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Honest Government Ad | Visit Puerto Rico!

Honest Government Ad | Visit Puerto Rico!

Visit Puerto Rico! American’s favourite colony I mean, Territory The Caribbean island famous for its
tropical beaches historic icons breathtaking scenery But mostly for Des pa cito Fortunately however,
few know about the real Puerto Rico A Territory of the United States since 1898
when we seized it from the Spanish ‘MERICA! who in turn stole it from the Taino ESPAÑA! Which makes Puerto Ricans US citizens—well
second-class citizens… coz despite fighting in every one of our wars they still can’t vote for President
and have no representation in Congress. In other words, US citizens who have fuck-all
say in the laws the US Government makes for them And to bring you the ultimate colonial experience,
we’ve made a few over the years… Like the Gag Law, which banned their flag
and brutally suppressed independence movements… Bombing the crap out of Vieques for 60 years… Conducting birth-control experiments
on Puerto Rican women… And of course, the Jones Act which enforced a US corporate monopoly
that crippled local industry and along with other crap, created shittons of debt debt which Wall Street vulture funds bought-up like bloodsucking chupacabras And when Puerto Ricans could
no longer pay back that debt we made a new law No, not to ease poverty and unemployment,
but to impose austerity measures cutting pensions and the minimum wage gutting University funding closing down schools and hospitals Today, many Puerto Ricans are fleeing the
island from this unholy shitshow we created Which of course gives rich gringos the chance
to move in and buy up tropical beaches at a discount Don’t miss our special
Neocolonial Tax-Holiday Package and you too can be a Pirate of the Caribbean sipping piña colada with chupacabras
while Puerto Ricans get kicked out of their homes Visit Puerto Rico. The island you never even knew we were colonising the shit out of. Authorised by the Department for the War on Territories (Also responsible for bullshit in American
Samoa, US Virgin Islands, Northern Marianas & Guam)

100 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Visit Puerto Rico!

  1. This video is bulshit. They refuse to become a state. All they have to do is vote on it but instead enjoy blaming the U.S. for their self made problems as America pays off their billions in debt. This video is America-hating leftist propaganda.

  2. Of course, none of Puerto Rico's problems have anything to do with the incredible socialist way they ran the island. Everything was free nobody had to work hard for anything, all the corrupt politicians got elected and squandered the money that was given to them to maintain the island. When those horrible horrible storms came and destroyed the island, instead of getting up and doing something to restore their lives like the people in the Midwest states did when they were destroyed by storms, Puerto Ricans sat down and cried and waited for somebody to come and fix it for them. Socialism only appears to be a free ride! What it actually does is breaks your legs and leave you helpless to care for yourself. When are people going to realize that?

  3. It's sad Puerto Rico is suffering between corrupt transportation Union natural disasters and inept or corrupt politicians these poor people are living mud but poverty they are annexed Americans we need to treat them with dignity love respect and sympathy it also makes America look bad

  4. Cut them loose it's what they want most not all hate the United states. Cut them loose with no more u s backing.

  5. Zoe I’m in love 😍😛😋with you

    you probably won’t get in touch with me because I’ve been closed out of my phones keeps getting hacked I’m not a liberal or conservative I’m the center I think?

    and that’s why my phone’s PluralAre always fucked up🇺🇸. But I’ll find you when we are cats our dogs are the new dinosaurs or something or after the black hole or Recycled star dust.🙄😛😋

  6. Give PR total independence. Allow them to become their own country. In turn, take away US citizenship and financial aid. Far trade.

  7. I have 2 advanced degrees in the U.S and one of them is in Political Science, yet the fact that Puerto Rico is a U.S colony never came up. I know we can't cover everything horrible thing that the U.S has done (who has that much time?) but our colonies should be on the curriculum. I learned about it just last year on the Max Kaiser Show.

  8. When has the American government not been a corrupt cesspool of ineffective shittiness? I thought PEOPLE worked at the government, yet it's just a shield for private interest groups. How do these elected officials sleep at night? I just don't understand at just HOW bad it is, yet still going. Oh yeah, TOTAL police state with surveillance, gagging real journalists, and writing the laws to benefit themselves.

  9. Hmmm…wonder why those who live in PR have always voted against statehood? Or we’re so apathetic they just didn’t vote, this invalidating the referendum?

    You forgot those minor points. But then, of course, your little Hate America group wouldn’t have much to whine about. Whining: The daily routine of Leftists everywhere.

  10. Maybe instead of the US being told they have to fix everything how bout the leaders of these countries allow jobs an stability to come to their country…there is no difference between America an here it's the leaders who allow cartels an poverty to over run the people. 90% of the income for only 10% on the population…seem repressive to me.

