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Honest Government Ad | Climate Emergency & School Strikes

Honest Government Ad | Climate Emergency & School Strikes

Hello I’m from the Australien Government,
here to bring you a special weather forecast Australia is about to head into a federal election This means you can expect a high pressure
system of bullshit to form over Canberra The bullshit will spread across the continent
rapidly, thanks to topical cyclone Rupert causing scattered showers of misplaced fears
of refugees that will distract voters from the real existential threat we face… climate catastrophe You know, rivers vomiting up dead fish roads melting Tasmania on fire Townsville under water crocs cruisin the streets and the first mammal just went extinct
due to rising sea levels Cool and normal Few will emerge from this election without
being covered in bullshit Especially children, who’ll be the ones
to pay for it That’s why they’re skipping school and
going on strike Coz they know this is a crisis requiring an
emergency response (Lucky for us the little shits can’t vote yet) Go back to school little shits! Then you can one day become a scientist… whose climate-change science we can ignore As you can see, we care about climate change
and your kids’ future That’s why our Coal-fondler in Chief has
just announced the Climate Bullshit Fund Will it help us meet our Paris emission targets
“in a canter”? Sure, by using accounting tricks rather than
reducing actual emissions Your grandchildren will love hearing that story whilst playing Survivor on a Dead Planet
Fucked By Our Dickhead Accountant Ancestors Is it just a rebranding of Tony’s even older
bullshit policy? The one that caused emissions to rise ever
since he scrapped the carbon price? Of course it is, we’re just hoping you’re
too stupid to remember that Do we still plan to build new coal-powered stations? Absolutely Not only that, we’re also promising to make
*you* pay for their debts when they can no longer compete with renewables That’s free insurance for private companies
to shit on the planet, go broke and have you pick up the tab (FAIR DINKUM POWER) So remember – despite all the bullshit leading
up to the election we’re still just a bunch of bought-and-paid-for shills desperately hoping to use your money to
bail out our rich moron friends who thought coal had a future,
rather than your children Australien Government vote for us coz bullshit, bulshit, bullshit-bullshit Authorised by the Department of Adults
Requiring Child Supervision

100 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Climate Emergency & School Strikes

  1. We are so inspired by all you students around the world going on strike today, Friday 15 March, to demand climate action. Our dickhead politicians are sure to attack and patronize you, just like last time. Which is why to support you we've made an Honest Government Ad about those dickhead politicians. I've even toned down the swearing a tad to make sure kids can watch it. Coz y'know, we're leaving you a dead planet but god forbid we make you hear rude words 😛

    Join a student strike in your city today. Click below to find out the closest student strike near you: https://www.schoolstrike4climate.com/support-us

    x Giordano & fam
    PS. Luca made his first cameo appearance!

  2. Sounds like y'all got the same bullshit storm that we have, looks like storm bullshit is gonna hit several countries at once it's an elite storm and hurricane FUCK YOU is following right behind it so expect strong gusts of pestilence and a torrential downpour of poverty,this is a huge storm folks it's expected to have an unimaginable amount of famine to accumulate but hey look on the bright side, tomorrow is looking like a sunny day with a putrid breeze and a high of extinction .
    Don't forget to tune in to channel 666 tomorrow at 6 folks for the elite news team bringing you the news that we feel you need to hear.

  3. Get the Jews out of the west, and deport the brown people. Then hang out politicians and anyone who was in bed with the invaders. Adopt national socialism as a race and culture.

    Then tackle climate change and any other problem that you won't be able to fix until you do the steps above…

  4. Now that Indonesia is done with the election, can you now please make an honest government ads of "Visit Indonesia"?

  5. I don't get how anybody can give the killing of this planet a thumbs down jeez what kind of idiot do you have to be to to not reliese big business don't give a shit about climate change they could have domes built to protect them

  6. Whoo,you are so great! I only got you in my recommended a while ago,such a pity it's so late. Pls,I beg you,come to South Africa,you'll completely freak out here. Endless material for truthful ads over here,you won't believe your luck.

  7. Climate Change is a SCAM designed to separate USEFUL IDIOTS from their money & freedom to empower & enrich the politically-connected Fascist-Socialist Elite Globalists.

  8. Whats are the two outros you use?
    EDIT: NVM, found link in the description below, but yet to find for the one sounding like a dark knight movie.

  9. Shoveling this eco-socialism bullshit into our faces for half a century now. First it was global cooling. Then it was global warming. Now it's climate change. In each iteration, you've demanded more undeserved money and power for yourselves.

    Now you blame everyone else for the shitstorm blowback. Gotta admit, you got chutzpah.

