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Honest Government Ad | How good is Australia!

Honest Government Ad | How good is Australia!

Visit Australia! Home to shitloads of vanishing wonders The Great Barrier Reef Press freedom Penalty rates It’s also home to a unique array of poisonous parasites How good is Australia Ancient land of mysteries Like, how the fuck are we gonna tackle the
climate emergency with these pricks at the helm And why are we the shit version of New Zealand? And above all, why did Aussies re-elect a
Government that’s fucking them over? We’re not sure either, but here at the Australien
Government we believe in miracles Like fake how-to-vote cards, fake placards
and fake fear campaigns How good is bullshit So come on, visit Australia Thanks to us, each State offers a unique flavour
of shitfuckery WA! Where mining companies make billions and pay
fuck all taxes But hey look at everything the’ve given back quaint ghost towns, unemployment
and a meth epidemic How good was the mining boom Just like what’s about to happen in Queensland How good is Adani Sure it will kill what’s left of the Reef
and the stacks of jobs it supports but by the time Queenslanders realise we’ve
sold off their future, water and world heritage sites we’ll be long gone Dickheads South Australia Full of annoying shit that threatens our fossil-fuel
sponsored police state like their hundred percent renewable energy target and bloody Rex Patrick New South Wales! Where nightlife, festivals and koalas go to die How good’s the sixth mass extinction Victoria! Home to regrettable scourges like deforestation Transurban and Eddie McGuire The NT! Last remaining wilderness Which we’re about to start fracking the shit out of Also doubles as a prison for Indigenous kids a testground for fascist income control policies and a home for US spy bases to carry out illegal
mass surveillance and drone strikes How good is colonialism-neoliberalism-war Tasmania! Where everyone will escape to when shit hits the fan And then get killed in a bushfire And lastly, the ACT Take a tour of Bullshit HQ And don’t miss the aptly named Museum of Democracy So what you waiting for? We’ve saved you a spot on the beach We’ve whitened the reef Scott’s fired up the coal furnaces Joshy’s given our mates a fat tax break And Dutto’s finally collected all six infinity stones So where the bloody hell are you? (Don’t say New Zealand with those woke kiwi c*nts) Visit Australia! How good is shitfuckery Authorised by Tourism New Zealand

100 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | How good is Australia!

  1. I like how South Australia is mentioned as wanting 100% renewables but here is the catch the power companys were privatized and now SA has the most expensive electricity bills in Australia. The cost of doing the right thing sends Australians broke. The next hair brain idea is to privatize the public transport services, that will increase fares by double GENIUS IDEA!

  2. It's so cute the way you paw away at that calculator. I bet you'd be great at… errr…

    "doing my taxes".

  3. Nice to know this is happening all over the world and not just in my country. Also, sad and horribly depression to know this is happening all over the world and not just in my country.

  4. I'm impressed that you know so much about Australia. Its more a company than a country but then you are going down the exact same path. Someone kills Muslims and isn't even from New Zealand and you lose all your best guns. Sound familiar? Don't be too smug. All over the world the left is trying to keep itself alive by importing people dumb enough to vote for them because only dumb people do vote for them and that means Muslims who refuse to assimilate and Africans who ramp up the violence every where they go as they compete with the local criminals.

  5. This is some of the worst Marxist propaganda I’ve ever seen. Karl Marx and Stalin would be Avery disappointed in you juice media😩😩😩

  6. A shit version of NZ 👍🏼 authorized by tourism NZ👍🏼….I laughed my ass of…..love from NZ ❤

  7. Australian politics achieves exactly what it sets out to do: those people far more powerful and important than you or I get all their needs met. Job done.

  8. Please don't tell me you, Juice Media, think yourself "woke". That's not a better alternative to corporate shitfuckery.

