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Honest Government Ad | Aussie Arms Industry

Honest Government Ad | Aussie Arms Industry

Hello, I’m from the Australien Government Now that we have a seat at the Human Rights Council we’d like to announce our plan
for making the world a better place: SELLING ARMS! That’s right, our Minister for Offence has
just launched the Australian Military Sales Catalog full of all your basic essentials for
murdering, maiming and blowing up humans Guns Ammo Rockets Need a tank? We’ve got it, and so much more! PYNEY’S WARHOUSE! But don’t worry, we’ll only sell weapons
to our friends and allies Like Saudi Arabia: which is currently slaughtering thousands in Yemen triggering a massive cholera outbreak It’s also the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism But that didn’t stop our Pyney from going
there to make some sweet deals Or Indonesia: which needs all the help it can get from us to carry out its ongoing genocide in West Papua And the Philippines, where Aussie-made guns might one day be used by this maniac to shoot women in the… wait, what the… PYNEY’S WARHOUSE! It’s all part of our DEATH Policy: to turn Australia into one of the world’s
top 10 exporters of arms So Australia can profit directly from escalating wars which in turn will create more refugees to whom we can turn our backs when they flee to our shores It’s the perfect plan That’s why we’re investing $200 billion into DEATH most of which will go to offshore defense contractors (who just happen to be some of our generous donors) Why didn’t we invest that money into our
car manufacturing industry? Or into renewables? Or into medical research, to prevent dementia
– the second leading cause of death in Australia The answer of course is that here at
the Australien Government we’re a bunch of seriously sick motherfuckers That’s why we’re not only planning to *export* arms Dutto’s also tryna change our laws
so we can have more guns *inside* Australia And if you don’t like it, well… you’re dead to him.
Chk-chk boom! So watcha waiting for? As Pyney says, “Do yourself a favour and go out and get the military sales catalog” PYNEY’S WARHOUSE! Lowest Morals are just the beginning Authorised by the Dept for Blowing Up People Whose Orphaned Children We’ll Later Deny a Refugee Visa (Unless They’re White South African Farmers)

100 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Aussie Arms Industry

  1. I liked these videos until the end where you mention SA Farmers. Why did you have to do that? We are also humans and want our children to be safe.

  2. Great worx, thanx; also, please: (usa) SAMPLE LETTER TO POLITICIANS: Please advocate against the President's global attention getting cowboy politics on nuclear issues. For e.g., the Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditures (SANE) Act will:

    Reduce the purchase of Columbia-class submarines from 12 to 8, cut the existing ICBM fleet from over 400 to 150, and reduce deployed strategic warheads from approximately 1,500 to 1,000 – saving $17 billion

    Cancel the life extension program for the tactical B61 gravity bomb and cancel the development of a new air-launched cruise missile, the LRSO – saving $10 billion

    Cancel development of new ICBMs and cut the life extension program for the IW-1 warhead – saving $22 billion

    Delay the new B-21 long range bomber and remove the nuclear mission from the F-35 – saving more than $46.1 billion

    Cancel construction of new nuclear processing facilities – saving $8 billion. Thanks for your attention.

  3. I live in the UK, and have no interest in Australian politics. But this satire is amazing. And now I know a lot more about Australian politics.

    Politicians are self-centred corrupt fuckwits all over the world

  4. when US president Eisenhower warned the Americans about the danger of Military Industrial Complex, he probably never dream of Military Industrial Complex conquering the western hemisphere. Now practically all westernized countries are subject to this terrible MIC. Luckily in the east, this shit hasn't happened yet.

  5. Pyney's warhouse lol too late Australia went down the toilet with America back in the 1970s.
    And only in America will a fat person order a double big mac, extra large fries, and a DIET soda! This is a public service.

  6. Yeah, trust us from the US, you don't want your regular populace to have guns, we can't even trust ourselves with eating right let alone murder weapons.
    Err, trust us by example not by words, everyone here is moronic enough to believe the gov't wants to disarm us to wage war on us, even though they already control us like puppets so they they'd have no need to do so.

  7. Hey Australia, anything dirty shitfuckery you can do,..we can do bigger X 10. Cause..merica. Bitches. I love these videos, cause their so funny. And sad. And true.

  8. Maybe you guys could do a video about the squeaky clean United Nations and its radiant organizational heavenly kingdom of righteousness on earth with thee master plan for humanities salvation.

  9. Theyre going to arm the culturally diverse newcomers on us….part of the Kalergy Plan….oh you wicked parasites may Go have mercy on your shitty rotten souls.

  10. So much juicy content packed into 2 minutes, why do all the self serving low lifes go into politics….I guess its where they can be most effective at what they love… To think I am required by law to vote for one of these drop kicks makes me sigh very deeply.

  11. Tbf doing the American thing is probably the one thing that stops them invading a country full of gold opals & other minerals.

  12. Turnbull is Zionist Jew with allegiance is with Israhell – how sad so many retarded Australian voted for this Inbred War monger criminal. Politicians are all illegal in Australia as Parliament is Invalid.

