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Hello || EP 11 || F2 || Funny Family || Tamada Media

Hello || EP 11 || F2 || Funny Family || Tamada Media

‘Conman is spreading terror in the city.
Upon seeing a woman all alone at her home’ ‘the conman entered her home and said
he is her husband’s friend and then spiked her drink’ Oh, no! Things conmen do to steal money.
I should be extremely careful. Who could it be? Hello! – Who are you?
– Is Ravi at home? – No, he is at work. I know. – How do you know?
– People usually are at work at this hour. ‘I’m sure he is a conman.’ Who are you?
– I’m Ravi’s long distance relative. – How long? About 500kms long.
– What do you mean? – Tirupati is my hometown. Tirupati is more than 500kms away.
– Fine, make it 550kms away. Why are you coming in? Stop there.
– Such an expensive sofa and we aren’t even sitting on it? I’m sure he is a conman! Hello!
– Cut it! Who are you? How are you related to him? I can’t explain in words the relation I share
with Ravi. But still, I’ll explain. Our relation is like the relation
between box of spices and the money stored in it like a cupboard and the jewellry stored in it,
like a showcase and the costly ware displayed in it. ‘I’m damn sure this guy is a thief!’
– Sister-in-law, I’m hungry! – Thank God Sunny is here. Come here! Do you know who he is?
– Who? Who is he? He looks like a dacoit.
Is he your relative? I didn’t mean it like that.. He says he your relative.
– What? – This item seems pretty expensive. He isn’t our relative. – He says he is your brother’s relative.
– So, he should also be my relative. But I don’t remember ever seeing him before.
– Are you sure? – I’m sure. – Then he sure is a thief. Thief! How are you so sure?
– It was told in the news that a conman in the city is targeting housewives
when they are alone and is robbing them. Let’s call the cops!
– No! If he suspects we’re suspecting him, he may kill us. Who knows? Maybe he is carrying deadly weapons in his bag.
– Don’t worry. I can take care. – Look, a cockroach! You ducked for cover because of a cockroach
and you’ll take care of him? If he pulls out a knife, you’ll ditch everything and flee.
So, I’ve a plan. I’ll tell you. Hello!
– Hello! – And who are you? You are Ravi’s relative, yet, you don’t know his brother?
– I-I left for the US to study medicine when he was still a kid. So, Sunny, in the US, even kids are taught medicine.
– Y-Yes, I heard this too. Hello!
– Hello.. Wait, you just said that a while ago. Since, I’m a doctor, a new patient visits me
once every 5 minutes. And I’ve to greet them all. So, I got used to saying hello once every 5 minutes.
Hello! Alright, I’ll be right back.
– Hello! – Hello! This will serve him right. He looks like a thief in every possible way.
Yay, biscuits! These aren’t for you, these are for the guest.
– Oh, I get it. – Please, have these. Why isn’t he eating them?
– Maybe he understood you spiked it. – You better shut it! No!
– Please, have some biscuits. I’m hygienic as I’m a doctor. So, I don’t eat outside food.
– So, you don’t even eat biscuits? I do, but only the ones made by my wife.
Here they are. Hello!
– I’ll be right back. I’ll see how you can escape this. Since he says he is hygienic, there is no way
he’ll say no to milk. Please, have some milk. No!
– What’s the problem with milk? I’m a doctor. – Exactly!
– So, I don’t drink packeted milk. That isn’t packeted milk, that is fresh cow milk.
– There are no cows in the city. – There are in the villages close by. Villages are atleast an 1 hour away from here.
How can you be sure he won’t add water to milk? So, you never drink milk? – I do.
– But how? – We’ve two cows at my place. We love animals. We raise early in the morning
and feed the cows grass and fodder and then milk them. We love animals!
– Sunny, none of our plans are working. I’ve a plan. Be here, I’ll be right back.
– Where is he going? Hello! – Hello! What is this?
– It is the Prasad. – What for? It is the Prasad for Lord Shiva
as it is the month of Kartika. Oh, no! I’ll be right back.
– Where to again? Hello! – Hello! Have this.
