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Honest Government Ad | Djab Wurrung Trees

Honest Government Ad | Djab Wurrung Trees

Namaste, I’m from the Australien Government here to introduce our newest segment NUMBERS WITH SUSSAN! Numbers With Sussan brings you the latest
bullshit from your new Environment Minister a numerology enthusiast who added an S to her name for good luck Isn’t that bullsshit You might be thinking pseudo-science isn’t
what we need from the Minister responsible for the fate of our planet’s
life-support systems But c’mon, numbers are fun Like 3,000 That’s the number of native trees Sussan and the Victorian Government have approved for destruction so we can re-route this stretch of the Western Highway Sure scientists say we must plant billions
of trees to avoid the collapse of all life on earth But Sussan read some tea leaves, and they said: “fuck science: blowing up what’s left of western Victoria’s giant natives will bring good health when everything’s dead” NUMBERS WITH SUSSAN! And 263 That’s the number of those trees that are
sacred to the Djab Wurrung people the sovereigns of these lands This majestic ancestral Direction tree is 300 years old Sadly, Sussan said 300 isn’t a Destiny number so she doesn’t give a shit that it will
get the axe to build a road That’s why right now the Djab Wurrung are
calling on people to join them in protecting this sacred landscape and ancient
trees from our shitfuckery Zero! That’s how many fucks Dan and Jacinta give about signing that treaty with Victoria’s Indigenous people coz nothing says “Treaty” like a chainsaw But don’t worry, VicRoads will be totes careful It’s not like when they worked on the previous stretch of highway they felled 900 giant trees by mistake Woops! 65,000,000! That’s how many tax dollars locals say we’d save if VicRoads just widened the existing highway
rather than laying down a whole new road Yeh… we could do that But how lit is 2? That’s the number of minutes drivers would save if we stick to our plan and kill these 600 year-old trees 600 years… 2 minutes… it’s a clear choice! NUMBERS WITH SUSSAN! That’s why, unless you stand with the Djab
Wurrung to demand VicRoads alters its plans unnecessary sacred-ancient-tree slaughtering
will commence imminently Join us next week for more Destiny Numbers like 795,000, the price of the flat Su bought
on a taxpayer-funded trip And discover how climbing Uluru before October
will add 3 inches to your dick NUMBERS WITH SUSSAN! Authorised by the Department for Erasing Sacred Places

100 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Djab Wurrung Trees

  1. If after having opportunity to communicate some well engineered direction changing projects to a collection of the worlds most powerful people the only valid thing you can think to do is chuck a car into space. etc, etc, etc. AI politicians you know they make sense.

  2. Yes, yes, yes, it's all terrible but when do we get to see Sheila here in a bikini? That's what we really want.

  3. I love this channel, but I have a question for the viewers. Are any of the numbers produced by this channel real? Is there truly practically no benefit to this new road? Would it really cut down so many trees? Are the trees even this old?

    I'm just asking. Because: trust, but verify.

  4. Both US and Australia are built by prisoners and criminals, this is just their descendents! I can exclude this hot girl from the shitfuckery

  5. What can I say other than thank you for doing this entire channel in the first place and bless you for doing it. Love your vids.

  6. Should do one on the impending $10,000 cash transaction limit. Basically laying the way for the banks to rort peoples savings as they please.

  7. As an American I love these videos. I have a lot of liberal friends who always point to y’all Aussies as a pillar of perfection when arguing against my firearms rights. I love being able to send them to your channel.

  8. Imagine indonesian's opposition create a critic like this instead of hoax using religion race foreigners chinese invades indo etc..

  9. Speaking of the environment, could you please explain "Andrew Bolt" to the rest of the world (see also Episode XIII: A News Hope)?

  10. You’ve influenced a new Democratic Party add in the USA…
    Definitely The Juice Media inspired (the best form of flattery l believe) 😊

  11. I suddenly realized I hadn't seen any honest ads lately. WTF, I was sure I had subscribed! I'd even let "shitfuckery" slip out of my vocabulary. Well, I got that sorted so I should get new videos. Yeah, until Google decides to "forget" about you again.

