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Heimplanet Transit Line Travel Pack | Durable 34L Carry-On Kickstarter Backpack

Heimplanet Transit Line Travel Pack | Durable 34L Carry-On Kickstarter Backpack

– In this video, we’re
going to be taking a look at the Heimplanet
Transit Line Travel Pack. I’m Tom, the founder of Pack Hacker. And we do bag reviews
like this all the time, as well as other gear
reviews on this channel. So if you’re new here,
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Heimplanet Transit Travel Pack review, the latest
Kickstarter from this brand. [upbeat music playing] At the time of this review, the Heimplanet Transit Travel
Pack comes in one color: castle rock gray. This is a heathered gray
color and two main fabrics make up the exterior of this pack. Heimplanet calls it dyecoshell fabric. It’s a blend of 800D nylon
and 660D polypropylene. Definitely some durable
materials going on here wrapping this thing up. It’s called dyecoshell because
they don’t dye their fabric, which is a more sustainable
way to color fabric than traditional methods. This material does pick
up some dust though, which we’ve found to be
apparent in a lot of other packs with fabric weaves that
are a little bit wider. At the time of shooting this review, we have a poll over on our
Instagram about whether or not folks like the look of this pack. So if you want to get involved
with that for next time, head over and follow
@packhacker on Instagram. To add to the long list
of materials that show up on this bag – we have hypalon, which is a rubbery type of
material that’s going to be used on some of the attachment points. We have durable YKK zippers throughout in a couple different sizes, which we’ll get into in a second. Polyester lining that has
a type of pattern on it, very branded to Heimplanet
that’s reminiscent of their tent designs. And also aluminum hardware in some areas, which is a refreshing change
from a lot of the plastic that we see across other packs. All of these materials
come together and create a great package that is the
Heimplanet Transit Travel Pack. To kick off the external
components of this bag, we have a perfectly padded top handle as well as a handle on the side. And the thing that I like
about these is that they’re the same fabric as the bag
so they kind of blend in. They’re not super padded,
creating a bulky look, so they kind of blend in
when you’re not using them. However they’re padded enough
so that when you’re grabbing this, even when there’s a lot
of weight inside of this pack, feels really nice to grab, it
doesn’t cut into your hand. There’s an elastic stretch pocket that’s going to be good
for larger water bottles or an umbrella if you like. Arguably I wish there was a
little more stretch in the top of this thing, but it fits
a lot of different sized water bottles pretty well. There are two permanent
compression straps at the bottom of each side of this pack. That’s going to be good
because it doesn’t cover up the zipper of that main clamshell, obstructing you being able
to open the entire thing. Also with the hypalon
attachment system here, there’s an option for
additional compression straps that you can put on the top. So this is nice to one – compress
the bag a little bit more. Two – you can stuff in say
like a tent on the side here (I know Heimplanet has this
in one of their videos), a jacket, or maybe even
a tripod if you trickily use the elastic pocket here.
You can kind of get a tripod sticking in the side there. So that’s a nice option to have. I believe these straps
are sold separately, but they’re pretty nifty
for a couple reasons. You can also attach
these straps horizontally on the front of the pack. So
then you have another system where you can hold an
object of different size flat against the front of your pack. The modularity here is great
and Heimplanet gives you the option to utilize
these as you see fit. So you’re not going to have
a bunch of extra straps laying around that you don’t use. Speaking of straps laying around, every strap on this pack,
including the harness system, comes with some kind of
elastic or plastic keeper that allows you to have
a dangle-free experience when you’re using your pack. Alright moving on to the harness system. There is a lot to say here. So starting with the straps, we have some very densely padded EVA foam. And although they look thin,
the foam is very dense, so it’s a very comfortable carry. We have these load lifters at the top. For some reason Heimplanet
has called them load shifters, not really sure why. But again, a couple different
places to hold that strap into place. So you have this elastic keeper and then you have this
hypalon loop right here, which you can hold that extra strap in. Nice subtle Heimplanet
branding here as well. So moving on to that
hypalon attachment system, I did find one issue with it. I shared this video in the
Perfect Pack Facebook group. So one of the habits that I
have in wearing a bag like this with sternum straps on it is
I like to kind of rest my arm. So I’ll grab the sternum strap
here and sort of rest my arm and the thing that happened
when I did that was that it just pulled off. So even with like a light pull, you can actually get
this thing to come off, so it’s not quite as
permanent as I’d like to see. Moritz from Heimplanet
responded right away, acknowledging the issue. And since this pack is pre-production and currently still a Kickstarter, he said that he would update
the design to accommodate for this. So basically what the issue is, is that with this hypalon loop system, when it goes around a curve,
you get a little extra space happening and they didn’t
necessarily account for that. So what they’re going to
do is tighten this up a little bit more and then
have that aluminum fit in here a little bit better. We really hope they update it, Moritz has given us his word. Hopefully we can trust
him to push that through with Heimplanet and make this even better for when they actually
start sending this bag out to their backers. Personally we have mixed feelings about the hypalon loop system. On one hand it’s kind of
hard to get used to it, a tad bit clunky. But on the other hand it’s somewhat slick and we really think it’s
pushing an innovation in the backpack industry, which is always great to see from brands. Rounding out the features
on the strap system, we have some additional strap
hiding and strap management. Plastic loops going on
here, which is really great. Again Heimplanet just wants to make sure that none of these straps are
dangling around whatsoever. Also there’s a padded back
panel and a nice pass-through system for a roller luggage handle. This doubles as a feature you can use to hide these straps away as well, so you get rid of even more
of those dangling straps. And we also have a hip belt, which is actually more like a waist strap. So, doesn’t really have
a lot of padding on it. I don’t think, as I’ve been testing it, it doesn’t really
