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Honest Government Ad | Australia Day

Honest Government Ad | Australia Day

Hello, I’m from the Australien Government Are you ready for Amnesia Day? Amnesia Day is our national holiday, when
we come together as one to forget our dodgy history with the help of our favourite memory-inhibitor Ahhhh….Tastes like a peaceful settlement! Sadly, Amnesia Day is under threat Each year, more and more Aussies are refusing
to celebrate on January 26 What’s causing this perverse behaviour? Some of these fact-tards are spending Amnesia Day actually remembering what it commemorates Which of course is the day the British arrived and started colonising the lands of the oldest
continuing culture on earth… the kangaroo AMNESIA DAY! Worst of all, city councils are responding
to their communities’ concerns by moving events and celebrations to another day But don’t worry, here at the Australien Government we know how to gently bring everyone
together in harmony CELEBRATE YA PIECES OF SHIT Coz Australia Day is all about honouring what
makes us great: our freedom. IT IS NOW MANDATORY TO AWARD CITIZENSHIPS
ONLY ON JANUARY 26 So c’mon Straya, crack a tinnie! char a baby sheep stick a flag on yer car, or yer knob and crank up the Hottest 100 – which
has now been moved to… wtf? IT IS NOW MANDATORY TO HAVE FUN ONLY ON JANUARY 26 You know what, fuck it – we’ll change the date Then we can pretend that we’ve fixed everything and ignore the structural changes our First Nations actually want us to make Nah just kidding! We’ll keep the date AND keep pretending to fix shit Like by appointing this dickhead to be Indigenous envoy lol Here’s how you can help save Amnesia Day
from all these woke c*nts 1. Don’t make the day political (Actually please do it) ScoMo really needs
to stoke a culture war before the election It’s all we’ve got left 2. Don’t question tradition That’s the sign of a mature, thinking nation
which is able to grow Mature thinking nation: BAD! Rat-arsed unconscious nation: GOOD! 3. If anyone questions tradition tell ‘em
to “get over it” and that “it’s all in the past” Sure you’ll be saying the exact opposite
when ANZAC Day comes round in a few months but by then you’ll have forgotten all about it anyway Happy Amnesia Day Authorised by the Department for Partying like its 1788

100 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Australia Day

  1. Anyone who feels guilty about taking away natives land is free to write it off to any native person of their choice along with donating all their money to "I'm woke" foundation and live on the streets.

    Don't let life or common sense come in the way of political correctness.

  2. Anti nationalistic, and leftist what do you want more… So this is what people who want to destroy nation and culture looks like. Disgusting is an understatement. She need to be expelled for her sins against her country !

  3. Brilliant vid as always. Thanks guys.

    Here’s a brilliant critique of Stefan Molyneux’s pathetic speech in Melbourne VIC.


  4. I mean when it take you 25000 years solely to invent the sharp bendy stick youre kinda asking for shit to go south real quick.

  5. I hope they call it "Invasion day" because under international law there is a difference between being invaded, and being colonised. Under colonisation you still have basically all of your human rights and property rights. Under invasion the original inhabitants lose all rights except for human rights. Seriously look it up under the UN law, invasion entitles the invaded to nothing.

    So if the aboriginals want to play the "You invaded us" I will happily say "Yes we invaded you, now you are exiled, bye bye.."

  6. The aboriginals were going to come into contact with the outside world whether they liked it or not, and they are damn lucky they got the british and not the spanish. Look up spains track record of coming into contact with native peoples.. The British atleast made an attempt, the spanish wouldn't have even taken slaves they just genocide on site.

    But it's always easy to criticise from a different time, in the safety of a democratic first world nation and try to revisionise history.

  7. The difference between anzac day and australia day, is there are still people alive who fought in the war, please name a single ingenious person that has lived to the ripe old age of 200+ please.

  8. I'm worried about our American government, we just look at Australia as a perfect little democracy. I've learned more about modern Australia from 4 videos of this than 17 years of life.

  9. >Didn’t have the wheel
    >Literally the reason the outback exists bc no farming
    > but yeah the brits r the bad guys for making hospitals
    (yes, there was genocide but there’s good stuff that outweighs the bad)

  10. It's not a matter of ' get over it ' .
    That statement itself creates division. I am a white descendent of pommies and I respect Australias indigenous peoples but hate and division is not doing anyone good.
    Naidoc week helps to recognise Aborigine culture. We are not perfect but we can't be to bad if so many people seek asylum here.
    Two sides to this bent coin.