  11. Wow, talk about socialist garbage…do a quick Google search and these are all lies that have be perpetuated for years. Not to mention the reason for it being broke is the corrupt local government officials who line their own pockets while spouting this garbage. Blahahaha….I pray for you!

  12. …. Never, never let America dominate the world, for if it does, your lives will be shear hell, just look at their prison population, highest in the world and a huge scam too, huge profits for incarserating, https://youtu.be/hQxtRcfBIXY you'll find that most convicted and sentenced for petty crimes are doing 20 or so years. Locked up in their cells 23/7 with just 1 hour per day being outside, no windows, that works out 1 & half days per month of natural daylight, the rest of the 23 hours in the windowless cell, if that's not torture, what is! The government is extremely cruel to its peoples. One third incarcerated are teens, even below teens, one judge was caught FALSELY sentencing teens for crimes that weren't, proven to be innocent teens, judge had a scam going with private prisons. He was convicted too 🙂 America, shoot first ask questions later, a nation of brain washed robots engineered by its tyrant government.

    The Jews run the country by the way, check out Brother Nathaneal's videos here on YT, you'll find this guy 100% correct, after all, 95% of his commentators are in favor of him, never seen this on any other kind of videos. He tells real truth. Norway, check out their prison system, most human in the world, https://youtu.be/NuLQ4gqB5XE they care for their peoples, America, the guards let the inmates kill each other, no word of a lie on that. America, the only country to use a nuclear bomb on another country, not one, but two! How many kindergartens, school's, temples, hospitals, old people's homes were killed in this callous attack. USA is still wanted in standing trial to this day and let's not talk about the Native Red Indians demise at the hand of the US white man, "Wounded Knee" is a great example of their barbarism. Back Russia and China, (from a white man from the UK stating.) They are the only ones who are in the way of tyrant USA's agenda in ruling the world.

  13. I guess you should have added the fact that Puerto Rico did not want to be a state, but wants federal benefits. That's truth

  14. I once asked some Puerto Ricans I was acquainted with why it is that they never became the 51st state, and they told me that the people for and against are pretty evenly matched. This means that all referendums to that effect result in a stalemate, because the undecided vote, the ones who could take it in one direction or another, simply won't. Personally, I think we're way beyond the shit-or-get-off-the-pot stage. Either we make them a state, or we cut them loose. The same for our other territories.

  15. For years, anyone who said "Viva Puerto Rico Libre" (Long Live Free Puerto Rico) was put in prison for a decade. The US sterilized a third of their population in La Operacion (The Operation) where white Spanish Puerto Ricans forced dark skinned indigenous Puerto Ricans to be sterilized. So they wouldn't "over populate" the Island. They tortured Puerto Rican Freedom Fighter, Pedro Albizo Campos to death by exposing his body to radiation. Fuck AmeriKKKa we need Rebellion.

    Give all land back to indigenous peoples. This European colonial experiment called the American Revolution failed. Time to try something better.

  16. I could go on an explain why this team is so good and how incredibly talented she is, but instead I'd like to know who the fuck are the asshats that thumb down their videos. This is so fucked up

  17. Can you please make a video about the government of Canada under prime minister Stephen Harper? (2006-2015) here’s some ammo: https://www.reddit.com/r/canada/comments/3nujab/list_of_reasons_not_to_vote_conservative/

  18. US-backed and owned puppet governments by the Zionist Banksters, makes this country (continent) the most murderous on planet Earth! There is no other country, that has caused so much human suffering and death, than American-Zionist-owned politicians!

  19. When are we all going to overthrow all the governments. We outnumber them
    We could do it if we all came together on a global scale

  20. I have spent many weeks there in the last 2 years and I encourage anyone to go . I think it will help the economy there . I feel safer that in a lot of continental usa. Somethings like lemons are bizarrely expensive but otherwise it's often the same.

  21. Meanwhile the international corporations are building up databases on everyone's compliance with every little bullshit law which they have brought about themselves to justify the persecution of anyone they disagree with.

  22. Then all that debt they went into default with was paid back with emergency relief money after a lucky hurricane hit it just after they defaulted on the debt funny how that happened.

  23. The gag law was actually made by their own legislature, however an American appointed governor did sign the law so I guess that kind of counts as us being involved.

  24. PR does have one representative in Congress: Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico Jenniffer González-Colón. PR is a socialist paradise, with plenty of government borrowing, welfare, and a high minimum wage, the things leftists say they want. In both 2012 and 2017, Puerto Ricans voted to become a US state, so they don't seem keen on leaving this "terrible" American system that you speak of anytime soon.

