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Honest Government Ad | Visit Hawai’i!

Honest Government Ad | Visit Hawai’i!

Visit Hawai’i Home to a shitload of over-commodified wonders Waikiki Waimea Whitewashing This bullshit and of course…. Jurassic Park As well as to America’s least known military occupation That’s right Hordes of tourists visit every year… but
sadly, few experience the real Hawai’i a sovereign nation illegally occupied
by the USA since 1893 when a bunch of rich American businessmen overthrew the world-recognized Kingdom of Hawai’i in a coup Merica! Fuck yeah! Just like we did in Iraq… Except, in Hawai’i we never withdrew our troops Instead, we built stacks of permanent military bases and “annexed” the territory without a treaty Sure, native Hawaiians protested But zero fucks were given and we made Hawai’i the 50th State of… Merica! So, President Trump was right about one thing: technically, Obama was not born in America but in a foreign country illegally occupied by the USA Today, each island offers a unique flavor
of occupation for you to come and enjoy Oahu – where tourist and military occupations work together in perfect harmony plaguing the land and driving natives into poverty Kaua’i – where Mark Zuckerberg is continuing
the tradition of rich American businessmen pushing natives off their lands Or why not just buy a whole island – like
this rich haole prick did on Lanai? Maui – where rivers diverted to sugar farms
have deprived natives of access to water Moloka’i – where Monsanto is occupying
the land with genetically modified crops Kaho’oh… whatever the sacred island we bombed so hard for target practice, we even cracked its water table! And finally, Big Island – where we plan
to ram the world’s biggest telescope right into the summit of Mauna Kea
– the natives’ most sacred mountain Visit Hawai’i The country you never even knew we were occupying! Authorized by the Department of Military Occupations
Disguised as Tourist Destinations

100 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Visit Hawai’i!

  1. I had the opportunity to visit Hawai'i at the start of the month and talk with local and native Hawaiians. They all said the biggest problem they face is the fact that so few people are aware of the history of US military occupation. So on my return to Australia, I decided to make a video about it. <3 Giordano

  2. Perfect, but lost on the majority. Imagine how many stupid, peckerwood Murricans are sitting there with a screwed up, confused look on their scrubby faces, saying "Hunh? Wut? Dat ain't right! We done saved them little dinks from Hitler, they got freedom now! They owe us!"

  3. The large telescope seems necessary for human scientific advancement. Heard of the 1st photo of a shadow of a blackhole? That was because of the world's scientists (physicists, astrophysicists, etc.) Working together around the world, in the name of trying to understand one of the universe's mysteries.
    Everything else you said,I would agree without a doubt.

  4. Oh so very fucking tired of the mokes whinging about this shit. Yes, it is true from a certain perspective, but from that same perspective it is also equally true of California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada. Welcome to the club, take your place at the end of the line.

  5. Can you please do a video on Okinawa, then Japan? the parasites are there in their masses. Illegally in Okinawa.

  6. How about North Korea? I'll bet you can produce a real mindphuk of a video about this morally bankrupt nation.

  7. Dude. Like every state in America was illegally occupied and annexed. I mean, why focus on the Native Hawaiians? At least they didn't kill them off like they did to the Native Virginians.

  8. People have conquered other people since forever!! If you haven’t grasped that fact yet? You might be fucking stupid!!

  9. The Kingdom of Hawaii was created when King Kamehameha united those islands by force. As an American, are our conquests less valid than his?

  10. Then Obama was born from non American parents and Hawaii gave America the best back lash ever hell yeah

  11. Are you guys feeling good about Australia's election results and subsequent message from the ' silent' majority……?

  12. I may be wrong, but Hawaii has been almost assimilated. At least the AngloZionists didn't genocide the local population as they did in North America.

  13. At the end of Hawaiian independence the Queen was Lydia Liliʻu Loloku Walania Kamakaʻeha. She was illegally deposed by Americans. The question of annexation came to Congress and then President Cleveland strongly opposed it. It was war criminal President McKinley who had it enacted. Cleveland called it "a shameful affair".