  11. I would love to be her husband because she will never gonna make me feel board . Beauty with lots of jokes 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. 91% of the time the better-financed candidate wins. Don’t act surprised.

    Rich people rule

    Global super-rich hide $21 trillion in tax havens

    US companies are hoarding $2.5 trillion in cash overseas

    Pharma exec says he was morally obligated to raise antibiotic price by 400 percent

    The 3 Richest Americans Hold More Wealth Than Bottom 50% Of The Country, Study Finds

    Banks Launder Billions of Illegal Cartel Money While Snubbing Legal Marijuana Businesses

    London is now the global money-laundering centre for the drug trade, says crime expert

    Billionaires Made So Much Money Last Year They Could End Extreme Poverty Seven Times

    "The analysts found that when controlling for the power of economic elites and organized interest groups, the influence of ordinary Americans registers at a "non-significant, near-zero level." The analysts further discovered that rich individuals and business-dominated interest groups dominate the policymaking process. The mass-based interest groups had minimal influence compared to the business-based interest groups"

    Hong Kong Protesters March After Leader Says Democracy Gives Poor Too Much Power

    The game is rigged – Carlin

  13. man…I can understand why the australian government gets away with shitty behavior when they have two represantatives that are that pretty…. Those smiles. Those damned smiles. And the jokes are also not too bad lol

  14. Virtually nothing of modern Australia that all of you take for granted would exist had the British not colonised Australia in 1788. No democracy, no high standard of living, no freedom, no medicine. Also, virtually none of the current inhabitants of Australia would be here, as they all arrived as a result of British settlement. The reasoning for changing the date seems to stem from the idea that colonisation was a mistake. But if that's what you really think, then you'd need to change a hell of a lot more than the date of Australia day to make up for that mistake. i.e. abolish the Commonwealth of Australia and everyone goes back to their country of ancestry. None of you of course will do this, because you actually like living in Modern Australia. All of this smells of hypocrisy.

  15. This bitch is hilarious & I'll continue to watch🤣🤣😂but her view on Australia Day & a few other points shows a seperate agenda….

  16. Colonists did nothing wrong… in tasmania.
    The mainlanders fucked up a bit tolerating such bull

  17. Aborigines would have a thriving high tech civilization if not for evil whites invading.
    Its not like all their inventions over 100,000 years were just variations of a stick, and they never even reached mud hut level of civilization instead ran around the bush naked starting fires and fucking their sisters

  18. Australia's future is a mixed race. Europeans will not be able to stay there undiluted. No way. It's impossible to jump into water naked and not get wet. But it is all right, new nations and new races get formed all the time in human history.

  19. Undermine a peoples own order by causing chaos to effect ones own supremacy. Fleece the sheep to feed the wolves and feed the wolves to the tiger after your done with them. The wolves are communism and Islam …the tiger luciferianism. All those missing children that have never been found! Millions! All those young beautiful adults gone! Now we get 'shit migration' and the promotion of rape culture and sex out of marriage , the prohibition on Jewish Christianity and child sex as a right . Essentially they have forced their will on us and simply want all the savvy , smart and good looking people gone. They want us kept desperate to traction us to obey them…pay your INCREASING rent or eviction, pay your utilities or well cut you off! Pay that mortgage or repossession ! Or pay that property tax or seizure! We get the idea; we will make sure they have no security even while we pretend a free market practice .

    Pretty sad.

    Now In the Montreal public library; they brought in all these desperate people , the dumbest of the lot, and or the most depraved supposed migrants, simply by squeezing them all somehow , and then kick in the need for increasing security; ya, with blacks from africa and NOT french men and women???? Ding. **If your party Quebecois you better start paying attention to your liberty! ** Because these security cannot represent it. they represent someone's else dirty little tyranny.

    Ya..I feel safe at the National Library in Montreal. Not really. It looks like a prison.

  20. Don't know about this one, it's like your saying they dropped anchor landed and to top of a great day went a killed heap of the indigenous people of Australia?
    It isn't this simple, IMO.

