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Hire An Executive Assistant| PPC Agency Owner| Hiring Guide

Hire An Executive Assistant| PPC Agency Owner| Hiring Guide

– Hi everyone, today I
wanted to talk to you about why you should hire an assistant within your business, okay? If you’re a business owner like me and you’ve got staff and you’re running a successful business, then there’s going to come a point in time where you need
to hire an assistant, an executive assistant is what we call it in our business. And the reason why I’ve done this, it’s been a recommendation
from a business networking, not networking, training event we go to called Strategic Coach set up by a guy called Dan Sullivan. A lot of you might have heard of it. Anyway, it’s a Canadian-based company and you meet once per quarter and you go there and
they give you training on how to optimize your business and put systems and processes in place to make things run smoothly so you can create a self-managing company and there’s a trend there, the successful businesses
that are attending in my group plus the guy that presents
who’s also a student of Strategic Coach, they’ve all got assistants that are super, super
valuable to the business and I think I started looking for one about a year ago and it’s been about nine months now since I’ve first had an assistant and it’s awesome. And I recommend if you
guys are at the point where you’re a little
bit run off your feet or you don’t know where to turn or you’re being pulled
in lots of directions, this is probably your next best hire because it makes things so much easier. It’s highly recommended. But some of the stuff that
Sarah, my assistant does for me is inbox monitoring. Me, I have a bad habit of checking my inbox too much, refreshing because I like
that little dopamine hit of getting an email from a client that we’ve done a good job for them or they wanna order
more leads or whatever, so I have removed myself completely from my email address and she looks after that and I just have a personal one that no one has access to, none of our clients. It’s only used for personal stuff which is great, so any
time an email comes in that Sarah can deal with,
she deals with it herself and when it’s an email
that none of my team or her can deal with, then it comes over to me, it really is a way to
limit the amount of time you spend in your inbox which is great when you’re wanting to free up time to get
more real work done. And that’s what it’s all about really. If you’re working as the
business owner in the business, you don’t want to be doing
small stuff like this. You wanna be working on strategy about how you can grow that business, how you can make changes, how you can optimize the way
that the business is growing. They’re saying you wanna be working on your business, not in it. And this is having
assistant helps massively. Same with scheduling in a calender. So, I’m still not very good at this but what I’m moving towards now is Sarah having, she has full
access to my calender now but what she will be doing is starting to implement
and know what I need to be doing throughout the day, so we break it down into
one hour 45 minute segments or whatever and she knows what’s going on in the business, so she’ll be able to pre-fill
my diary the previous day on what tasks needs to get
done the following day, okay? So, it’s almost taken out
of my control a little bit. I don’t have much time to procrastinate and try and do stuff that waste time, like checking in Facebook, for example which is a complete waste of time. You should no be refreshing your stats every 15 minutes or so. So, that’s something that
is, I’m gonna halfway there at the moment but where I wanna get
to is just my calender is so full of stuff to do that I don’t have a choice apart from just getting that stuff done and working like a madman
throughout the day, okay ’cause having an efficient day is what’s most important and not many people have those days where they just bang, bang,
bang on it all the time especially if you’re a creative person and your mind wanders like mine does. Also, an assistant will act as a barrier. So, if clients are trying
to get in contact with you, if your staff are, my staff don’t really bother me too much but if you’ve got staff that
are just asking questions all the time and they’re
not kind of thinking for themselves, then it’s
a really good opportunity for the assistant to act as a barrier between clients and staff when you’re trying to do real work which is very important. Simple stuff like paying
bills and invoicing. For me I used to get emails from friends if I had to pay for a holiday or if I had to pay the
gardener or the cleaner or whatever or nursery
bills or school bills or whatever, it’s always
such a nightmare logging into your phone,
remembering your passwords, figuring out the sort
codes they need to go to, inputting it, getting
the text messages in. I mean, Sarah has access to everything now of mine as far as personal bank accounts and business bank accounts, so all of this is taken off my plate and it’s been great not having to worry about all that stuff which just frustrates me, it takes up so much time. So, that’s a real bonus. The second thing is
forcing the follow-through. So, for me and I suspect a
lot of other agency owners and business owners are very creative, so we like to think of ways to get better or to reach out to land new clients or
coming up with new angles within advertising copy or just creative ideas that are gonna move the needle, okay? I’m great at that but what I’m not good at is actually having this
stuff followed through, so I’ll speak to my team and I say I’ve got this great
idea, go off and implement it and then one week down the line, I’ve moved on to the next thing and sometimes it’s hard to
close that loop, all right? So, having an assistant that’s got high follow-through superpowers is really powerful
within the business too. And the last thing is it’s a kind of summation of all these
things really there. An assistant will just make
your life easier all round. So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this. It’s a little glimpse into
what a world looks like with an assistant and yeah, sure, it’s a luxury
but it’s also well worth it. I highly recommend it. Speak soon.

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