  13. Im waiting for your TV channel.. i wanna switch on my telly and see the news in your style.. its so fuckin good.. so much honesty in it no sugary words to hide the shit

  14. Is it gonna be like Briscoes … every day everything has at least 30% off the ludicrous 'white sticker price'

  15. What do you have against White South African farmers?
    Oh that's right, they're white. Can't have them here can we.

  16. ..because robots making human killing machines is good for Australia and puts Ausie back on the right track with the Human Rights groups. Way to go !!!

  17. An Australian caused the New Zealand attack
    Australia: sees it is vividly as Stevie Wonder's vision

  18. Government: Yall we got thousands of tanks, attack helis, Nukes, soldiers and the latest tech to destroy the world.

    Civilian: Pulls out single shot 22lr to shoot to target practice

    Government: A civilian we a potentially deadly weapon that is a threat to us!? NOT ON MY WATCH……FBI OPEN UP!

  19. Hahahha then you should hear about Sweden 😂😂😂😂 we sell to EVERYONE. You wanna buy? We sell.

  20. The white South African farmers are Christians, the most percuted religion in the word according to BBC (2019). They are percuted by Islamic believers. This is why the Islamic migration to Australia must stop, and people such as the Christian farmers in South Africa are being accepted. There are many Islamic countries the refugees can migrate to. All have Islamic Law, culture and belief system as well as political systems. They create no go zones in western countries such as Germany, France, Sweden, England and try to take over religious freedoms, enforce their own law that they hold absolute above local law and they marry off children, often exporting them to an Islamic country for the marriage, the. Accepting them back with their “husbands” often 40 years their senior. Christians however, do integrate, we need farmers. We don’t need more Muslims who claim they can not work due to their call to prayer 5 times a day that does not, and is not allowed in their contracts of employment, but they fight for after signing said contracts. GO TO AN ISLAMIC COUNTRY THAT UPHOLDS YOUR RIGHTS AND RELIGION. STOP COMING HERE AND TRYING TO MAKE IT INTO WHAT YOU LEFT! WASNT IT SO BAD YOU HAD TO LEAVE IT? WHY DO YOU WANT TO TURN US INTO WHAT YOU HATED YOURSELF?

  21. Great work! Please don't stop. I'm sure you must be disheartened after the election result like a lot of us, but don't give up. Like minded Australians need your satire/truth telling more than ever

  22. Utter brilliance.. One of the best yet..
    Completely sickened by our government, wonder what's next, when is everything gonna give? When? Then what, scary.

  23. You know, you could replace the word "Australian" with "United States" and be spot-on! Literally everything in your videos sounds like Washington, D.C.'s shit-fuckery!

  24. Only part I disagree with is guns at home, you guys should have guns so as to protect yourself, against such a government.

  25. Makes one wonder whom exactly is the terrorist?
    Government(s) denounce terrorism. yet sell Arms that er, facilitate terrorism?

  26. Missed this one so why m a bit late to the par… ok maybe that's not the right word.
    Doesn't surprise me that we are following in the UK's footsteps but I'm still disgusted by it. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oh, hell, no, sick mofos.

  27. I think there is a misspelling after the "A" I'll correct it. The letters shouk be merica. Very well done video. Shame on some governments.

  28. Humans have a major challenge in their hands: REALLY uniting and learning to respect each other.

    Corporations and big money have long since become globalized, efficient and virtually unaccountable for their actions, whereas people are still organized at local or national levels, through the archaic and inefficient process of voting.

    Even if after years of a terrible level of effort, you somehow get a country´s government to go against the interests of big money and for the people, corporations can shift their interests in a matter of days and go elsewhere to another country. So the beast can never be caged.

    International civil society organizations, and even a truly global government is long overdue, one that reflects the fact we are all together in one very very small planet which has shrunk even further over the past decades.

    The nationalistic "If my country is fine, screw the rest" Trump-like mentality will only lead us all into an ever more violent and dangerous world. Our economies and technologies are too complex and we have come to depend too much on each other to go back to 1930´s nationalisms.

    Hope we can overcome ignorance and greed in time.

  29. They are just following the example of the Mother Country, good old England, just like Canada does. Weapons are the secret to Industrialization, always have been.

  30. As indonesian i will just say that genocide happen, to rebel that is.

    Unfortunately goverment hasn't do it efficiently since 2002.

    They should wipeout the rebel quick and integrate west papua quick.

  31. Lowest morals are just the beginning
    You’d think buntings would of sued for copyright but no freaking way bruv .

  32. Filipino and that Duterte joke I mean reality was funny like hell 😂😂😂😂😂 The delivery was perfect! 😂

  33. Indonesia?? Genocide??
    We only kill the sparatist that attacking us first…they have a gun…and you know that from where (Aussie,PNG,NZ etc)…
    the Sparatist take civilian (Papuan or non-Papuan) as hostage or even killing them and upload the photo to socmed and then blame Indonesian army…

  34. You guys are awesome awesome it is so sad your cynicism and irony is hilarious but it’s so true I mean it’s it’s it’s it’s true what you’re saying wow yeah all the western me and Mason’s are the same way they’re all sick run by demons

  35. What would capitalism be without weapons, fear and hatred because "its mine< all mine." We would have to share and be civil to one and be on our way to some vile, repellent, socialist utopia. Perish the the thought. That is why we need psycho pieces of shit like Pyney running things.

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