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Honest Government Ad | Visit Timor-Leste!

Honest Government Ad | Visit Timor-Leste!

Visit Timor-Leste! Australia’s favourite neighbour No that’s Bali, dickhead.
East Timor! Home to virgin islands… golden beaches… friendly people… But most importantly: shittons of oil and gas Which is why, here at the Australien Government, we’ve repeatedly stabbed those friendly people in the fucking back Like, remember that time we supported Indonesia,
when it invaded them? Sure a third of them ended up being
massacred on our doorstep And sure we left our own journalists to die in Balibo
and then covered it up But hey, it was worth it: here we are sculling
champers on a jet above the Timor Sea where all that oil and gas is. Ahh… good times! Sadly, this lucrative fuck-fest was threatened
when Timor finally won it’s independence It was the youngest and poorest nation in
Asia. So, of course we helped them out… Nah, just kidding! We stabbed them in the back again by forcing their impoverished arses to sign a treaty that let us keep looting their oil and gas How did we get such a good deal? By bugging
their Government offices during the negotiations LOL The only reason you know this, is because one of
our spies – who we’ll call Witness K – blew the whistle after learning that
the big sack of shit who ordered the bugging went on to score a lucrative consultancy with the same pricks who have the license over those oil fields. Of course we immediately prosecuted the criminals
– not them, silly. Witness K and his lawyer! Right now we’re pushing to try them in a
secret court – because “NATIONAL SECURITY” Which is our way of saying that we’d rather
you never learned how we may have conspired to defraud Timor – an offence under the
ACT’s Criminal Code or that we were using ASIS for corporate espionage
instead of stopping terrorists around the very time that terrorists bombed our embassy in Jakarta. (Woops) And we’d especially like you not to learn how we cheated a country just emerging from a brutal occupation with one of the world’s highest rates of infant mortality, malnutrition and preventable disease – and deprived them of billions in revenue
from their own resources Which is fucktons more
than what we give Timor in foreign aid So when you think about it,
Timor’s sick kids are Australia’s largest foreign donor Aww thanks little guys! What’s that – at least you got cheaper gas?
Aw sweetheart, did we not mention that Timor’s gas is shipped straight to Japan? Where it’s
sold for 40% less than what you pay for it. So to recap our foreign policy: you pay for
the exploration, investment and spying these dickbags get rich You get shafted on prices Brown kids die of diarrhea and anyone who exposes this shitfuckery
gets tried in a secret court Any questions? Visit Timor-Leste:
Australia’s best-kept dirty little secret Authorised by the Department for
Coveting Thy Neighbour’s Goods

100 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Visit Timor-Leste!

  1. NEW VIDEO: VISIT WEST PAPUA! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjU8R8oj328

    Hi everyone, welcome to our latest Honest Government Ad: “Visit Timor-Leste”. Despite the title, this one is about Australia and our Government's policy towards our smaller neighbours in the region. Which is especially relevant now that our Government has decided to prosecute a former intelligence-agent (“Witness K”) for revealing how said Government screwed over Timor-Leste – the youngest and poorest nation in our neighbourhood – during negotiations over access to oil and gas resources. To understand why this prosecution is so vile and self-serving, rather than about protecting our national security, we need to know the history of the relationship between Australia and Timor-Leste – a sordid tale of repeated betrayals which most Australians are unfamiliar with. So that's what this HGA is all about.

    WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT? — If you’d like to do something to support our neighbours in Timor-Leste, this is an organization that has come recommended – it supports Timorese women and children and is not affiliated to Australia’s foreign-aid complex (hence why not tax deductable!): https://www.etwa.org.au — You can also write to the Attorney General Christian Porter asking him to exercise his power under s.71 of the Judiciary Act to drop the prosecution of Witness K and Bernard Collaery. Here’s his email [email protected] (please keep it clean). — Lastly, you can help raise awareness about this whole shitshow by sharing the vid with your friends.

    PS. I've included a good list of sources and references in the video description, for anyone who wants to do further reading about this topic Or you can click directly on this online doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RxQ4ycCiasVqk5sjPAn5-dOJWA5UutTa6B1inSGO0nI/edit


  2. Its basically like this
    Timor Leste: “Item found: Oil and Gas”
    Timor Leste again: “But we don’t have enough money, and we are just a new country.”

    Australia: *coughs ehem, did someone said they need money but has oil and gas?

    Timor Leste: Uhmmm, maybe?

    Australia: *grins

  3. We need to sack politicians worldwide and put the military in charge, officers have integrity. Politicians are selected on the basis that they can be bought, and that once bought will stay bought; in this department Australia seems to be on par with America and Britain.

  4. Perhaps it is time to boycott Australia and not feed the tourism industry. Admittedly I'm shit ass broke and couldn't afford Australia even if I wanted to but if the people who could boycotted maybe that would raise the eyebrows of the Australian government. BTW I fully support n international boycott of our shit fuckery country the US.

  5. Great work! Please don't stop. I'm sure you must be disheartened after the election result like a lot of us, but don't give up. Like minded Australians need your satire/truth telling more than ever

  6. I hope people of the world now realise that they get “the man in the street” fighting over useless insignificant issues that keep us divided whilst they keep their pockets overflowing. You’re the bestes 💕

  7. Juice Media, you guys are absolutely awesome. I bet Asio has a whole floor dedicated to knowing what you had for breakfast. Makes me wanna pay more than 60% taxes.

  8. Americans believe Australia is so much better than America — when in reality, shit-fuckery is abundant everywhere, esp., in countries who support America.