  9. damn. kinda regret changing trip destination from australia to vietnam with my best friends. so many wonders and amazing things. would've been great to see the newly discovered poisonous parasites on this video too

  10. Growing up in Canada, We had less than 0% education on Australia as it, simply just existed on our maps. Late into my teens I obsessed with the idea of Australians, They're fucking sex! Who wouldn't want that all up inside them? I mean.. Besides the fact i hear about how large your insects are and how hot your climate is..we never truly knew how bad it seems. I am sorry, it's fucking garbage here too, except your breath and tears instantly freeze when you walk outside during certain months.. and our Govn has sold out to China, so we are whipped.

  11. Yep, pretty much. Did you leave out Queensland? Or did I miss it. Besides the cops and corruption I'm probably moving there. NSW is fucked.

  12. applause for your another astonishing video. I have question for you, how often do you change the calculator batteries? or is it coal powered calculator? lol lol

    edit: do pressing like button violate new australien rule? if yes then Im fucked up

  13. We should do this sort of Krappurry in our 100% clean green Nz and hope the tourism board endorses it! If not how about the aussie tourism board endorses it.

  14. Ah, this channel reminds me we're not alone in our completely fucked up government in the US. Wonder when our good Christian democracy bombs we've been dropping all over the ME might share a little democracy with the West. When do we get some democracy?

  15. Every time I see that fucker Clive Palmer I just imagine him and that fugly moll Gina Swineheart in a pigs trough eating shit together…and dont EVEN get me started on that Hillsonger nutbag ScoMo, Eddie McFuckface McGuire and Peter "Dead-Eyed dickwad" Dutton….what a bunch of fucking losers…but even worse are the narcassistic penny-pincher fucktards that elected/propped them up in other words…BABY-BOOMERS who sold their souls and flushed their childrens,/grandkids future right down the bog-hole. BABY-BOOMERS FUCK YOU. Hope you all rot in soiled nappies in the nursing home eating moldy catfood.

  16. Great satire…but what are we going to do about it. How do you defeat rigged media and I suspect rigged voting.

  17. Well if you don't like it there you can always come to America. Visit while you can, it will be dead and over run with spicks, Africans and Muslims in less than 100 years. By that time they'll have diminished all the financial securities such as wellfare and social security that the white man has put up for the last 100 years. Might be a good idea to learn Spanish.

  18. supposedly: "Scorpio Rising" loves sarcastic humor.
    i don't know if true but … it really turns mee on.

  19. Alright hall in marines OORAH let’s fire bomb the shit! Out of the mother fucking shit bag government! SEMPER FI mother fucker!

  20. it would be great to do a similar video on Canada, its hapless penchant for Liberal governments, their tendency to squander what little savings Canada has left, ruin civil liberties bill C-16, lax immigration, brainwashing CBC, non-existent military that requires funding, a social welfare state destined for ruin…

  21. THIS IS BRILLIANT, TAKING THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH! We can be pretty fucking stupid as a country!

  22. Its this sort of fake journalism that insinuates that the average aussie is to stupid to vote the way they know will improve their lives insted of pandering to the social justice movement. Im glad that left wing clap trap like this gets made cause it only emboldens average aussies to keep the likes of the greens an irrelevant party. Afterall, if Australia is so shit, why dont they bugger off to nz, and be lead by a pm who could only form government via a coalition, hardly having a mandate to implement her radical agenda.

  23. It's like why isn't the government putting solar panels in people's back yard's, hooking them up to the grid and lowering our power bills and just wait until the 5G batteries start massively increasing distance with electric powered things (zinc/bromine batteries made here in OZ🕶️🇦🇺) The company's name is Gelion🇦🇺🕶️

  24. Hey there, have you heard the 10,000 cash limit bill Australia is trying to sneak thru parliament in August… IN THE INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE did a recent video on this which I think all Aussies need to stand against and write to gov opposing this tyranny and control."

  25. The shitfuckery is going to be China's problem. They'll buy out the whole governing body soon enough. Let's start with Tamworth!

