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Honest Government Ad | Anti Encryption Law

Honest Government Ad | Anti Encryption Law

Hello I’m from the Australien Government Do you have something to hide? Nah, just kidding We’re not some fascist regime! Ha-ha-ha Seriously though, do you? Unfortunately encryption makes it
hard for us to spy on you these days so just to make sure, we’re introducing
yet another law to expand the surveillance state Introducing the Assistance & Access Bill –
or Ass Access for short Relax, despite how it sounds we’re not
trying to access your data through your backdoor We’re just after the keys to your front door Yup, Ass Access will force tech
companies to do our dirty work for us for example, by making them insert
a little “secret sauce” in their apps which lets us access your device,
once you download the latest “update” And if they refuse, we’ll fine the shit out of them Ass Access. It doesn’t break encryption,
only your trust in your favourite apps To bring you Ass Access, we’ve taken the UK’s fascist spying law and made it even more fascist by removing any need for judicial oversight But don’t worry, we promise to only spy
on you if “reasonable and proportionate” And you know you can trust us, we’re the
same c**ts who doxxed a welfare recipient for criticising us… who are prosecuting
a whistleblower for exposing our misconduct who throw kids in concentration camps
for seeking asylum and prosecute the journalists who report on them and who gave half a billion of your
tax dollars to a foundation full of our friends… So of course you can count on us to
be “reasonableand proportionate”. And if we’re not, well… you’ll never hear about it
coz we’ve also introduced a 10 year jail sentence for any Snowden-wannabies
who disclose our abuse of Ass Access ASS ACCESS! Brought to you by Australia – where the laws
of dickheads can’t trump the laws of maths but they can trample human rights Which is why to test this shitfuckery, we chose Australia the weakest of the Five Eyes alliance thanks to our lack of a Federal Bill of Rights So international data requests will be
funnelled through us compromising not just Aussies,
but all of you fuckers too You’re welcome We’d love to know what you think of Ass
Access. So we’ve set up a public submission system where, for a limited time, you can
protest our next step towards a fucked up dystopia Australian Government.
Relax, we’re not after your dickpicks just the last shreds of your civil liberties Authorised by the Department of Home Au Pairs

100 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Anti Encryption Law

  1. Book encryption, also know as newspaper encryption. A book or a newspaper you and your correspondent both have in the exact same version. "page number" "line number in the page" "letter number in the line" … and if there are several books you both share, then "book number by alphabetic order", etc …
    Easy, basic, impossible to decrypt if the book is unknown, and, whenever problems may arrive, then simply BURN THE REFERENCE BOOK. F***ing voila !!!

  2. I'm a kiwi, thanks again Australia! For the Australian tectonic Plate causing our quakes, and your NSW terrorist.

  3. Anybody else notice that the whole world is the same. Same rich fucking pricks implementing the same draconian fistfuckery all over the planet?

  4. I THINK SHE FUUUKKKKIIINNNNN BBBBEEEAAAUUUTTTTIIIIFFFFUUULLL! SHEILA, u are so beeeeautiful to dudes and lesbians, ur sly smirk is so hot n when u say profanities it's the best, bikini ig's

  5. We need to decide how much the constitutional state matters to us. Surveillance can be used by it to prove crimes.

  6. Hi Guys & Gals, Today was epic, I discovered your channel! Your reporting is exciting and stimulating my grey matter. I just love your sense of humour tinged with bitterness & cynicism. I could watch your videos all day. Have you got BREXIT covered as there is such a rich source of lies by politicians here and their donors

  7. Ohhh boy I got a PragerU ad before this! Don't worry; I watched it all the way through to spare someone else and drain a tiny amount from those brothers' coffers.

  8. Where has that last 2 hours gone? Oh that's right laughing my arse off.Great videos, thanks.On a side note I keep getting our own little mini Trump (Clive Palmer) advertising his version of MAGA. Irony? A rich businessman who doesn't pay his own workers entitlements yet has millions on his crusade to Parliament.

  9. God damn you Juice Media. Why won't you let my last neurons die in peace ? Why are you so determined to keep us sane ? Why won't you let us devolve into the perfect blind, submissive, hard working, overtaxed, brain dead consumer zombies ?

  10. Have you ever seen a one winged bird fly?
    Left wing=labor/greens
    Right wing=coalalition/white Australia.
    Somehow we think they are all different, but they are the same bird that flies above us, looks down on us and happily shits in our faces if we are brave enough to look up.