  9. Fking Awesome.. Hey, if you use variables for names/places/criminals/ slaughter, your masterpieces could be used here in the US, AND for it's/our bitches..
    PS: So refreshing to hear the discussion in language appropriate for the Crimes of Rampant Plundering, Corruption, Butchery, Crimes against Humanity & the Environment…. Maybe one day the home of the Brave can produce someone with enough bravado/balls to refer to scum as scum!

  10. Well, while I LOVE the funny of these videos, don't like all the Leftist lying.
    But, it's nice to see that in this case, everything said in this video appears to be 100% accurate.
    Ya, here in the U.S. we had the Obama Admin go after Whistleblowers, etc. putting more in jail, or trying to, more than ALL U.S. Presidents combined…!

  11. WHO DISLIKED THIS??? ONE OF OUR CORRUPT FUCKED SODOMITE POLITICIANS?? FUCK YOU. the world is truly fucked, look at this shit that's happening.. ' ohh look we get 5G now, ohh waow awesome, cheers for the radiation and faster phones which no one's needs ever, I'm out.

  12. Lastly we discovered that Australia used Indonesia to secure its interests in Timor Sea and Papua. And today the truths revealed after Timor Leste successfully declared its Independence. Now, Australia still plays important roles in West Papua.

  13. At least Timor Leste gdp per capita were shooted up to be on par with Thailand in 2012 before declined back to be on par with Laos in 2019.

  14. You are my hero. Seriously when are you going into politics you have my vote 100percent. Thank you for all your hard work and great videos.

  15. Jeez I didn't know this. Thanks for making the video and increase the public awareness of this issue.

  16. As i chinese indonesian im disgusted by our goverment who are hipocrits about the dutch because they do horrible shit like this

  17. This is some supervillain level craziness… I kept waiting to hear there was also some bald guy with a hairless cat or an island fortress running the whole thing…

  18. I will share this with our Prime Minister Cabinet. If only Portuguese people knew about this… Maybe we can send a ship, again, singing an emotional song… Or we can Lobby the E.U. to bring the Australian representative to answer to…

  19. Please, can you send this to the Portuguese Comunist Party, or the Bloco de Esquerda (Left Wing Block) or even the Socialist Party? Please?

  20. Another wonderful and informative video from the Honest Government team, this time exposing the Australian Government’s ruthless and calculated exploitation of our small neighbour, Timor Leste. Is there something that can we do about it?

  21. When Indonesia came to built timor leste people said it was javanization or something bad and people there want to independence, and said people of indonesia was evil, so australian came for timor leste's oil and gas and fuck and stabbe in the back but people here looks australia is an angel just because they're white and Indonesian is asian? Indonesia didn't take anything from TL we just build your nation, but australia do the opposite

  22. For east timorese (its what they called?) it fully justified to rebel after mass murdered by the goverment.

    But hey it's the same with everyone back then. Not like the goverment target "only" east timor, in fact they kill everyone here and there.

    So pls don't hate the indonesian people for that nor the nation. Hate soeharto who "pacify", if you need to hate.

  23. Dont worry, the Chinese need that oil and they have lent money that the Timorese cannot repay. New Airports that stand idle (but can carry chinese military aircraft) highways that stand empty….

    Gove it ten years. This clip will vanish and it will be Australias fault that it allowed Timor to get into such a mess.

  24. And this is why the filthy Australian Service Medal the Australian Navy gave me for serving in Timor Lestè remains in the box it came in. I will never wear it with honour because there is no f honour.

  25. I have just come back from my school trip to East Timor (Timor-leste), and it is very true. It is disturbing, to say the least how a first world country like Australia can exploit a place that has one of the highest poverty rates outside of Africa.

  26. Australia started going down the path of corruption when the war criminal John Howard joined the Bush gang and invaded Iraq. And politically, it’s been going down hill ever since. The average Australian voter doesn’t care, or turns a blind eye if they do, as long as they’re fed money to keep their standard of living. All in the naive and gullible view that what Australia does on the international stage won’t affect them in the future. That is the mindset of a childish nation.

  27. Brilliant. Brutally honest and hilarious satire. Three cheers for free speech and freedom of information. I wish schools gave more room for this kind of irreverent self-criticism.

  28. I'm still waiting for a version of this excellent production that can be used more widely. Oh please…."shittons"? There are people who might snigger at gutter language and delight in derivations of "fuck" as something eternally funny, but this video is marred by it. Go ahead, call me a prude, but also tell me what you're DOING about the situation described. Because I'm doing plenty and am furious that I cannot use this. Go on, I challenge you to contact the government about their deceit and fraud, and demand that the Attorney-General drops the case against "Witness K" and Bernard Collaery. Go on , do it!

  29. DO the idiots who make these lefties pieces ever crack a book, to seriously research the subject material? Tell me, re oil/gas potential developments – how much cold hard capital will East Timor be stumping up?

  30. Waow….Kembalilah ke NKRI timor leste daripada kalian di "siksa" oleh bangsa lain dengan mengeruk kekayaan alam kalian, bahkan kalian tidak tahu dibalik konspirasi G to G itu untuk negeri kalian…..

  31. Portugal didn't want to immediately to give the independecy to Timor-Leste as it happened with African colonies cause it feared exactly this: Indonesian attack with the support of USA and Australia. they used the excuse that they feared the communism advance…yeah, right.
    For years Portugal actually tried do sth for Timor, there were many protests asking USA to stop supponsoring indonesia…

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