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Headspace | Meditation Tips | Understanding Dark Thoughts

Headspace | Meditation Tips | Understanding Dark Thoughts

One of the most challenging parts of meditation is sometimes called the dark side of the mind. These are the thoughts and fantasies that we’d rather didn’t appear in the mind, whether they’re exciting, violent vengeful or maybe even sadistic in nature. We might think we shouldn’t be experiencing them. But these thoughts and perfectly natural and there’s obviously no need to act on them. But why do they seem to appear more often once we begin to meditate? Well typically, we go through our day with quite a heavy filter on the mind, blocking out these thoughts we don’t like, either habitually or intentionally. When we block them out habitually, we’re unaware that it’s even taking place. We’re just so caught up in our day-to-day thinking. But by meditating, we’re creating more space in the mind. So it’s not that there are more of these thoughts, we just see them more clearly. But when we’re blocking them out intentionally, we already see the thoughts clearly, but we’re resisting them, perhaps fearful of what they say about us as a person. What meditation shows us is that we’re not our thoughts, so there’s no need to judge them to identify with them. We see that they don’t make us a mean person, a terrible person, a twisted person. And it’s through this process that we discover peace of mind. Allowing thoughts to come and go, at ease with the mind, exactly as it is.

100 thoughts on “Headspace | Meditation Tips | Understanding Dark Thoughts

  1. Yeah I know what that’s like. Once I began to meditate besides keep popping in my head when there are somethings that I obviously don’t like happening in reality and try not to act on them. I go through those thoughts every day.

  2. This video is the most important on the headspace app and reason I got into meditation. Wish there was more on it that this little video

  3. OMG thanks so much I have been getting these negative/dark thoughts too because I'm religious these thoughts make me say what will god think which makes me have more bad thoughts but because it is pretty normal this helps alot thanks!!! 😊👍

  4. This 1 minute and 30 second video changed my perspective on my dark thoughts in a way I've never thought before. I always felt sort of anger and shame for thinking dark thoughts but as he says "We are not our thoughts." Thank you headspace for giving me a new perspective on this. 💝

  5. I love how this video makes these things seem normal. When its actualy u leting i dark spirits or demons into your body. Meditation and yoga are satanic practices that let demons enter your body and influence you and your thoughts. That's y u feel pissed and irritable when u do them. Thinking these dark thoughts are NOT normal. Look up how alister crowly the famous stanist tells you to meditate and do yoga. Its satanic as fuck. No im not kidding

  6. Honestly, this was pretty reassuring. I get these thoughts a lot and it's gotten to the point where I even wondered if people would be safer without me. But, to see that this isn't just some sociopathic thing coming from just me, I feel a lot less worrisome when they pop up. Plus, the guy in the BDSM mask was enough for me to stop and keep watching the ad.

  7. I like to think of throwing babies :3 Just flinging them so easily. Never have tho, cuz they're so cute. Now that I think of it, if babies were ugly, I probably would've thrown 6.

  8. I admit I have been seated near a screaming kid on a plane. And I also wanted to grab and stow the screaming kid up in the overhead baggage compartment. I didn't do that, but the urge was there.

  9. You know, my dark side of the mind comes out everytime this advertisement pops up during a more interesting video

  10. Thankyou so much for this video, as it really does help. I have anxiety and PTSD, etc from past traumatic experiences, and I am healing, learning and growing positively as a young teenage girl.

    Being Positive is very important to me and a while ago I was alarmed with some intrusive thoughts, fears that I know would never happen etc but I tend to overthink too much; due to my anxiety. This short video has helped me a lot 💛💛

  11. What the crap is this don't worry about your dark thoughts when your meditating on them?????????? Do you not see how harmful this information could Be??????

  12. “We are not our thoughts!”

    Yes! Thank you! I learned this so long ago, it’s extremely helpful in becoming mindful.

    That knowledge is pretty indispensable.

  13. What you think about reality, and reality itself, are two different things. But the mind generates thoughts and mental stories that are so creative that we confuse what we think for reality. Watch this video on how to open the mind to see things as they really are, and not so much how you think they are. –> –> –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBuzMrw-0Gk&t=12s

  14. I have a lot to learn about my mind, and meditation, but I came to grips with my dark side a while ago. But this video has some great tips, and really : “We are not our thoughts.”