  11. The girl in this video is so beautiful that I would just go down on her for eternity. Not for any pleasure of my own either cuz all my pleasure would be just being able to devour is someone so edible and give her multiples that last eternity. All things aside this girl is really beautiful I like her and I normally like blondes butthurt expressions add your body movement and such is just perfect okay just look at that smile come on.

  12. Good Lord… The level of corruption in this add is higher than most supervillains and dictatorships. …

  13. Exactly. Too many are Preferring their beloved Ignorance and lies to truth.
    The current political processes are being run just like a military deception operation.
    1. The parasitic War Corporations donate to political party’s.
    2. This gives these parasites influence over who is selected at the party level – ie their corporate agent – for political office.
    3. Their person then gets backed in the press and lots of nice lies are spouted by the MSM – which is part of the parasitic corporate cabal – and their corrupt gets elected.
    4. When in power they do all possible to channel public funds the “preferred” corporate way – as their corporation is on the “preferred contractor list” for government projects.
    5. Any objections and objectors are (a) ignored and dismissed (narcissism), (b) schemed with to ruin them (sociopathy), and/or (c) ruined via murder or public disgrace or other predations (psychopathy)…..
    So it can easily be seen we are ruled by dismissive, scheming predators; or put another way, ruled by psychopathic narcissistic sociopaths. Yes it’s all three….. and ID-IOTS just cannot see it. So opt for the prepackaged responses they’ve been supplied with to vaunt their Ignorance by bleating “opinion” or “conspiracy”….. When people respond thus just see it as confirmation that we now know we are dealing with closed minded cretins – who should be denied the vote until properly politically educated.
    “ those who refuse to take an interest in politics are doomed to be ruled by their inferiors.“
    – Plato

    And aren’t we just…..
    Why? Because of a public so addicted to emotions they’ve nothing going around their higher mind to discern reality from MSM illusions……

  14. This is the fault of the Australian spirit of “ she’ll be right mate”. By in large Australians don’t care about these issues. They’ve lived a culture of regulation for so long it’s just become normal.

  15. I am sad I didn't see this before Sep 10. How do you make the biggest sigh noise humanely possible.
    Join a choir of everyone else who saw this and do it at the same time…

  16. Why don’t the Australians do something crazy like a massive strike? I know Americans can’t get it together but Austrians seem so much more savvy…

  17. Not sure about gas and coal companies owning Australia.. well I am, they don't! The central bank does! The inbred Rothschilds in partnership with the Vatican own Australia. Fact. Take a look at the American Securities Exchange for ' Commonwealth of Australia'.. its there. Owned by the owners of the fed and all the other central banks, the Rothschilds.

  18. Keep tearing them down crew, the Uluru statement and the tent embassy sums it all up, over 100 years of apatheid still going strong, parliaments held in the language of another country ! Foriegn control xx time for more openess, but a bill of rights is very american, start with recognising aboriginal soveriegnty, holding parliaments in aboriginal languages and removing cabinet privilege from disclosure and limitations on freedom of information ! Reducing political salaries perks and benefits ! Close the gap ! Pine Gap !

  19. Remember that time Labor votes for this shitfuckerary saying “we will fix it when we get into government!” Thanks for screwing us Shit Lite.

  20. Invasion of CPS DOCS FACS Family and Community Services "Offensive aggressively enter your home to kidnapped your children & mine"

  21. A message to those corrupt biased magistrates and judges in Parramatta Children Court NSW Sydney Australia and their human child trafficking liar fraud scammed scambags social worker's who kidnapped my two children Jennifer Garcia and James Garcia since 23 September 2014 and still not return for almost…

    1,751 days

    23 September 2014 – 10 July 2019

    September 23rd 2014 was:

    4 Years

    9 Months

    17 Days

    19 Hours

    21 Minutes

    38 Seconds

  22. The creepy thing is, this sounds as sickeningly sugary and subduing as they actually sound. Suffocatingly nice.

  23. The so call government is run by corrupt families. As well they are a fraud as they are a corporation masquerading as government set up in 1973. They have No legal power over anyone or thing . They are nothing more than corrupt communist dogs!!

  24. That is good thing. Maybe Technology companies need to get out of Australia.
    Or maybe it is better so basically all English speaking countries can get around rights in Thier own countries thru Australia.

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