  26. I await the day Conservative Catholic voters realise they have been anally intruded by developers lying politicians and Con artist liberals…. Maybe I guess they like it

  27. You can be as shitty with the Liberals all you want. But when the shadow treasurer tells the Australian voting public; "If you don't like our policies, then don't vote for us," then his party is clearly not fit to govern.

    It's as simple as that. And that's how it went down.

    Living in a democracy does not guarantee you the right to see the government you voted for, sit in power.

    If you want guaranteed power, move to North Korea. They vote too, but only one name is on the ballot.

  28. This is twice as depressing when you realise that both the left and right of Aussie politics are as bad as each other. The entire system is utterly corrupt.

  29. Face it, Australia is a shithole, it always was a shithole, a prison for inbred criminals, a hotbed of the new communist socialist scum, and well known for the dumbest young generation in history!

  30. I'd laugh if it wasn't true, but it all is. We are in the ABYSS, people! The deep, dark abyss of shitfuckery, for sure.

  31. Is it just me or is this woman just absolutely beautiful?! Don’t feel like this is the best video to say this but 🤷‍♂️

  32. I am neither an Aussie or Kiwi so I dont have a horse in the rivalry but the ad saying "shit version of NZ" is a bit of the producer's internal script (bias ) running . If NZ was so much better why are so many Kiwis working in Australia . That trend shows Australia has higher wages , more jobs , more industry and opportunity .

  33. Imagine just for a moment, the World would stand up in unison, sick and tired of the aggressive killer arrogance of the United States and her vassals – and their joint war-force called NATO – and this World, our World, what’s left of it when you deduct Washington and its Brussels allies, would at once block every shipment of everything destined for the ports of the United States of America; every sea port, airport and road port. Hermetically. Nothing would enter. Nothing, no food, no medicine, no electronics, no cars – no nothing. And nothing could leave. No exports, no petrol, no grains, no meat, no pharmaceuticals and foremost, no weapons. Nothing.

    And now, take your mind a step further – and imagine the same – exactly the same, a total and full blockage of Israel – nothing would enter, no food, no fuel, no medication, no machinery and especially no weapons – and nothing would leave; a full and total blockage.

    This would of course be totally illegal; illegal and unacceptable, by any international law, by the standards of the UN Charter, by the Human Rights Laws and Directives – by any ethical values of human morals. Wouldn’t it? – Yet, this is exactly what these countries are doing, have been doing for decades, sanctioning to strangle and murder entire populations into death or submission. The US with Cuba; Israel with Palestine. And the coercion and strangulation go on, unabated.

    The longest embargo – illegal, inhuman and outright criminal – Washington imposed on Cuba – 60 years. Because Cuba has chosen socialism as her form of state and government. Cuba survived and will never give in to the tyrant of the north.

    Now the US is expanding her palette of killing by impunity to dominate and subjugate nation after nation which they do not consider bending sufficiently to the dictate of their masters. Venezuela has been targeted for two decades, ever since former President Hugo Chavez was democratically elected in 1998; and Iran, ever since the US-imposed Shah was deposed in 1979 – exactly 40 years ago – by Iran’s Islamic Revolution. Both Venezuela and Iran are rich in natural resources, especially hydrocarbons but also in gold, rare earths and other precious metals and stones.

    Contrary to what one would like to imagine, international world bodies, like the United Nations and her sister and associated organizations remain just about silent. When a high-level official utters some benign criticism of the US or Israel – it flairs up for a moment in the ‘news’, then it disappears again, as if it never happened. And indeed, nothing happens. They – the US and Israel – go on with their crimes in impunity.

    The latest is an open declaration of economic warfare by Washington, a total embargo on Venezuela; the embargo is now being turned into a naval blockade. Similar steps are to be taken for Iran. That literally means that no merchandise – no matter how vital for survival, like food and medication, is allowed into Venezuela. Three days ago, the US seized, totally illegally, a cargo ship attempting to deliver food and medication to Venezuela – in the Panama Canal, territory which the US does not own or control anymore.

