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Honest Government Ad | Cashless Welfare Card

Honest Government Ad | Cashless Welfare Card

Has your partner cut off access to your money? Do they control what you can and can’t buy? Have they told you it’s for your own good,
that you’ve brought this upon yourself? If so, you might be in an abusive relationship Unless of course it’s us doing it to you,
in which case you’re on the Cashless Welfare Card Hello I’m from the Australien Government here to introduce the Cashless Welfare – or
as we like to call it, Class Warfare Card Soon to be rolled out nationally to everyone
on income support the Class Warfare Card will quarantine most of your money so you can’t spend it on alcohol, drugs or gambling Don’t drink, do drugs or gamble? That’s okay. You’re trying to access social
security so we want you to feel like a piece of shit CLASS WARFARE CARD! Is it convenient? Not at all Withdrawing cash at the ATM: zero dollars Trying to buy second hand goods: zero Shopping at the markets, garage sales, tuckshop
money for the kids: nup Losing your dignity and autonomy: Priceless Most things you won’t be able to buy For everything else there’s Class Warfare Card Is it effective? Not according to our own research which found little evidence that it reduces substance abuse or unemployment In one trial it even caused an increase in crime Will we do it anyway? Of course Coz if this was about helping people get back on their feet, we would have taken the advice of experts who say the answer is investing more in mental health, housing and rehab centres, raising Newstart Instead we took advice from this mining billionaire whose neoliberal brainfart inspired this crime against humanity And instead of raising Newstart, we’re paying shittons of your tax dollars to Indue for each person we put on the card Indue: the company whose former director happens
to be the President of these shitmuppets Who happen to be pushing for the national
roll-out of the card Which would make Indue even more money Cool and normal It’s all part of our plan to privatise your
social security so profit can be extracted from the tears of poor people all in a simple card that fits in your pocket! CLASS WARFARE CARD! Painting all welfare recipients as drug addicts
– so you’ll blame them for being unemployed, instead of a system that’s not producing
enough jobs We love it when you proles fight each other instead of us Class warfare card! Authorised by the Department for Gradually
Enforcing a Cashless Society

100 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Cashless Welfare Card

  1. Here's the thing: NO system can produce enough jobs, and it's only going to get worse with increasing automation. Technological unemployment is a looming threat to our current economic model. We need to be seriously talking about a Universal Basic Income, before the majority of our population starves.

  2. This is what happens when you vote for rich right-wingers. They enact policy to benefit, well, rich right-wingers. Exploiting the poor is what they do.

  3. Be me in the US
    Gets injured in between jobs
    Goes to hospital
    Herniated a disk/crushed it
    Coverage exp 2 day prior
    Bill $12,987
    Cant return to old job
    Cant work new job
    Cant pay for therapy
    Handicap now
    In debt for school/medical
    Gets benefits
    Only given700$ a month
    Old paycheck was 2,200$
    Called lazy shit and parasite
    Just tryed to buy groceries Cant afford rent now
    Benifits being axed
    Shity presidents fault
    I want to die
    Says I spend it on drugs ect
    Move back into parents
    Like most millennials
    Decides system is fucked
    Switches from republican
    Becomes a Progressive
    Just wants better life
    No for just me
    For everyone
    For America
    Medicare for all

    1 injury in the US can ruin you and your future forever

  4. Australia really is run by the most mendacious shit lords in creation – And the only way they can get away with it is if the people are just stupid, ignorant, apathetic pussies that put up with it because they’re too idle to put down the stubby, take their thumb out of their arse and object. Just like in the UK, USA etc etc etc


  5. So in 'trying to stop' a small percentage of people buying booze, etc, as in more than auntie gov thinks they should. They've made living more expensive on the 'dole'.

    ..slow clap.. smh

  6. We are half way there with the US Foodstamp card. It works so well that a black market has sprung up where crooked store owners will cash out for you taking 50% …

  7. Good luck with your coal-fired-fascists, Australia. The thoughts and prayers of all of us in the US battling the same kinds of goons are with you.

  8. Yes the rich telling the poor what to do or who to spend, Considering most of the wealthy has "Creative Accounting", off shore companies and trust funds so pays little tax compared to the advarage worker.
    And of course has has the biggest tax cuts nice ride pay SFA and get more from the Government shame only a small percentage can be there the rest has to do the hard worker and heavy lifting.

  9. Sure thing. Put the unemployed on it at the same time you put the politicians on it. After all, it's our tax dollars that are paying them…

  10. There are people on pensions such as aged or disability who do not have any opportunity of ever getting off the card, where there is no dignity, there is no hope. People are dying, but how good is Zero funding for empathy, Scott Morrision's "Zero suicide" as we move towards a Totalitarianism society.

  11. Priceless!….Oh? Hang on!…Cashless🤔
    Pushing the people into worthy lawful crime against the biggest Criminal Gang Australia has ever had ( The Aus Gov ). Forcing us back to bartering & cash jobs.
    Lawful Rebellion grows bigger. There's more of us than 1% of the corrupted Gov.
    It's inevitable that the masses are waking up to this. We grow stronger in factual knowledge of this every day. Now who's the proud lawful convicts?…We the sovereign people will be. Because we will hold the majority of population via realisation of this. Pay back's a bitch ain't it! ….

