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Headspace | Meditation Tips | Letting Go of Effort

Headspace | Meditation Tips | Letting Go of Effort

We’re always taught the more effort we
put in the more we’ll get out of life but of course it isn’t always true Take falling asleep for example You can prepare in the right way, put yourself in
the right position and get yourself comfortable but after that, you can’t force it to happen In fact, it works exactly the other way around The harder you try, the less sleepy you become It’s only when we stop trying that we finally let go and drift off and before we know it we’re waking up the next morning feeling refreshed, relaxed after a good night’s sleep It’s a very similar story when we’re training the mind A nice metaphor for this is the idea of taming a wild horse If you look at how a wild horse is tamed, rather than pinning it down in one place The horse is let out on a very long rope and put in a big, open, spacious field The horse runs around feeling like it’s got all the space in the world But very slowly, the rope is pulled in and the horse adjusts to this feeling until it comes to a natural place of rest We’re looking to do just the same thing with the mind in meditation Not trying to pin it down in one place but bringing it to a natural place of rest So let go of any idea of needing to achieve something or get somewhere And instead, enjoy the opportunity to sit back, relax and be present in the world

100 thoughts on “Headspace | Meditation Tips | Letting Go of Effort

  1. One of the only ads I actually watched. This app helped me when through something pretty hard, and I’m downloading it again.

  2. “We’re always taught the more we put in the more we get.”

    I grew up on the streets and I can say that sayin is true.

    And just look at Michael Jordan.

  3. it's 11:54 pm and it's a school night

    I need around 10 to 12 hrs of sleep but I guess I'll be getting 6

    I'm still wide awake btw

  4. How about you guys ask YouTube to stop harassing me with your videos? I already can't stand your brand, this voice makes me nervous and I can not imagine ever paying for the exact thing that annoys me daily times and again.

    Please, fire your marketing lead too. There are clearly basic things this person doesn't get about how brand experience is being built online.

    All the best with your product!

  5. “The only ad I didn’t skipped”, “the only ad I saw with happiness”, “the only a-“ STOP IT PEOPLE! I KNOW YOU WANTED TO SEE THE AD, I UNDERSTAND, BUT PLEASE DONT SPAM THE COMMENT SECTION!

  6. The only ad which is not a famous brand that pleases me and 67 million other people. This should just pop up instead of some cringy tiktok challenge that stress me

  7. Smoking a spliff listening to this guys voice is so peaceful it’s untrue makes you feel more high and more relaxed.

  8. It's 3:24, my dog is hearing this video from his kennel, he is whinning at 1:20 of the video and keeps his head perked up and its 3:20 am

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