    McKinley had started the Spanish-American War on the false premise of a bombing of the obsolete ship The Maine in Havana. In 1974 an enquiry by a commission headed by Admiral Rickover determined that the ship exploded from its own coal gas. Whether it was an accident or a false flag attack was determined and now never will be as the U.S. raised the Maine and had sunk in thousands of feet of water.

    McKinley had the U.S. attack Filipino independence fighters and after his colonial war which killed over 200,000 Filipinos made the Philippines a colony. The war is also the first documented instance of the U.S. using water-boarding.

    Mark Twain who was VP of the Anti-imperialist League fiercely condemned the war and called American troops "our uniformed assassins". He also rewrote "The Battle Hymn of the Republic", easily found on internet. It includes the line "Let the faithless son of Freedom crush the patriot with his heel; Lo, Greed is marching on!" "The faithless son of Freedom" is the American soldier.

  14. JM, do one on CHAGOS ISLAND. Freemason Brit & MuriKKKa displaced the Chagos Islanders thru their fake azz terra nulius bs ruling by their tool UNCLOS.

  15. Loving it ! Can you make one on France and critique the government for its approach toward the yellow vest . Can you make one on Trudeau Shitfuckery BS wana be politically correct stance.

  16. I lived there for a year. Locals hate Haoles because they can’t even afford to be buried on their own island! Or live there . It’s insane. When I arrived I had no idea. I had to work 6 days a week sunup to sundown to afford to live there. Eventually I got tired of no free time. And left .

  17. Actually, Obama's Birth Certificate WAS "faked".
    Just watch the two Press Conferences overviewing the evidence on the Investigation by Sherrif Joe's Office, the Preliminary Results, and then the completed Investigation results related to Obama's Birth Certificate. Judge for yourself… We don't know whether he was born there or not, there is contradictory evidence on that, but for sure his BC was faked.

  18. the Brits plundered most of the earth long before America was born and dumped their most ruthless criminals in Australia while subjugating the Aborigines! The Brits also ramrodded the Chinese with opium and plundered and dominated India…..so whats your point….We know the globalist/ greenpeacers are puppets of the same ruling class that have been murdering and stealing since the dawn of man….what shall we do about it??? Maybe you are a puppet of the same globalist eco -fags that monopolize our food , energy and fake news networks and convince the masses that humans are destroying the planet!!!

  19. Yet another Aussie assuming a pretty good American (acc. Wikipedia, mid-Western) accent to get work! Seriously, I only found out about most of the modern nastiness watching RT.

  20. You need to practice how we say 'America' here in the south.

    As in the "Good ole fucking United Stets of Mericah!"

  21. Sorry I'm being racist here, gese with white feathers, come from the mainland to spend their summer vacations. They don't stop over at California or travel to Florida, they cause a ridiculous sanitation problem. Did you notice the guys who took the island nation were bearded like OBL?

  22. Can you please do one about boers and south africa. It's one juicy story. With many, many cover ups.

  23. The power of the money, if you let them alone, they will destroy each other in no time, obviously they will destroy us too.

  24. I lived on Oahu for two years. The tension between the groups is current and real. Speaking plainly, you have the Hawaiians with their rich culture not only minimized but bastardized for profit. You have the "white people" – doing what we do, spreading our first world "necessities" without respect. Then the military, wow, Oahu is really just wakiki and military. Just be on the beach when the monthly emergency test sirens sound …WTF. Oh……and then the Japanese….captured during the war (some) and have built their own culture their as well. There is NO healing here, just a lots of passive aggressive groups trying to ignore the truth and live their own lives, in this occupied island!!!!

  25. ….and the yanks pushed all the native Hawaiians off the brown (once green) Island during the Vietnam War and used it for B52 bombing practice. Bombed the shit out of it, broke the water table, fresh water all flooded into the sea….dead island. God bless America…please….coz it seems like Satan has it at the mo….

