planet and feed these virtue singing NPCs.

    Even this poor actress is taking s beating from all this [email protected]

    Look at her… Look! 😮 She looks just as [email protected] up… and looks as sad as all the spinning in this add. 😢😢😢

    Most likely she is just still intoxicated on the selective autism & propaganda juice from MSM lies? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🐸🤔

    Approved by: [email protected]…. Global cycle pattern of change.

  16. Until you make politicians have a public servant wage and are not allowed any out side donation from any corporation you will remain…do i need to say it.. Its a business ..You need to change it from the core and of cause help extinction rebellion

  17. I've been watching and sharing these the last several months but I just wish I could share this one with more people who are actually in a position to do something.

  18. What a load of shitfuckery… to steal one of your phrases.
    Funnily enough a little research shows climate change (funny how global warming isn't hip anymore as it is a statement that can be easily refuted) or more specifically anthropomorphic climate change isn't the end of the world we're lead to believe.
    All I'm saying is, don't just believe what you read in mainstream media/publications. Have the guts to research and form you're own opinion.
    Good start is look at videos by Patrick Moore, Richard Lindzen, Steven F Hayward.
    There is also a good video by Tony Heller which draws on historic newspaper articles from within the last century but also looks at the data manipulation in support of climate change.
    Always be skeptical as this means you'll ask questions rather than just accepting what you're told or read.
    Unfortunately, we live in a world where despite being the most educated ever, we're taught, and society forces us, what to think and not how to think.
    Be brave enough to think for yourself.
    I'd like to add, if someone were able to provide credible evidence proving climate change is caused by us or that it is in fact a problem, I'd be happy to amend my stance. The climate will always change (even WITHOUT us) so having a rigid opinion on it is problematic when new information becomes available.

  19. Her face when she says "or send thoughts and prayers?" in that condescending voice. I just fell in love. Or laughing. Pure ad gold right there

  20. OK OK OK somebody has to say it …. and its gonna be me …. Do you want me to listen to the bullshit loud music or the message somebody paid good money to video ? lots of people would have been involved in the production of this video ….. so why drown it out with shit music ?  who has loud music at home when trying to have a conversation ? Answer …. fucking nobody !!!!!! so why do it on here ?

  21. Extinction Rebellion is working hard around the world…but the one country that needs to hear the message the most is suppressing it. There are no chapters in PRC to speak of…and China makes up 40% of all emissions with India coming in second.

  22. You actually think the government is concerned about you dressing up, making a few signs and begging for attention en masse?
    Make as much noise as you like.
    They only care about money.
    They will still win elections because any outrage about world scenarios is now grouped in with outrage over people forcing genders on dogs.
    Outrage is pointless now.
    Your marches are just publicity speciticals that only serves as a means for you to congratulate yourselves on social media. Yeah, we're fucked but maybe you can get a few more followers so you did everything you can do right?

  23. I'm beginning to believe I'm living a life created by an alien civilization that wanted to see how we got so fucked and died.

  24. I believe the general strike is our best tool for forcing the ruling class to change. Or we could also change the ruling class 😎

  25. We're expected by those with money and power to ignore the news about bugaclypse, ocean acidification, arctic ice volume decline, deforestation, wavy jet stream causing heat waves, droughts and deluges, extinction of other species, cat. 5 hurricanes, overfishing, astma from pollution, etc. But at least some people are waking up. Now what?

  26. This won't mean much but I just want to say thank you for bringing this up. I'd love to endorse everyone to help in anyway they can. Support these strikes and protests so maybe, just maybe we make it to 2030 without yet another mass extinction event.

    Unfortunately I don't think any government will act on it cause they're the lowest forms of humanity who want as much short term gain for themselves as possible cause they'll be dead soon anyhow. I really can't state enough how little fate I have in the government to do something. This triggers more anxiety than should be allowed and the last 3 years have been nothing but issues getting worse and people not caring.

    So basically thank you thejuicemedia. You're doing more for us than anyone in power has in the last decade. Thank you for this and I hope it incites action and not just words

  27. Sea levels are rising that’s why Obumma just bought a $15mil ocean front home at Martha’s Vineyard. You’re pissed off with government for not doing anything about CC but they were the ones who taught you the lie in the first place. They teach you this moral outrage so that you don’t complain when they increase your taxes and send your jobs to China.

  28. Reminder to the guys at Juice Media; Australia is installing renewables faster per capita than any other country. Why not tell the truth?

    Additionally, even if Australia banned all coal exports that’s not going to stop the demand for its use.

    We’ve seen how this political tribalism backfired with the Adani mine and the Bob Brown convoy. Personally, I’d be cautious about creating bigger political divisions.

  29. So true- it's relevant to everyone on the planet. This video is applicable to all of us across the globe. Thankyou Juice Media

  30. the troopers will love you for that oh so subtle ref, bravo chaps. Unfortunately the intensely focused, highly intelligent, ego blinded, males and females that guide the human race wont get it until they have to choose which of their children to eat first.

  31. Hey, Love your ads, but man made climate is bogus…… Its been unraveling for years and pretty soon it'll be exposed for what it is….. A way for governments to funnel money into shady bullshit they don't want us to know about….. Sea levels are not rising….. Fort Denison has records dating back to 1886 which show this…. You can search the Internet for historical photos of the site… remember Al gores predictions? " An inconvenient truth" We were supposed to have lost the Antarctic by now and the Florida keys is supposed to be under water…
    … I could go on and on about the flaws in the climate change hysteria, but everybody will find out in about a decade or so and nobody will trust the scientific community ever again….. but every other topic you touch upon is awesome and I love it…..

    Keep up the good work!!!!!

  32. So unless someone invades China and stops them burning coal then we are fucked anyway. They are building another coal power station every 3 days. Makes Australia’s contribution seem completely futile.

  33. Sorry mate I don't agree with your politics, I only watch your videos because it is funny; especially love hearing the word shitfuckery

  34. A friend in New Zealand just sent me this link. I love it. I must admit to being a "useless eater" in the US. Is tRump too easy of a target? Are you affiliated with these Australians? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v0d25QydCU

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