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Honest Government Ad | Visit the Northern Territory

Honest Government Ad | Visit the Northern Territory

Visit the Northern Territory!
Home to shitloads of Aussie icons Bob’s Knob… Ned’s Knob… Hungry Knob… Big Knob Waterhole And of course… These Knobs The NT is also home to our greatest natural treasure No, not that… GAS Which is why we’re stoked to
finally open it up to Fracking Fracking is a complex mining process whereby
gas companies inject donations into the arseholes of politicians, to release access to land so
they can tap into shale and coal seam gas deposits Is it safe? Not according to America’s top research,
which shows fracking poisons the air, water… children, and generally every living thing in its vicinity (This is America) But hey, we’ve seen it working fine in Australia Just ask this Scientician – who says fracking
is totes safe “if properly managed” So relax coz it’s not like the NT is littered
with decades of clusterfucks in environmental mismanagement Well apart from that one time radioactive
shit leached into Kakadu National Park… or when acid leached into the McArthur River… Copper leached into river systems… PFAS toxins leaked into drinking water… But other than those and many other fails you can trust us to “properly manage” fracking in the NT And look on the bright side: it will create
stacks of new jobs… Not for you, silly, for us – in our booming
revolving door industry. Unfortunately it will also create stacks of emissions the equivalent of building 130 thirty coal-powered plants or, like taking a massive dump on the Paris Climate Agreement But we have no choice: we have to solve
the *GAS CRISIS* You know, the one that doesn’t actually exist Coz we’ve got shittons of gas. It’s just that gas companies make more money exporting it overseas Which is exactly what they’ll do with gas
fracked in the NT meaning the economic benefit for
you will be approximately… fuck all Coz you see, the real gas crisis is that these
c*nts run your Government. That’s why, instead of capping gas
exports and company profits we’re bullying the NT into fracking the outback and fucking public health…
farming and Indigenous communities… the world famous tourism industry… and the climate – all in one go Australien Government With a Government like us, who needs terrorists? Authorised by the Department for Environmental Terrorism Approved by the Minister for Genuine Satire Translated into LANGUAGE by NAME

100 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Visit the Northern Territory

  1. I had no idea Australia was so fucked. I thought we cornered the market on scumbag greedy politicians. Sorry Australia. Your country is beautiful. It’s a goddam shame.

  2. Ummmmmm….usually like your videos, but this is fake news. Sorry, you need to be called out when necessary.

    Paris Climate Accord is BS. Fracking is actually safe. That bit about lighting the water on fire has proven to be fake. John Stossel has a fact-based video about this.

    Do some research.

  3. Fortunatly we got rid of our National party and PM with a Labour one to reverse the mass exploration of our Nz coastline, and actually ban future ones.

  4. Australian Governments is fighting against terrorist, but one of the biggest terrorist are sitting in the Parliament. And who’s the number one? John Howard, he’s responsible for invasion of Iraq and with that, start all the problems in the Middle East. How many years is for terrorist? How many years he’s going to get? Yes You are right, none , because he’s a politician.

  5. Love your humor, but as a scientist you have your knowledge on fracking all wrong.
    Methane gas is a natural product in the ground caused by decaying of organic matter in a reduction environment.
    It does not mix with or contaminate water.and It's been around a few billion years
    Your fear arises from your ignorance on the subject.

  6. It's better even that i can repost this here and i don't even have to explain. you guys are doing the world a service.

  7. Ah come on! who cares about the dangers of fracking? Australiens already let the Brits try out all their Atomic and Nuclear weapons on Australien soil, how could a little fracking here and there be of any danger or significance? I say let the fracking begin, besides, those Australiens that ended up with cancer were gunna get cancer anyway. As the Brits used to say… if the Yanks have Alamogordo [New Mexico], we have Australia!

  8. Why don't you make a video about how many people died to make your latest iPhone. I know your busy basking in each others egos and huffing your own farts, but I will wait.

  9. Governments are disgusting scum of our planet. This crew are fantastic with these videos , please do one about the dreaded royal family .

  10. ha ha ha ho ho more great satire …. brilliant award winning satire … you should form your own Satire Party and run for govt

  11. Man alive! These are crazy vids! I love them, like a good horror movie but funnier…or something-'sharing' the heck of them! They're Wicked-ACE!

  12. But you still want to spend all the government revenue it generates. When you call for huge cuts to government spending then your position would be credible, but as it stands this crap is just the same old disingenuous childish idiotic virtue signaling, which is the most the left can ever muster.

  13. Fracking is "bad" because its good for the economy.
    Fracking is "bad" for the left corrupted lobbyists.
    Fracking is "bad" for competition with monopolist corporations.
    Its down right EVIL of all.

  14. I want that narrator for my home AI, she'd be like and he hasn't done s*it today, look at that wanker, all just sitting there and doing nothing and I'd get so f motivated to do something! By god I want her!

  15. Been binge watching a fair few of your videos today and I would just like to say I enjoy the satire, and the Aussie sense of humour in all of them. Sadly though all of the content rings true. What I really enjoyed though was was watching these beautiful women who have such potty mouths. Thanks for making them, and making us aware of the stupidity and corruption of our politicians from around the world.

  16. Same thing is happening on British Columbia, Canada. Subsidizing the biggest single source emissions project in our history in the middle of a climate crisis. Even dumber were flooding the last arable river valley to build and dam for power we dont need

  17. This is total bullshit, fracking happens thousands of feet down, drinking water is almost never affected, one well out of a million. The ones in the US were bad before the fracking. So tell me the survey that shows the air pollution from fracking. Whale farts are a thousand times worse. Gas has always escaped from the earth, the gas is created from pressure. This is just an alarmists political hit job. I bet you believe in man-made climate change too, and nobody believes that hoax anymore. This is just dumb reactionary crap, do some honest research first.

  18. Y'all are too smart to back the Paris climate deal. Sign over sovereignty to a group of countries that won't follow any rules as it is.

  19. 0:22. "Fraking is a complex mining process whereby gas companies inject donations into the arseholes of politicians to release access to land so they can tap into shale and coal seam gas deposits." This should be in every kid's textbook across the country as it speaks more to the truth!

  20. Sadly people think they’re practising their rights by voting yet they actually give their consent for people in governments of the world to do as they please! It’s the same story the whole world round ‘cause there is only one board of directors who control the world’s different countries which are corporations.

  21. Australian government for lizzyfe!
    These imposters are confusing me if they are truly government officials! Obey the authority!
    Questioning them is unpatriotic!

  22. Brilliant video, you guys are the best.. So talented,.. This situation is a disgrace, wish this was on tbe abc

  23. We actually halted fracking in Victoria for the time being, but put simply all fossil fuel projects new and existing need to stop immediately in every nation ! According to Arnold Schwarzenegger and me too ! 😥😧😱

  24. 1:22 to be honest that agreement wasn't going to do shit in the first place…. mostly because of two certain nations, and no the USA is not one of them

  25. Funny, the US Environmental Protection Agency doesn't seem to agree with whatever the "PRS" is. One of the other interesting things discovered was that RT (Russian Television) was found to be involved in the creation of the famous "burning water" hoax so often passed around to US youtube watchers.
    one of my favorites from a State of Colorado Political referendum on Fracking

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