  21. As Australians we can be proud of our country and what it has achieved. It is Australia day!! not Amnesia day you fuck tards.

  22. Not Australian but, what are people supposed to do? Scrap the day, the name, and now create a new unified nation? Then celebrate that day? I mean let's have some answers.

  23. Watching this channel made me realise what a fucked up rogue country Australia is. In retrospect, hard to understand why this surprised me. Just look at your best buddies over in the UK&US and it all starts to make sense. Fuckers!

  24. The presenter is hot, whoever is seeing her is a lucky guy. Her smile and body language is beautiful.

  25. I'd like to add that perhaps we could all help bring home Julian Assange to be publicly burnt alive at the stake for even suggesting an alternative to the news issuing forth from the 'media'!

  26. The amount of savagery in this video, you could blend ice to make a smoothie with it, and it would taste like habanero and pineapples.

  27. Lolwut? Australia day commemorates federation, the date the colonies of australia officially federalised into a commonwealth.

  28. ur mad but like u, my tribe layed out few, and half caster royal dropped a kid suirs ps good on her, gotta shake up establishment. and jullian assange ruppert murdoch will fuck u a around, armadilo IT. dirty SW1A will have to get the gloves off and slap humans till they agree that Monsanto and many establishent are self selve serving kunts.

  29. No surprise here that the people in this comment section defending January 26th have atrocious grammar.

  30. 0:35 well yes I have to agree here.
    The original inhabitants of all lands on Earth are animals. So they are the true custodians of the land..sorry to say…no I'm not hahaha. Animals are the true custodians and most have been pushed to extinction through colonisation from all human backgrounds and colours…not just the English.
    Still love your videos though.

  31. izzit just me or does anyone else find that her intelligence, delivery, exquisite voice and language combine with her smokin' hotnessosity make her the most awesome female ever…?

  32. National Shit Happens Day, 'cos we need an excuse to get rat-arsed. Wait, do we? Let's not ask difficult questions, and open another beer!

  33. Sorry girls love you but not this one History is not what they say Look at the buildings of yesterday do you really think European convicts and sheep herders built the grand cities of Australias yesterday's no my dears history is not what they say Twas the church that rounded up the children to subdue the aboriginal unto submission Everyone whom dwells upon this land has the right to be proud and celebrate We are the world's puppets and aussies know it but so are all the people of earth

  34. Ha haaa….well, if it wasn't for the so called 'invasion,' there would be no 'Australia!'
    No buildings. No medicine. No schools. No roads. No transport. No air travel. No clothes. No farms. No…..basically, no nothing. You wouldn't even have the f**king wheel. So yes, historically, bad things were done and it is right to acknowledge that but why do Aussies jump on the shame bandwagon and demonise their heritage at the expense of the good? Because the whole issue is politicised. That's why! If this continent was left to it's original inhabitants who never even discovered the wheel, well, you'd have less than f**k all.
    So I say thanks to the British, Italians and Greeks who made Australia and say make mine a cold beer (brewed in a brewery, in a building, by men, who work, then delivered to a shop, by a truck, on a road) on Australia Day and leave the guilt and shame carnival to the SJW's, virtue signallers and politicians (the irony – you will not find a more self serving profession. Do you actually think they give a damn about Aboriginals????).

  35. Brilliantly creative way to express your opinions about the fu***ed up country that you currently live in. Many of us watching your videos live in countries that are Uncle Sam's vassals to greater or lesser extent, experiencing virtually the same neo-imperial/neo-liberal sh..t you Aussies are experiencing. I wish you every success. Greetings from Romania and keep up the good work.

  36. If Aboriginal soveriegnty is acknowledged by all governments maybe we can get over this sorry debacle at last, and then get rat arse pissed at a great aussie barbeque, don't change the date, change the name January 26 BBQ day !

  37. I'm all for a public holiday when we can all party but let's just move it to the day of Kevin Rudd's apology instead of the day the British first invaded this continent.

  38. Even if one lone person landed on the moon and raised his or her flag
    The bastards down here would figure a way out to interfere.

  39. I don't know what is more disturbing the fact that it might be right or the fact that people have lost faith in their government so much that they have no respect for it.

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