    Just want to say that while we have some pretty good satirists here in the US, there's really nobody doing what you do. Lee Camp, who I assume you're familiar with — Redacted Tonight — maybe comes closest. You are fantastic! I know Australia has it's issues, and I really enjoy learning about them through your work, but dammit I wish an accident of birth or something had made you an American, we could really use some honest government ads here!

  12. To anyone with a basic knowledge of Marxist political economy, these works, including Adani etc, that are underway and that are catastrophic for the environment, are the logical outcome of an illogical toxic system that requires the impossibility of infinite expansion, while treating everything as a commodity to be utilized to generate profit and discard when no longer of use…..including our lives.

    Instead of realizing the ceaseless vilification of Marx might have to with their fear of him……its more convenient to buy into rather than find out for yourself

  13. It would be great to see an honest government ad on all the world's governments bullcrap combined and how it interrelates across all criminal corporations and corrupt polititians. With your fantastic views on positive, realistic and obvouis alternatives that makes sense. Hit them where it hurts!!! You guys are awesome…

  14. Nobody cares about these so called Djab Wurrung. To hell with them and their trees and their stone age culture.

  15. If I make a video like this in Indonesia, maybe the police automatically arrest me because it's part of national harassment.

  16. You are some brave people.
    But you know it that it doesnt matter to the "Pee-pal".
    Yes they enjoy your satire.
    Which is genuine. Witty. Great.
    For their good.
    BUT it pales in comparison with Nation, Race and you know stuff such as danger to the country….

    Anyways its heartening to note your boat's still floating.

    On a more.serious note: well done guys!! You are amazing, great and wise.
    You have nerves of steel and genuine concern for humanity, a concern which was "born outdated"
    Love you!!!

  17. it would be awesome if this channel did more world news/international news, this channel is so funny, as a foreigner I'd LOVE to see them treat topics we can relate to a bit more as well (even though we can still relate a bit to what happens in Australia+ Australian news is interesting anyways+ they also do some world topics but more would be even better!!)

  18. you guys should do simmler honest commercials to the ones from the Cracked channel since they have stopped. Might be worth finding the guy who was on screen presenting them too Jack Hunter i think his name is.

  19. What about the amount of ppl globally who die from prescription medicines annually? 200k may not seem like many but compared to the 36k who die from illegal drugs well hey thats the price of doing business.
    Or how Turnball became pm and ensured cannabis prohabition 2.0 has emerged while most think its legal,
    Or mereks pharma a subsidory of GSK who Malci has shares in who provide Australia its vacsinations.
    Did you hear about no jab no pay or no jab no play?
    Did you know that if too much leakage of medical cannabis makes its way into the black market it could compremise our $350 million opiate industry.
    NSW spends $1.1 billion on policing cannabis!
    Marjuana or however it is spelt is also considered a racial slur, as it was used to imply that black or Mexicano men who smoked cannabis would rape white women aka refer madness!
    Look up US Patent #6630507, the truth is out there.

  20. A government spokeswoman said: "The project… has overwhelming support of both of the traditional owner groups that represent the Djab Wurrung people.” Simultaneously, Djab Wurrung people are sitting out there protesting against the project. Spokeswoman – FULL OF SHIT.

  21. I adore The Juice Media, and fully believe the situation with the aboriginal birthing trees is abhorrent…. however it does make my stomach turn at your derision of a persons personal beliefs….. be it Christianity, Islam, Numerology or Atheisim etc, people are entitled to hold their particular beliefs…. and numerology has nothing to do with the issue of these trees – beautiful and precious environmental specimens, and SACRED to the aboriginals and their beliefs.

