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High Ticket Sales: 1 Sneaky Tactic To Get Massive Commissions

High Ticket Sales: 1 Sneaky Tactic To Get Massive Commissions

Alright, so in this video you’re going to
discover one sneaky tactic to help you get high ticket commissions when selling over
the phone. Before I go into that, if you’re interested in learning some advanced strategies
that insiders are using right now to get 248% ROI with paid media, I’ve got a special
video for you, so go ahead and click the link that’s below right now. Alright, so with
this sneaky tactic, when you’re in a sales conversation with a prospect, it involves
finding out the results that they’re looking for and then probing down on those results
to find out the core emotional reasons behind why they’re seeking those results. And then
you use an NLP tactic called mirroring to develop this instant rapport. So let me give
you an example of how this works. So I had a client that is a plumber in Seattle, and
when he came to me, he told me that he wanted to make an extra $20,000 a month. And so I
asked him why that was important to him, and he said, well, he needed to add another truck
to his business. I said, okay, well, what is important to you about having that extra
truck? And then he happened to tell me that he needed the extra truck because his daughter
just went to school at USC and that he wanted to have more time to spend with her. And so
having that extra truck would mean he had another employee, and he could have that freedom
of time to go spend with his daughter. So that right there was the core emotional reason
that he was getting to. Now, this just happened to work out perfectly for me because at the
time, I have a daughter that’s a junior in high school, and she was interested in
going to USC. So I said to him, oh, that’s great. You know, my daughter’s thinking
about going to USC. And what happened is he just opened up in the conversation. He started
telling me about summer programs at USC and how his daughter used them to be able to get
letters of recommendation, and actually that helped her get into the college. And it just
completely turned the entire conversation, and it was like he was talking to his best
friend. And it resulted in a sale. That right there is the mirroring technique, where I
was able to develop this deep rapport with him, and it was based off of something pretty
innocuous, but it was completely true. So if you do use this technique, you’ve got
to make sure that you’re being completely honest and ethical with it. Don’t try to
develop some kind of fake rapport and make things up. People will sniff that out. So,
you know, when you’re probing down, look for those core emotional reasons, and if you
can find some way that you can mirror them and develop that rapport, you’ll have a
lot higher closing percentage with your big ticket sales, and you’ll make a lot of money
selling over the phone. One thing you need to understand is that online advertising is
becoming increasingly difficult to pull off successfully using the traditional methods
because people are simply becoming blind to them. The most effective way to combat this
is using native advertisements, which is just a fancy way term for ads that look similar
to the content around them. It sounds counter intuitive, but the best way to get noticed
is to actually blend in. Think of soap operas and infomercials. They’re the original native
ads that have been running successfully for decades, selling billions of dollars of products.
Now, if you want to start leveraging native ads, there’s two choices you can make. You
can go out and spend all the time and money trying to figure them out on your own, or
you can just click the image on the right. That will take you to a page where you can
get free instant access to a special video I put together just for you. It’s called
17 Advanced Native Advertising Insiders Use to get 248% ROI Right Now. These are all techniques
that have been proven to work through multiple tests across the 22 accounts I manage for
clients and myself. You can use them to drive sales of products or to generate leads for
selling high ticket products and services over the phone. It will literally save you
massive amounts of time and money. So go ahead and click that image right now to get this
video while it’s fresh on your mind.

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