  25. Nice bit of BS propaganda. Actually, they can and have been given plebiscites to vote on whether to remain a Commonwealth, apply for statehood or gain independence. Puerto Rican flags are everywhere and less than half the population speak English because it is not required. I was born there and while there are problems on the Island, the fact is the "rich" gringos who bought up everything are overwhelmingly democrats and Puerto Ricans vote as a block for democrats because they like having things given them by the gov't. Just take a look at Ms. AOC. She's Puerto Rican.

  26. As an American, if Puerto Rico wants independence, I support that. If Puerto Ricans want PR to become a US state, I support that as well.

  27. US gives 21 BiLLION a year in aide to Puerto Rico……21 billion for a population just over 3 million.
    US gave an additional 100 BILLION in hurricane aid last year.
    So what are the Puerto Ricans doing with it?
    120 billion. dollars divided by 3 million people, do the math.

  28. Funny how the "ad" doesn't mention that Puerto Ricans have never paid a dime in federal income taxes but have enjoyed hundreds of $billions of dollars in federal funding and benefits.

  29. I love your work. Keep on banging out America. You should do one on the USS Liberty. A perfect example of how Israel controls America. On June 8, 1967 Israel attacked an American military ship killed 34 servicemen and severely wounded 171 and the US Government hide it from the American people and the world. Patted Israel on the back and looked the other way. The ultimate betrayal.

  30. Independence for Puerto Rico! The video is misleading – Puerto Rico is vastly richer than any other Latin American polity because of its status. Without it, it would revert to being at the level of the Dominican Republic, which it resembles (6k GDP per capita). Being in the US was, however, like Greece being in the European Union. It resulted in severe economic imbalances which no amount of legislating could resolve. But these are a form of affluenza. Neither does the US discriminates against Puerto Ricans, only Puerto RIcan residents, regardless of where they are from. Two thirds of the island are on the US mainland, where they can vote and frequently do vote… Democrat, for the same policies that landed them in the mess today. I think it would be a good idea for Puerto Rico to be independent and to adopt its own currency, and for Puerto Ricans who feel more PR than US to go there and make a good country. FALN performed thousands of terrorist attacks in the last century, including a few attempted Presidential assassinations, to become independent. It is, however, no surprise that support for independence is nil today, since they expect the federal government to bail out their unsustainable pension funds for public servants (like Illinois and many other states, including Republican, want). Basically, being in the US allowed them to practice every excess of Latin American socialism, without the consequences that would have limited them.

  31. Years late, Youtube Algorithm worked wonders… What was I going to say? Oh, right, No Taxation without representation…

  32. That is really great. And this has gone on since 1898 and the Spanish American War. There was a debate at that time whether we would be imperialist or not. We chose empire and have caused havoc around the world since.

  33. Puerto Rico needs to be independent or become a State, and how the Usa has the guts to claim "Freedom" as their motto when they are treating Puerto Rico like a European Colony? So ironical this World man…

  34. Whatta about do a video about shitties countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, North Korea, Bolivia and etc. all leftists countries with high level in corruption and socialists or communists countries as well. Ah let’s attack only one side the conservative right! I can’t believe how manipulated are those videos from this channel

  35. Can you please do and updated video about Puerto Rico many thing have change shit we even kickout the governor.

  36. The Conflict Theory of Criminology postulates,
    [ We have laws in order to protect the criminality of the 'law creating class.' ]
    While under law no fetus is a citizen until born, if the fetus is from a "white" broodmare, (segregationists/ apartheidists) will claim it as a long lost friend.
    If the fetus is from a refugee outcast they will scratch their heads and say, 'what is this crime and infestation?'
    That isn't Christian, that is White Supremacy.
    I have never met and will never meet someone who celebrated being 1 year old, 3 months after their birth.
    That is not Western Civilization. Birth confirs citizenship under law.
    #apartheid #UN #MassacreMitch #imagine #rosecityantifa #stopthecoup #Amazon #njhc #guitarsnotguns #SoldiersofMary #Palestine #thesquad #MsPresident

  37. It's worth pointing out that as soon as any adult Puerto Rican moves to the States, they can register to vote in their new State. No hassles about citizenship, suddenly a registered voter. And they're certainly free to discuss it with their new Congresscritter and Senatron.

  38. I fucking hate that song. I swear if I had a dollar for every fucker that asked me where I was and said "I'm Puerto Rican" I'd buy enough guns to cause a revolt. Fuck that shitty song.

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