  10. Most of your videos are pretty good, but what's with this Chicken Little "climate catastrophe" shit? Global warming, climate change, climate disruption, and now…*CLIMATE CATASTROPHE!!!* You're just helping them push the AGW hoax so they can tax the shit out of us and control every aspect of our lives. So much for "Honest". How about an Honest Government ad showing how governments are using climate change to push their big-government, authoritarian agendas? Or, are you only honest about things when they match your politics?

    Of course the climate is changing…always has, always will. But, them pretending to know why (despite every single model and prediction put forth by the confirmation bias-blinded, government-funded, pseudoscientists being wrong) and pretending to know how to "fix it", is literally the biggest hoax in human history.

  11. Brilliant. Simply fantastic video > again. Thanks for the wry smile on my face just thinking about all those bullshit pollies.

  12. The single biggest contributor to global climate change is overpopulation.
    Yet you have run an agenda, heavily biased, in favour of unsustainable population growth.
    You have actively campaigned for policies that encourage and reward the unrestrained, selfish and culturally backward population growth.
    The exponential growth of population and the inevitable pollution this causes are going to destroy us all.
    If you truly care about a sustainable future then you need to fight against high migration intakes, spread the word amoung the backward, selfish or outright genocidal (breed the europeans out) cultures that continue with unsustainable fertillity that they are doing the wrong thing by the planet and we will not accept their overflow anymore.
    Help fight climate change by making it clear that there is all ready too many people on earth.

  13. Love the other vids but this one sux. Sorry. do your research. Don't rely on bought and paid for scientists with an agenda. flawed science!! have an efficient day :/

  14. We have 3 choices; go back to living in caves, continue to use fossil fuels or find something else which is affordable and sustainable.
    Until something better happens; I am not living in a cave or willing to let liars tell me how live my 21st century life.

  15. Hang in there Australia. We Malaysians used to have that kind of government. We overthrow them in our general election. And man it is glorious.

  16. the video try to be funy but its the same bullshit.. Climate change is just part made by humans… the question is how many %? and there will be no catastrophe! there is nothing special on that Climate change, the earth was going throu simular situation in the past..

  17. Really enjoy the comedy. But "man made climate change" = way more bullshit + way more government.

  18. you can laugh all you want, but the truth you see arises from the ignorance, the laziness, the simple lack of spine of yer average ozzie. you know politicians are burning down the planet, and you just laugh. politicians are crap- but that's evolution in action. they can get away with it, so they do.

  19. Based on these U.S. government reports, as a top National Security priority, Congress must fulfill their Constitutional duty to begin wide-scale investigations into the epidemic of systemic corruption throughout the Pentagon.


    While trillions of dollars in military spending have gone unaccounted for, a record number of Pentagon whistleblowers have been retaliated against and silenced. As you will read throughout this report, the chain of accountability has been effectively dismantled. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community Inspector Generals have been caught covering-up whistleblower reprisal cases and shutting down investigations.

    Prominent government insiders are speaking out. Many vital Inspector General positions have been vacated under scandalous circumstances. To make matters even worse, the C.I.A. was caught illegally and unconstitutionally surveilling Congress to interfere with whistleblower communications and investigations.

    Meanwhile, political bribery and revolving door corruption have reached all-time highs. Since the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) first began reporting what is now over $21 trillion in unaccounted for spending, 12,727 government officials have gone through the revolving door with Global Military companies. In the latest example, after spending 30-years at Boeing, Patrick Shanahan recently took over as acting Defense Secretary and is now in charge of military spending.

    Not surprisingly, the Pentagon has missed their deadline and is yet to brief Congress on their failed first-ever full-scope audit. As an initial audit found, “financial management is so weak that its leaders and oversight bodies have no reliable way to track the huge sums [of tax money] it’s responsible for.” Thus far, the only significant change to come out of the audit: Pentagon accounting fraud has now been “legalized.”

    According to people who spent their careers working for the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, the books are cooked as Standard Operating Procedure. There are thousands of accounting and financing operations throughout the Pentagon. No one even knows how many there are, let alone how much money is being spent.

    Numerous government investigations, audits and reports have revealed many critical, wide-ranging accounting problems, which have been known for years, yet have never been fixed. There are hundreds of unimplemented solutions, which could save U.S. taxpayers tens of billions of dollars annually.

  20. Please note that the trees burning in the Tasmanian bushfires earliear this year were of the wet wood variety-these typically do not burn.

  21. man, I watch your funny videos but you are a bit off sometimes…. you have too many progressive liberal points that you are making… like this climate change bullshit… it`s true burning coal it`s bad, true that atomic power is dangerous, true that plastic poisons the seas but that`s about it… it`s not the end of the world… stop making stupid videos like this one that only young progressive brainwashed kids will enjoy!