distribute a ton of weight. But it does hold the
bag closer to your body. And you can easily hide
it by taking it off at the aluminum attachment points or just tightening it up and
then managing those straps with the elastic keepers. Now with a hip belt like
this and a 34 liter pack, do you really need it
for this size of a bag? That’s going to depend on
you, your body frame and the amount of heavy
gear that you have to carry inside of this thing. So that’s sort of a personal preference, but just note that this
isn’t going to distribute a ton of weight off of your shoulders and it doesn’t really anchor properly like, say a hiking bag would. It’s more there just to
kind of keep it a little closer to your back and distribute
a little bit of weight. Although we have a couple
gripes with this harness system, overall it provides a really good carry, and is close to a home run in our book. Starting with the quick access pocket at the top of the pack. This is going to be good for
just stuffing things into as you’re, you know,
popping through security – your phone, your passport, anything you want to just toss
in there for quick access. It’s important to note that
this is a YKK #5 racket coil zipper. And
racket coil is the zipper of choice on bags like this, especially when the zipper
attachment is so important. Very strong zipper from YKK. All the zippers on here are
weather resistant as well. So there’s a #5 up here, #8 on the secondary compartment, and a #10, which is a massive zip, on this main clamshell. We’ll get to all these inner
compartments in a minute. Also each zipper has a
nice thin paracord shrunk zipper pull, so you can
easily access these zippers. On the front there is a
side access pocket as well and that’s going to be really
great to just quickly flip this bag around and you
can access it from the side. Moving onto the main clamshell
opening of this pack, this thing basically
opens up completely flat. The one thing Heimplanet
could have added here is the ability to lock these zippers. So on bags like the Tortuga Setout, Minaal Carry-on 2.0, you’re going to have that
option to lock your zippers. Starting with the back panel,
there’s a nicely padded laptop compartment going on here with some nice felt-like
fabric on the inside. Velcro-able as well, so your
laptop when in it’s in there is going to be nice and secure. And then there’s another
secondary pocket here that’s going to be good for tablets. One side is stretchy
mesh material like we see on the outside where the
water bottle pocket is. And then we’ve got that same
felt-like material here. Again that nicely patterned
branding here for Heimplanet – that again I think is
just basically coming from the design of their
tents, or inspired by it. And then we’ve got a little
bit of an organizer system down here – so two stretchy
mesh pockets on each side and then two pen, pencil, or
stylus pockets in the middle. I kind of like that Heimplanet
decided to put all this organization here instead of in the front like you see on a lot of other packs, but you just gotta make
sure to open this thing all the way up to access it. Then moving on to the
other side of the pack here there’s some other really great
organization going on here. So you have this meshy like
3D pockets going on here. There are two sizes of this pocket, a larger one on top and a
smaller one at the bottom, marked by the seam here, which kind of keeps
everything nice and tight. And as things go up and down,
there’s a bit of elastic on the outside and then
this polyester liner gets folded over, allowing you to
get a little bit more capacity on this side of the pack. But again, it doesn’t cut into
the size of the 3D pockets. This offers some great
organization and we’re really excited about that feature. And now we’re going to get
into that main compartment. So it’s actually accessible
directly from this side. Basically you have a giant
bucket to fit everything in. Packing cubes, we always recommend those, those are great. And the really great
thing about this system, and if you strategically pack it, is that it’s accessible
from the front of the pack. So you have access to
that main compartment via this horseshoe zip mechanism here. So let’s say you’re at the airport and you put your toiletries
or dopp kit at the top that you need to take out
to go through security, you easily fold this down and open it up, pull that out, without
needing to open up your entire clamshell like we saw earlier
and mess around with it. You just quick, boom! Open this, grab it, and you’re good to go. And just as a note, at
first when I was looking at this system, I thought
it was weird ’cause you had this gap here. But once you zip it up, this truly becomes a liter
independent compartment, so I’m just going to do that quickly now. So there you go. That polyester liner zips
up and becomes a barrier and right on the back hand side, that’s where you’ve got those 3D pockets. At the time of this review,
I’ve been testing this pack daily for two weeks and so far, so good. Through actual testing and usage, we noticed a couple of gripes
with the harness system, as well as the exterior
material picking up a little bit more dust that we liked. But other than that, Heimplanet
uses a bunch of quality materials and really
pulls this thing together, so we’re excited to see how it holds up after continued testing. So to wrap this thing up
with some pros and cons – the Heimplanet features
a tight, solid design. Everything comes together
very well in function. Overall well thought out
components and functionality that are not only smart, but they’re good in practice as well. So there’s a lot of great execution; a lot of good follow through. The liter independent
compartments make for easy packing and planning as well. Moving on to some of the cons – the hypalon attachment
system is a tad clunky. The shoulder strap tightening mechanism takes a bit to get used to. And lastly, that hip belt is
actually more like a waist belt that doesn’t distribute a ton of weight off of your shoulders. We’re really excited about
this urban focus release from Heimplanet and the
smart thinking that went into the design. The 34 liter size and dimensions are great for carry-on travel across the
globe on different airlines and this pack is climbing
in the ranks into some of our favorite packs, despite the couple of
nitpicks we have found. If Heimplanet fulfills
their promise of updating the spacing on the hypalon
system that holds the sternum strap in, it will be even
better once this fully goes into production. Thanks for taking a look at our review on the Heimplanet Transit Travel Pack. Be sure to head over to
packhacker.com/newsletter, sign up for that newsletter,
and never miss an update. See ya in the next video. Travel aclo … acloss … acloss the globe. Moving onto the main event
of this [clears throat] [rapid throat clearing] Lays fat … lays fat. [upbeat music playing]

