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good morning to all dear friends today is a
good day and you too feel why suspicious noise like this today we will go with a person
special and with a special car fair in america in particular we are a
beverly hills on the rodeo drive and now I already see it
you are ready because i am and also heart then show
tropics always amazed yes and a really good sound paris that you guys confirm that
we are with our dear roby petram person you’ve already seen on mine
youtube channel because we did together the crisis run we went
together with Naples, we have them made a thousand together
and once again there is a new one beverly hills and rodeo drive and sneak
with the lambo now dear together we go to of butterfly re a dai of heavy gas a
absolutely fun this is the goal of our day therefore
a stuff like this I think will be a lot easy to have fun in the meantime they are
here I’m studying how it works the whole car and I found out here
are the windows on the window parking four arrows sc off e
what we will post exact after now on our track we pull up
and then here is the air conditioning here however I didn’t understand how to increase to
fans then look at all of the engine’s and
here the media giant bodies with all the information
ok i found out how to increase the fan you have to press here and turn
guys and I took a break because of water I was thirsty
meanwhile and robbie had me downloaded but I take the opportunity of
let you see this because you don’t they see so many Spain but how much it is
beautiful little spectacular
thank you you can escape this is just an American road
thousand palms, bellamy america of america madder said it’s time to do
exchange soil makes test drives we put it immediately
the mode that counts sports running and yes the valves are already much better as soon as it crushes the real ones
attack and arrogant yeah aiming because it makes too much mess
this morning there was nothing you could do feel no 6 fantaroby and boys also the lambo
huracan tested thanks a lot robbie a then dream with this view mega qua
giant also gave me the super photo for instagram
I leave you anyway linking description e nothing to say machine really
really nice look at the muzzle as bad as wow


  1. Bella André sei un grande. Ti voglio chiedere perché non escono più i video in moto anche se sei in California?? Metta mi piace chi è d'accordo con me

  2. A me piacevano molto di più i video in cui facevi cazzate in moto. anche ora mi piacciono i tuoi video soprattutto quello dove la Marti imparava ad andare in moto. BELLISSIMO❤️❤️

  3. Ma cosa cazzo ce ne frega ??!!! Quí ci sono cose più serie da risolvere! CAZZOO lo avete capito che forse arriva Il PD con i cinque stelle al governo e l'Italia sarà invada da CLANDESTINi!!! CAZZOO

  4. I titoli in inglese acchiappa views sono leggermente patetici, anche perché credo ne faresti di più con il titolo in italiano

  5. Tutti si chiedono sempre i soldi come li ha, che cosa c'è sotto ecc… Io mi chiedo, invece, perché Roberto se la faccia con ragazzi così piccoli…. Anche perché non ha bisogno di scroccare alcunché

  6. Db io a guidare in America mi cagavo addosso a guidare super nei limiti per paura degli sbirri..
    Pirillo e Company cazzomene e via di traverso con la lambo 🤣🤣🚨🚨

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