  26. Someone had posted a similar video about what China did….but it was taken down….they disappeared…. their family disappeared…. their neighbors disappeared…. some guy they bought ice cream from one time disappeared…..it was a whole thing.
    But hey, they got the Olympics!

  27. OMG this is the best of f**** thing ever!!

    Finally the f**** truth comes out local people are not happy with it so they don't like his advertisement they can suck it!!!!

  28. First off. We did nothing lol. I’ve spent my life mostly on the toilet …. our ancestors did this. 🤷‍♂️…. every country in the world has switched hands several times. Seems to be not exclusive to any one group. Rich take from poor. The end.

  29. What about all of us who know and don’t care? Fact is they’re a state now, they could vote for politicians who’d see to it the poorer amongst them were compensated or they could even vote to succeed.

  30. I'm a Hawaiian in hawaii……and I aprove this message.

    (Brought to you from a place where Dole's name I still everywhere…haolepricks😀)

  31. Excellent and accurate video. The only thing that is untrue and wrong is that statehood was seen as a way for many WWII veterans, especially Filipino and Japanese Americans to escape second-class citizen status. The kingdom of Hawaii was stolen from the people and was turned into a temporary Republican, and then eventually into American territory. Leaving the debate aside for whether statehood was a good idea, America wasn’t in charge of statehood for Hawaii.

    If anything, there was probably a lot of ignorance of Hawaii that worked in the favor of statehood, like it’s small population and island paradise reputation. Otherwise there’s no way an island literally with over 80% non-whites would have been allowed to join the United States.

    This is before black people had full rights even

  32. You forgot to mention Hawaii is probably the most racist State in the nation.

    In addition, Hawaii is a leftist, welfare, entitlement, union-influenced, indoctrinated, over-taxed and over-regulated, VERY business-unfriendly, dismal centralized educational system, open-borders advocacy one-Party blue State, run by power-hungry Democrats that there isn’t any balance in our alleged “corrupt” State government! (Compared to dems, there aren’t too many “deplorables” here, mostly uninformed, misinformed or left-leaning sheeple and hippies stuck in the sugar cane plantation days era politics).

  33. This is true about all 50 states of America. We did the same to the Native Americans. Just because it happened a longer time ago doesn't make it magically more legitimate.

  34. She managed to describe the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement, TMT, the history of Hawaii, and the characteristics of all the different islands in less than two minutes.
    Good fucking job lady, you deserve a medal.

  35. 0:22 So we overthrew a dictator, oh sorry "King", and somehow we're the bad guys? Yea sorry not sorry for Democracy Hawaii!

    And don't forget Hawaiians were given the chance to vote against statehood but chose to become a state in 1959 with 93% of Hawaiians voting for statehood. "Illegal occupation" my a$$!

  36. It wasn't only rich business men . Everything has been in the control of the city of the empire . The Vatican makes all the law's / rules the world . The crown in London which is not part of London controls all monetary system's / IMF / world banks . Then you have the incorporated United States government . This is the war machine the people who are sold to die or soldier . They did this to blame americans for all of their war crimes . I was born and raised in hawaii . The fake education we got was to brainwash hawaii and create cognitive dissidents among the people . It work really well . Hawaii has a claim on everything on earth because of a law called heir of the body . Which basically means if someone or group made money from a illegal action . Then they must pay it all back with the profits plus interest . America was a incorporated government during the time of the illegal overthrow . According to international law a corporation cannot annex a nation . The reason why it was incorporated was because america was bankrupt . According to international law a bankrupt nation cannot annex a nation with wealth . The " Act of 1871 in the congressional records shows that both of theses facts are true . The federal reserve bank began racketeering in hawaii . A foreign occupied nation cannot change the currency of the people they are occupying . Then the corporation government forced hawaii to help pay for another nations debt using that same system of money that bankrupt america in the first place . The federal reserve is connected to the world banking system / IMF . This banking system is connected to everyone / international corporations / people / government all who used a bank . Because of this everything created by using bank's since 1886-1889 " when the overthrow started and finished " till present time did so with illegal stolen wealth from hawaii . Not to mention that king Leopold the first colluded with British , French and America's incorporated government to steal everything hawaii is with color of law . This includes sugarcane profits and the illegal use of land , sea and air of hawaii . Every government agency social security, FAA , FCC , CIA , etc. has been apart of this illegal scam . They can bring charges of Fraud after hawaii has claimed it's remedy . But hawaii would have all the wealth in the world and people born in hawaii would become billionaires .This is why they can never tell the truth or give remedy because the world's wealth would completely change from those elites punks to the people who worked , lived and especially born in hawaii . Hawaii must show aloha spirit and come to a reasonable contract with the world to heal the planet .

