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Honest Government Ad | Visit West Papua!

Honest Government Ad | Visit West Papua!

Visit West Papua! Indonesia’s favourite copper mine I mean colony… I mean, territory Home to idyllic islands virgin rainforests Indigenous folks the mighty Fak-Fak But most importantly, the biggest copper and
gold mine in the world Which is why here at the Australien Government,
we’ve done everything we can to help our mates beat the living Fak-Fak out
of those Indigenous folks so that our other mates can come in and start
makin’ the ching ching Coz if anyone knows how to colonise an island,
mine the shit out of it and leave the natives with breadcrumbs, it’s us! West Papua. A Dutch colony until 1961 when
Papuans raised the Morning Star Flag Only to be colonised the following year by Indonesia The world was outraged Nah just kidding! Zero fucks were given and the UN rubbertsamped the Act of Free Choice: a sham election in which a bunch of handpicked
Papuans with guns pointed at their heads “voted” to become part of Indonesia Australia was there to help, too Remember when two Papuans tried to flee to the UN to expose this bullshit? We prevented them from ever getting there, by detaining them on Manus Island Manus Island, where we still betray refugees
to this day Today, Australia is proud to continue its
fine tradition of complicity in West Papua Here we are are chilling with the guy who said the hitmen who assassinated the Papuans’ leader, are “heroes” Although we helped train and arm those heroes
so we deserve some credit too Meanwhile, Papuans are enjoying the benefits
of Indonesian colonisation Like being the poorest people in the country despite living on one of the most resource-rich lands on earth Not to mention decades of murder, rape, disappearances, torture, torched villages Which thankfully you never hear about, since reporters and human-rights groups are banned from West Papua Where nothing says “Unity in Diversity”
like throwing Papuans in jail for raising their own flag Or like pushing them off their lands to make room for plantations annihilating their rainforests, and contaminating
their lands with this giant tumour Which is serviced by massive shipments from Cairns Cairns! The Aussie town supplying West Papua’s
Death Star with all its operational needs It’s all part of our STFU Policy.
We ask all Aussies to embrace STFU Coz even though Indonesia is our largest recipient
of foreign aid; and even though we spend millions of your tax-dollars training their soldiers
and dining their war-criminals… at the end of the day, we’re Indonesia’s bitch Which is why we have to apologise to them
every time someone here mentions “West Papua” Visit West Papua! The country you never even
knew we were helping to Fak-Fak Authorised by the Department for Never Mentioning shhhhh…….

100 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Visit West Papua!

  1. orang australia buron kriminal dari inggris,giman nasib penduduk asli aborigin ,mikir bule GOBLOK KOEN

  2. I was born and living in southern of Papua. I am not native Papuan but my family had been living here for more than 100 years.
    Fyi, i dont give a shit for political issues… one that i keep believing is that if you dont work, you cant eat..

  3. I think it's bad you make me laugh at such terrible deeds. But I get it. We humans are parasitic. Keep it up, really cool channel.

  4. This is better than any ABC satire, ever! The only thing close is the brilliant Rake, which is fictional ….

  5. So basically Australia does exactly the same things for the same reasons to other countries as America….I'm ashamed!

  6. I know this is supposed to be satire but the papuan people should be grateful they are being colonized by Indonesia.

    The Papuan people are the most underdeveloped stupidest ugliest and most savage race of people on earth. Look at their brothers next door in Papua New Guinea. They are beyond third world, they have the highest homicide and rape rate on earth and with literally no infrastructure to even speak of.

    The Indonesians have made West Papua have a high standard of living, law and order, and they are richer than their neighbors so if anything the Papuan people in West Papua should be thanking the Indonesians.

  7. indonesia atau australia atau usa ngga akan berbeda, sdanya akan tetap di eksploitasi, lihat timor leste dan papua niugini

  8. Halo,

    kalau mau tau banyak tentang Papua silakan subcribe channel saya dan jangan lupa untuk bagi lagi


  9. Aborigin(Australia), Maori(New Zealand), Indian(America), South African is black not white !

    European Teroris

  10. Good on you ladies, excellent piss take/exposure of our corrupt avaricious, politically correct, criminal pimps in Canberra !…

  11. Indonesia is more like a centralized nation. Just a small bomb to blow things up in Jakarta and Indonesia starts from Zero again. lol

  12. so THAT is why the Australians are banning (or trying to ban) comedies like this.HA HA keep up the good work!!!It would not surprise me if the Prime Minister had an affair with a sheep and it got covered up

  13. The story of our lives same strategy applied in Africa too. Amazing how the stories of life Allred’s just a handful just different location with a different cast like the Congolese to mention just one example of the same story all over Africa! And then they tell Africans Africa is Rising 🔥 for who?!?

  14. Indonesia is also very fvcked up. That's why they are constantly fvcked with COMEUPPANCE. Now is Convict-spawn-LandLooter-Down Under… going down under fearing China shitting bricks. See… All COMEUPPANCE!!

  15. Many thanks for bringing to air, you are so needed to wake people up from their lethargy, Papua New Guinea is happening all over the world.

  16. I'm watching your videos and getting ads for something called Migration Solutions (out of curiosity I clicked the link to:

    Now, what kind of shitfuckery is this?

  17. Sad that most Indonesians don't know their ancestors were black people . No wonder their country is flooding and sinking.

  18. dear west papua, if you get loss from Indonesia you will fall into australia, so referendum wouldn't change you to be better life, the real happen is will “get out from tiger mouth, go into crocodile mouth”

  19. Weee kontooolll di negara loe aja udah kaya masih aja ngeruk ngeruk di negara kami….dasar konntoool lu anjing babi….

    Mana niii orang indo yang baca koment ini?

  20. Come to the U.S. and tell my fellow Americans about our shitfuckery and fuck fucks. We have more assholes here to make fun of anyway.

  21. Indonesia always had a history of dictators and brutal governments . You guys have a difficult neighbor to deal with

  22. You're just jealous Mrs. Kangaroo, Indonesia has no "white supremacy" policy.

    James Cook and your colonial heritage have made extinct aboriginal tribes, we do not believe in Darwinism, with all the problems the Papuan people live in an egalitarian way with us, with special autonomy rights.

  23. Wow…i don't know why you tell, It make no difference,
    Why not join me in my quest to live as a specie not nations. I feel your pain. Find meh talks to me, let your
    Pain be gone. I will be waiting for your response.

  24. Most indonesians here didnt even realize that thejuicemedia were being sarcastic by dissing their government as well…we all know that both Indonesia and Australia are allied

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