  22. I haven't been following this channel in a while. Was there a video addressing where this channel is going? Will Robert Foster ever return? Will we ever see another Rap News? Those fucking videos were absolute gems and I cannot find any other equals…

  23. Please keep this up. Big stories or small, it is always a joy to watch these videos and they really serve to grab your attention on important issues with its satirical humor. My only regret is this channel does not release videos based on other countries all that often. I'm selfish in wanting more videos regularly.

  24. You Should do Trudeau and the Canadian Government for a couple of episodes!!! Theres a LOT of shitfuckery in the north!! PS I Love your Show!!!!

  25. your country's government is sorry for West Papua. what about the indigenous tribes of Australia? Aboriginal tribe?

  26. Actually fuck our government Rn- they should pretending they care because they really don’t. this is a human rights violation. Honestly fuck Australia right now.

  27. I like reading comments because it reminds me that 98% of all of you will never make an effort to stop any of this shit. Just laugh and give a thumbs up right!!?? Haha!!

  28. Posted to my Facebook page, with comment:

    More razor-sharp satire of the Ozzie counterparts of our Murrican Trumpists, as they mow down 1000s of ancient, huge, carbon-sequestering trees belonging to indigenous peoples in order to build a brand spanking new highway (next to an old one that could just be expanded a little) that will save 2 minutes of travel time. And prolly provide some nice pocket change for the local contractors and their PMs. 


  29. We can make O2. We can even make O3 if you so god damn want it. Technology can crap all over nature if we try. The fun fact is that we got such a big leeway we dont need to try… yet. So its fine.
    Ppl just dont understand that preserving nature is pintless, cuz its fucking shit at efficency.
    "oh trees they make oxygen" yeah at most 50% of the time, if no rain or fog or other crap, so 40% at most. While we can boot up a factor that shits out oxygen 24/7 if we so god damn want to.

  30. Remember, Australia's the only country who lost to a bunch of birds… So put a Emu sanctuary near the site. It'd both save the tree's and make us all laugh at the same time.

  31. the older the wiser, the more powerful their medicine. as the people who live round her continually exchange the breath of their being with the trees.
    with each plant on earth having a matching vibration in us, to where i read their being our total support system, at airing the very essence of their, what i now like to call Scentimendicinal Herbalites and Fleuramins.
    They gift us with our peoples presence from as long as they have lived as one symbiotic relationship, with the trees doctoring us with every breath, speak of first responders. . .
    the comfort , peace, happiness . . they are in fact, their still living ancestors, in every breath they draw from that tree.
    we deplete, they restore
    bring back up to the cosmic vibration
    best as they can

    wouldn't it be awesome if that sacredness of a peoples living immune system, wins out, over another highway. . with earth suffering from such a grand case of hardening of the arteries .
    What is even worse, is that the cars, planes, trucks and i hear those big ocean liners . . all burning up fresh oxygen. . . speeding the holy hell fires of disEase all round, since neither plant or living creature can compete and now that we have whole species of trees dying off, kids getting sicker by the day . .

    unless we clear the air, also of traffic, the amount of heat and turmoil as in wind, as well as air conditioners, . . time we journey from the consumer to the care takers and music makers of the world we've been let on.
    we are its guests, we must have caught some horrid disEase when we got so ahead of ourselves . . fevering round the clock to get to where we can let a global sigh of relief
    none of us are going to get out alive,
    so are we going to make is as good or as miserable for ourselves

    i opt for merry music and medicine fusing botany and biology ,and instead of attacking , plant a grand a garden with as many species and more people who come to admire the more powerful its medicines wll become. .
    on their having weathered more storms and survived more diseases than we'll ever face in our life . . and yes, they have us covered with the best healthcare system in the world.

    i can now truly grasp why the natives of this land who were moved to reservations . . lost the ground beneath their feet. . the cosmic connection to their language . . . as we each
    are an expression of the ground beneath our feet

  32. I love that spelling of Australian and Victorian in the description. "Discover how climbing Uluru before October will add three inches to your dick" I'm slowly dying in the inside.

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