  37. This is how complete Leftist BS propaganda “educates” the dumb masses to hate whites, America, the military and successful companies; Capitalism. Good job. Start with this fact….the “natives” all voted for statehood and just fact find away all the lies of this stupid hit piece of a video.

  38. I've loved most of the rest of these videos, but Hawaii hasn't been independent in over 100 years and has been a state since the 50s. Calling Hawaii an occupied nation is a cherry pick unless you apply the logic more broadly, which is just a massive rabbithole. Hawaii is a fully equal part of the US, same as any given state. So then, what makes an annexation legal or illegal? How many other territories are "illegally occupied"? Like, I could even give you Pueto Rico, but Hawaii is a state, not a colony. Now, that aside, I haven't seen any polls on Hawaiian independence but given how the majority of Hawaiians are opposed to even giving Hawaiian natives federal recognition, I can't imagine there's much support clamoring for an independent Hawaii. The takeover of Hawaii was wrong, I'll give you that, but unless we're given some evidence that Hawaiian indepence is more than a fringe movement, I'm inclined to just call this video silly.

  39. For a people that were explorers, and valued the stars more than land, they are very hypocritical on what's important. They have sucked off of every social program and given nothing back to their own lands. Liliokalani gave up her kingdom. Live with it. Hawaii has lost her way and aloha spirit making this the most racist place in the world. Hate is hate any which way you say it , and any time they lose they blame it on haoles. It has tarnished the good name of the true spirit of aloha and worse the Hawaiian people. Brink back the hiki no attitude not the bs that we have now. Local people should wear clan hoods as they represent their true racist feelings. Or just do what they always do and blame the fucking haoles. Aloha and ahui ho

  40. I live on the Big Island and I’m a
    Ha’ole from WA. I saw a nice t-shirt the other day that read; Aloha and welcome to Hawaii! On the back it read; Don’t forget to leave! Pretty funny if you ask me.

  41. Too true. The U.S. did in fact occupy Hawai'i.

    The majority of the indigenous population had died due to diseases they had no immunity to.

    The Japanese were planning to grab the Islands, so we beat them to it.

    Sucks, but it's as real as giving kids a free school lunch so they can grow up to be strong enough to serve in the Military.

  42. Yo knowone ever thot dat someone coukd explain Hawai’i history in 2 minutes

    But White people are known to overcome anything

  43. When the Western Government conquered, annexed, occupied and treated the locals like garbage, then they accuse other governments not in their league of human rights violation. I admire the western powers.

  44. Love your videos please talk about Bosnia and how American policies messed my country up so bad that I have no chances of ever going back or expect a future there.

  45. I love you girls I am an American citizen a doctor and my father was a history teacher yeah I did not know we’ve been illegally occupying Hawaii all this time and that it was taken over in a coup By rich businessman that’s the same as our government since I went to school in America that left me terribly uneducated thanks for the truth

  46. Hellssss YES! This is prefect recap of ACTUAL history. It is also a perfect example of current Western governments bloody actions to commit genocides of indigenous people in muliple countries. All over South America, western backing of western corporations & white descendents of European colonial occupation. In Central America, where the same practices have been taking place since colonial times. The colonial territories currently held by Western nations. All of whom are being attacked, punished, exploited, and with more crushing measures by the day. Wake the fuck up white westerns. For it is happening and has happened. And all of it will be used against you as well.

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