  22. yeah, let kids rule you, making policies, govern this planet… give them all the power because they know better, right?! :))) dumb progressives

  23. A video claiming to call out bullshit but actually spitting out bullshit itself, this is what is fucking up the country

  24. School strike for climate is just indoctrinated children who don’t know what they’re talking about.

  25. Tried to post a comment under Truth Seeker but it didn't seem to post.
    I'd really like to see more intellectual objectivity come out of thejuicemedia on this topic. The majority of those highly trained climategate scientists she mentions are government-funded and just as corrupt as their bosses – those people juicemedia criticizes so much

  26. So we have a lot of Australian's smart enough to make this ad and even more that can relate to it, why do we have the self serving dummies doing the dumb stuff running the country?

  27. Geoengineering – what say you, fact or fiction?
    Also, what impact does 'war' have on our global environment? ALL OF US want a clean and healthier environment to live and thrive in…but we are NOT all sold on the idea that we should allow the fox to guard over the hen house

  28. "Climate" may effect many nuclear power stations across the globe along with the back-up generators they rely on to prevent meltdown in the event of a power outage, Know how long it takes to power down one of those badly designed nuclear reactors..??Months- there seems to be a (((echo))) effect in yr comments section. Honk Honk

  29. @thejuicemedia: "a crisis requiring an emergency response". So what exactly would that consist of? How do we reduce those emissions?
    You may want to check out this interview with Jordan Peterson on Climate Change…an intellectual who has thought this complex matter through – "we're not gonna do anything meaningful about it; you gonna stop having heat, stop driving your cars, stop taking trains, stop using your iphones? You're not gonna do ANY of that." And simply reducing emissions will have what degree of effect?
    So, what's the plan?!

  30. How did this channel go from actual meaningful content like this to “Both the parties are fucked tho” in less than a month

  31. Great work again, however, i think the climate change debacle is well disproved at this stage but there is absolutely wide spread global abuse.
    You've got to set aside your prejudices if you do decide to do in depth research on "climate change" just as i did.

  32. Ah nothing like checking out what’s happening overseas to remind you that not only is your own country fucked, but the whole world!

  33. Well guess the silent majority of Australians didn't swallow that $242B extra taxes Labor and the Greens wanted to spend on climate change. You have another 3 years to convince the voter's its worth it.

  34. Love your videos – so inconveniently honest. Do you do videos for the UK – I would love to see those.

  35. The goon-onement of Australia is one of the stupidest. There is a beautiful, spacious country which could be enjoyed by Australians. Then the fools start overcrowding it with immigrants, de-industrialise it and killing its children with vaccines. Then they sell their raw materials for peanuts to China. In 50 years or less, it will be a part of China. and renamed Chinlia.

  36. Here's a thought? Was the election actually fraudulently cast to Libs – polls showed 99% chance of losing – its statistically highly unlikely that teh result actually went the way they say it did. Isnt it more likely it was rigged to keep the property ponzi economic model going?

  37. I feel like I am watching a video mocking our government in America! I thought we had a monopoly on fuckery over here, turns out it is a global issue. Y'all should do us, the States. The lovely accent would help keep our attention over here.

  38. There is one good thing about climate change..speeds up our OWN extinction. World could do with that right now 😅

  39. Saw this one today, so dismayed by another mass shooting in the US. There is nothing funny about that, but idiotic policies which lead them are absolutely insane.

  40. I'm watching it from the other side of the world (EU) and I'm shocked at the low number of views this and other videos of yours have. I think every Australian should see your videos

  41. I HAVE JUST SHARED HONEST GOVERNMENT AD CLIMATE EMERGENCY AND SCHOOL STRIKES ON MY FACEBOOK TWITTER LINKEDIN. PLEASE ALSO SHARE THANK YOU Buzz Aerona we are parents OF 15 YEAR OLD STORMY. Thank you once again The Juice Media your cool and agree with you on so many unfortunate toxic government facts. humor clean scence will STOP global bull shit. 👌🌎👏😆😢We have BULL GLOBAL SHIT HEAR in Wales tooooooo also lots of F.U.D fud fud more fud fud fud sure people will start to wake up have to #buzzofftoxic

  42. Ok the very last words on this video is fucking awesomely funny and on the nose. Adults requiring child supervision. So dam fucking funny!

  43. i have always loved these videos but this climate change crap has to come to an end. it is you who is ignoring the science. do some research of your own instead of repeating what your being told.

  44. This needs to branch out into all other countries. I can see how Rachel Parris might be the excellent choice to do the UK bit.

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