24 thoughts on “Heimplanet Transit Line Travel Pack | Durable 34L Carry-On Kickstarter Backpack

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  4. Hell yes! This is exactly what I've been looking for! For me this is the Swiss knife of backpacks. I needed something stylish, durable, convenient and most of all usable for work, travel and bicycle commute to work. Also this might even double down as my secondary camera bag. Decided to buy the back pack from the transit line and super stoked the Kickstarter campaign was funded easy in 48 hours. So impressed by the level of design that's gone into this backpack not just the visuals but they've thought everything through, tried and done multiple prototypes to find the best solutions (check their live stream recording on the Kickstart campaign page) from materials to use cases etc. +Pack Haker thanks for doing the run through. This and the video run through on Heimplanet's Kickstarter campaign helped to convince that this was going to solve all my needs 🙂 Bought it, cheers!

  5. Very good review Tom. The video shows all details really nicely. At least for me the zippers are lockable enough like they are.

    I already backed this pack on kickstarter and cant wait to receive mine.

  6. Hey Tom, great overview, really good to hear some insight on this after some use. Also, thanks for giving TPP the name drop!

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  11. Due to you Feedback the Travel Pack will have LOCKABLE ZIPPERS now.

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  14. Tom, I understand that bag volume by liter can be misleading. Having said that, by my analysis (could be wrong) the Heimplanet Transit Bag measures smaller than the Minaal Carry-on 2.0 by 3 liters or so. However, based on everything I've seen, including PH's great reviews, it "looks" like one can actually fit more non-tech stuff in the Heimplanet Transit Bag. Since you've reviewed both, which one holds more non-tech stuff in the bucket? Thanks in advance.

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    I'm having trouble deciding on this bag vs boundary supply prima system (not using the camera insert)

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