    Keep spilling the beans JuiceMedia
    Love ya work❤️🇦🇺🤠👍

  12. And once you've done enough research you discover the fuckers literally create the money we use out of thin air which means everything they tell us about needing money for this or that is complete BULLSHIT….

  13. " Huuhh have you considered that maybe poor people are poors because they're bad with money huh ? No of course you didn"t you communist prick, stop hating on richs. "
    My Uncle, when we will talk about this Christmas for the annual family meeting. 🙂

  14. You dont have a right to other peoples money for luxury goods, drugs, alcohol or gambling. This is a good policy. I love how not giving money no strings attached to unemployed people is considered "class warfare". You people have a warped view of the world, social security is for necessities, its not to provide autonomy, thats what a bloody job is for.

  15. Jesus – that indue fact…that is a ridiculous level of conflict of interest – how the fuck are they or were they allowed to tender for it – was there even a procurement process??

  16. As long as you can buy a record player with the card, and maybe some "words," we should be good to go.

    (reference is to Joe Biden in last Democratic Party debate in USA)

  17. Ive already worked out a dozen hacks to turn this into cash. It can never work. It will create crime and chaos but I'm sure that is the plan as that will provide more excuses to demonise and control people more than now.

  18. everyone: "increase newstart, we know you can afford to"
    LNP: "make the poor and unemployed suffer more"
    just evil cunts

  19. On the bright side, at least they aren't talking about banning pornography anymore. I think they finally figured out that's impossible…pics of naked women all over the internet these days…

    Not that I look often at that of course.

  20. They have those on the reservations here. All they do is stand outside a store and old lady's pay them, let's say $50.00 cash, then she goes in and gets $75.00 worth of food. They pay useing the card. She takes the food. They take the cash. Then use the cash to buy beer.
    No different than food Stam fraud.

  21. I thought Abbott was bad! – This fake christian pile of maggot ridden dog shit we have now is Abbott on steroids!…SCOMO: Go and fuck yourself deadshit!

  22. I have a script to fight 5G being into Switzerland by the government. Would you be interested? We need your support against this technology!

  23. People need to wake up.
    I had a good laugh at people when I was at the supermarket one day and the power was out. People couldn't buy food because they use the tap and go shit… They were all crying lol.
    People are bringing this on themselves because they are to dumb.

  24. I'm glad that people can't spend it on that stuff. The money want there's in the first place, it was a gift from the average working tax payer.

  25. Privatising everything is always more efficient than the government going it. The government never produces anything. That brain fart billionaire at least produced something that made people want to buy, unlike that all knowing government that you seen to trust so much.

  26. Systems don't produce jobs u fools. Individuals that invest do. If there is not enough jobs, then make ur own small shop or company or employ yourself.

    Who exactly do u think produces these job?????????? Other citizens.!!!!!!!

  27. Great work Juice!!
    Meanwhile Home Affairs is hiring shit tons of indian contractors on working visas to fill roles. I know this as i worked there until my conscience kicked in and i could no longer work for a department run by lord voldermort . Its more fucked than you know.

  28. This video is misleading. They gov are only trialing the card in certain high crime areas of the country and if you look on the official gov website it clearly states that there are no plans for a national roll out of the card. Juice, you are as guilty as the mainstream in deceiving your audience.

  29. Great, surviving on a smell of an oily rag was criminal enough…
    Now we are forced to steal from the employed… Great system duck biscuits……ill grow dope now society.. Duck.all

  30. this is not even the tip of the ice burg Australia has been going down the road of a cashless society for years now. one day Cash will be banned out right. they are already banning Cash transactions of $10,000 with jail time for offenders. All of you who now use your phones to buy a cup of coffee are the ones allowing this to happen. This welfare card can only exist because were to happy to use the infrastructure they put in place. If everyone had of just stuck to cash they would not be able to control us. Sadly that time has now past the war is lost because no one else wanted to fight it. I'm now happy to just sit back and watch it all burn

  31. This is a good explanation of the start of the Agenda to come . Cashless society for all aka : China style , complete with surveillence and social credit system .

    Liberal & Labour both want this to happen eventually .

    Socialist Dictatorship as mandated by their U.N bosses !!

  32. This might also explain why at coles and woolies now, you can only buy alcohol at a specific register, whereas previously, grog could be purchased with food

  33. Let's start at the top with all the correct government. The millions or should I say billions of dollars they have abused over the years and became millionaire.lets see if our government will work for a $1.00

  34. No problem with idea of cashless card (people should work and not to be on soul for years, decades or even generations and not to pay tax) because if you are on it and going to buy bread, milk, eggs and butter, how do I know that you tap on with cashless card or normal ANZ visa card? No difference so no reason to feel ashamed. Anyway, problem is to pay some fat fcuker 12K just to issue this card, that is wrong..

  35. Ouch, sounds awful. Sounds like something dumb the Marketing Division of the Sirus Cybernetics Corporation would do. 😓😢 Sorry you have it so rough.

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