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High Chances Winning Roulette: Shuffle Techniques

High Chances Winning Roulette: Shuffle Techniques

im using most convincible technique for the first game 65% high chances of winning bet on 1 to 12 numbers, ie, 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12. Bet on any 2 groups of 3 groups and maintain your choose. from starting 25,000, I have won 50 for few round then I stop and change my technique 2nd technique im using a possible winning rate of 54% Bet 4 Numbers Combination Choose any 5 combinations of 4 numbers you want (choose separately) and bet US$ 1 in each group. If lose, you will need to double the bet and if you win, you need to return to original US$ 1 bet. after 1st technique I have 25050 to 2nd technique I have earn another 70 3rd technique im using is bet on single number Pick any 5 numbers (your lucky numbers) within the 37 numbers Constantly bet your chosen number. There are 17 chances for this method.
At least one of these figures will be hit! Bonus for Single number is 1:35 from 2nd technique balance i have 25120 and now i have 25330.

2 thoughts on “High Chances Winning Roulette: Shuffle Techniques

  1. 3de model off method.
    Is only 13% you win and that is very low.
    And without mult. you bet you cannot get back your los

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