– I had it already. I observed that you liked the Prasad. So..
– No! Prasad should be eaten like Prasad, not like a meal. Please, have some! – No!
– Have some! – No! – Have some! – Hello! He ate the prasad once. Why do you want him to eat it again?
– Since, he refused to eat everything we served I doubted if he’d even eat the Prasad. I didn’t want to waste
the sedative. So, I served him unspiked Prasad the first time. Who cares even if the sedative gets wasted?
Fine, keep him engaged in conversations and I’ll hit him hard on his head with a rod.
That is spiked! I need to talk to you. Come closer.
– Hello! – Hello. So, you are a doctor. What do you specialize in?
– I specialize in a lot of things. A senior of mine.. – I see!
No, a senior.. – I get it! You don’t seem to believe me.
I’ll show you my certificate. You too are hygienic like me.
You want to kill a dengue causing mosquito, right? But why do you need such a big rod to kill a mosquito?
– Well, we can’t kill a mosquito with a needle, can we? But we can kill a man with a needle. I did.
– You killed a man? – Yeah. I was operate people and some of them..
– But we don’t want to kill. – We only want to sedate him. Well, I have sedatives on me. How tall is he? – How tall are you?
– 5feet 5inches. – Same with him. How much is his weight?
– How much is your? – 60kgs. – He too is 60kgs. Does he smoke or booze? – Why do you ask?
– I’ve to increase the dosage if he boozes. Do you smoke?
– No! – Neither does he. Do you booze?
– No, no! – Neither does he. Is he scared of injections? – Why do you ask?
– If he is, I’ll administer it on his bum if he isn’t I’ll administer this on his arm.
– I guess you are not afraid of injections. No! I’m dead scared of injections.
– Can I have this? Why are you nervous?
– Because this is my first time. Is this for treatment or for revenge?
– For revenge. – Then why be scared? Just do it. Then, please turn around.
– Alright. Hello!
Who tied me up? Tell me! How many houses did you loot till now?
– Loot? I’m a doctor. You’re busted and still you won’t break the character?
– Hello! I swear, I’m a doctor. No, you’re a thief! – No, I’m a doctor!
– No, you’re a thief! – No, I’m a doctor! I know how to get him talking.
Confess to your crimes! Confess you’re a thief! Here comes my brother.
– Who is he? I think I’ve seen this guy somewhere. Hello!
– Hello! Hey, doctor! Who the hell tied him up? Isn’t he a thief?
– A thief? He looks like a thief but he is our relative! But I never saw him before.
– That’s because he left for the US when you were a kid. He didn’t even attend our wedding.
– He did. When was our wedding’s Muhurtam? At 12 in the noon.
– What would be the time in the US then? – 12 midnight. That’s why, owing to jet lag, he slept behind the wedding stage.
– So, he isn’t a thief? – No, he isn’t. So, he is our relative? – Yes! Now, untie him.
– Hello! – Hello! Ravi! Hadn’t it been for you, they’d have killed me by now.
– Hello! – Hello! What is our clan name again?
– Ventakesh’s Surya clan. – We’re known for our hospitality. If we feed a guest, he shouldn’t eat for a whole week.
– Why? Does your wife cook so bad? – Hello! If he asks for water, we should serve Mazaa,
if he asks for rice, we should serve biryani if he asks for dal, we should serve chicken.
– What if I ask for chicken? – Hello! You’re my wife and you my brother.
Don’t you know manners? – No, we dont. Hello! – Hello.
– Apologize to him. – We’re sorry. Sorry? I’m a doctor and they tie me with a twine thread?
– Why? Didn’t you find a nylon thread? – No, we didn’t. Hell with your family. I’ll never step foot in here again.
– Hello! – Hello! You guys are horrible! Hereon, be totally hospitable
with any guy who says is my relative. I’ll kill if you, if you don’t.
Hello! Hello!

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  1. I think the next part will be.
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  2. Ipdu next week nijanga thief vastad. Apdu vadni relative anukoni Maryadalu chestar. Vadu mimalni bisket chestad. Anthe na next episode?

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