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Helping You Connect | Grammarly

Helping You Connect | Grammarly

This is the story of how Dani, a soon-to-be college grad and a Grammarly user, connects with Tyler, the key to her dream job. Our story begins in her head where she has many tabs open— three of which will be pivotal. The first: her senior thesis about journalism’s effect on music. Once she subtracts unnecessary words and adds one necessary citation, it will earn her a degree that will hang… . . . right here. Second, there’s the social media post that she’ll write while here: at a concert for the band Concrete Sound. You haven’t heard of them. Her post will reach Tyler, who will say . . . “That’s good!” . . . and check out her other work. Which brings us to number three: Dani’s self-published article— with the perfect words to describe the perfect horn section Which will make Tyler feel this: and hire her! “Really?” Yes, really. And that is how Dani came to sit right here at her dream job. Grammarly. Helping you Connect. Go to Grammarly.com to download.

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