    This video is also very funny and gives me a laugh.

  15. I mean you really should not think bad thoughts your kind of wrong some people do act on bad thoughts that's why you should always have a clean mind even jesus said never think about bad thoughts and always think about doing good things and always keep your mind clean but anyways nice and great video!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  16. I struggle a lot with intrusive thoughts and they've put me down and made me feel like a monster for so long to the point where I needed to be sent to counseling. I wish headspace had meditations specifically for intrusive thoughts :(. It could help those who actually need it a lot

  17. I know this is about letting intrusive thoughts go but for me this also carries with it a strong encouragement to “forgive yourself”. Forgive yourself for saying something hurtful, for giving into a destructive impulse, for self harming actions you may have committed. Take responsibility, make amends as best you can, and be patient with your brain. You don’t have to be owned by “damaging” thoughts. You can learn to not only be okay with yourself but to love yourself and eventually help yourself through these thought patterns

  18. The cat 1 really made me think sometimes I do catch myself in situations where im thinking some crazy things but this video made me realise to just notice it and keep the mind moving normally. It's not that deep 😂

  19. The baby crying in this Ad makes me want to rip my hair out. I don't know who approved this video to be an ad on YouTube but it is the most annoying thing I've ever heard in my life. If YouTube had a feature to stop seeing certain ads, this would be on top of my list. Make another Ad, headspace. Its pathetic enough that I can't skip this shit half the time.

  20. I'm not gonna lie I've had my share of dark thoughts and one of them happened recently I was at PetSmart getting my mouse some food and I see this pregnant lady and what I though was just fucked up I actually thought about punching her in the stomach just for my own pleasure. I may joke around being crazy and insane but that was the most fucked up though I ever had and it still scares me what's locked deep inside my mind.

  21. One of the most challenging parts of meditation is sometimes called the dark side of the mind…
    Proceeds to show Anakin killing younglings

  22. I never like it when my mind wanders at work. One thought leads to another, and one will trigger a "what if" scenario that will not go away until I play the entire thing in my head, which always ends with me either homeless, or in jail and the lives of those around me completely destroyed, making me feel like a rotten piece of garbage and deserving of all misfortune that happens and unworthy of any happiness that comes my way, so I sabotage myself.

    …this video really helps a lot…

  23. I despise 99.9 percent of ads, but this…. Moved me deeply. Thank you headspace. I'm downloading app again and giving it another shot

  24. Blue guy’s dark mind thoughts: Putting baby in overhead compartment.

    My dark mind thoughts: Grabbing the baby by the leg and swinging it in circles saying “So Long Gay Bowser” before letting go and throwing it through the plane window and it getting sucked into the turbine and blowing the entire wing up.

    Edit: I have a very graphic imagination.

  25. I thought i was the only one that thought i was a terrible person for thinking these dark thought but i saw this on a youtube ad and it really opened my mind and showed me im not the only one who experiences that, thank you.


  27. Its called, sitting with your demons… The more you sit with them the less they scare you and impact you.. Easier said than done, but you can and you must…

  28. This advert evokes violent vengeful and sadistic thoughts about the narrator – which is perfectly natural – and it’s through this process of violence revenge and sadism that we discover peace of mind. 😋

  29. In My Darkside I Was Thinking Of Hurting Others Or Killing Myself And Junk, Man Im Glad I Have This Video In My Life

  30. This finally helped me understand the f*cked up thoughts and nightmarish scenarios that appear in my head…it's reassuring to know that it's a normal thing.

  31. I have these thoughts a lot .whenever i see people tagging on the street i imagine myself doing it .and sometimes I think about choking people when I’m angry .and sometimes I say dream about me self harming (I don’t do it)

  32. Here's the fundamental problem with these meditation ads. Ads are annoying, and the last thing in the world that makes someone want to calm down and take a deep breath is annoying them with a forced commercial. This concept being forced on people in the form of an advertisement is an oxymoron.

  33. Thank you! I love this video. Every other video I watched over explained or exaggerated the feelings. This video normalizes it, and that’s how it should be. It’s more normal than we think, and we’re not bad, just that we pay more attention to avoided thoughts. We just simply won’t act them, and we’re not our thoughts.we have more control than we think.

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