    Venezuela – US Attack Imminent?

    The ship was carrying soy cakes, from which Venezuela was to produce food. Never mind, that the cargoes are fully paid for by Venezuela. And this seems to be just the beginning. Vessels leaving Venezuela with petrol deliveries to client countries are also targeted for blockage, thus confiscating, or rather stealing, Venezuela’s main source of income on which she intends to survive and feed and provide health care for her people. This, in addition to the more than 130 billion dollars total Venezuelan assets confiscated – stolen – by the US worldwide.

    And nobody says beep. Almost. Yes, there are some collective protests by countries in solidarity – like key members of the Sao Paulo Forum, as well as more than 60 members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM – total 120 members) that have become especially active in recent years in defense of Venezuela within the United Nations. Protests and protest declarations also take place by ALBA members, a Latin American trade alliance (ALBA – Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America, 11 members [Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Dominica, Ecuador, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia, Grenada and the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis).

    But most interesting are the hypocrites, those who write and scream that Venezuelans are starving to death, that the Maduro government neglects its people – yet these accusers-in-falsehood – let the US and her vassals strangle Venezuela and steal her foreign assets, including foreign reserves and gold, food and medical imports – they are saying zilch, nada, nothing. Just watching.

    To top it all off, the Human Rights Commissioner, Madame Michelle Bachelet, Hypocrite-in-chief, who recently visited Venezuela, at the invitation of President Nicolas Maduro, on a Human Rights mission, and who delivered a devastating report about Venezuela’s HR, full of lies, half-truths and outright omissions, not mentioning with one word the US inspired coup attempts, the US-funded opposition and its bloody atrocities perpetrated on the Chavista population, and the strangulating and starving by the US and US-dictated European sanctions – Madame Bachelet now came forward condemning the naval blockade. Great. But she did not stand up against the deadly embargo by the US and the European Union. – What credibility remains for the Human Rights Commission? – The world can see it – it’s all bought, coerced into submission, like so many other UN agencies by the Murderers Inc.

    If we are not careful, they are soon going to rule the globe. Thanks god, for Russia and China – which are also subjects of US-EU sanctioning and targeted for take-over. But they are a tiny little bit too big and too strong for this sort of games by the decaying US empire and her obedient rats on the sinking ship.

    Similarly, the European Union – despots as they have been for hundreds of years as colonialists in Africa, Asia and Latin America – and continue in a modern colonial role through economic control of much of Africa – this very EU, has been sanctioning Venezuela for years on the orders of Washington, naturally, who else? – Now they condemn the naval blockade, but continue their routine sanctions regime.

    According to a study carried out by the Washington DC based Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), under guidance of Mark Weisbrot, CEPR co-director and Jeffrey Sachs, economics professor, Director, Center for Sustainable Development, Columbia University, New York, US and EU sanctions have cost some 40,000 Venezuelan lives. This mainly since August 2017, when Washington escalated its unilateral coercive measures against Venezuela and her state oil company, PDVSA, cutting them off international financial markets.

    Yes, the world would have plenty of reasons to stand up and dish out similar naval and air blockades against the US and Israel. Just as a teaser to begin with, and if that doesn’t send a strong enough wake-up message, perhaps such embargoes should be considered on a longer-term indefinite scale. It’s illegal. But we are living in a world where international laws don’t count – where laws are made, as we go, by the self-declared hegemon, the US of A, and her symbiotic Middle East ally, Israel. – So, why not nudging the legal, moral and ethical order back into balance?

    Peter Koenig

  34. Australia:
    – one of the richest countries in the world
    – one of the lowest crime rates in the world
    – number 1 destination for immigrants in the world
    – 16% of New Zealanders live in Australia

    Yep… Australia sucks

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