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[HD] Dodge Challenger – George Washington “Freedom” American Revolutionary War Ad

[HD] Dodge Challenger – George Washington “Freedom” American Revolutionary War Ad


100 thoughts on “[HD] Dodge Challenger – George Washington “Freedom” American Revolutionary War Ad

  1. "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of the free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Dodge Challengers shall not be infringed."

  2. Does anybody know that commercial where the muscle cars are chasing off the imports off the city? (Or racing) I can't remember. Lol thanks

  3. This advertisement funny for Korean cuz in Korea, the word 'car' and 'tea' is same word '차(Cha)' so we think about 'Boston tea party' from this advertisement lololololololol

  4. The Dodge Challenger is the official car of the AltRight! Hail victory! Hail 8 cylinders of antifa crushing power! Hail our people!

  5. Bet they are really rethinking this old commercial now thanks to a racist plowing into a ton of people in Virgina..

  6. They need to remake this commercial with the grey Challenger that ran down all those snowflakes in West Virginia this past Friday.

  7. Plot Twist:
    The car goes straight into a Charlottesville protest

  8. Kind of weird that the terrorist in Charlottesville VA drove a Dodge Charger just like this one. This ad encourages white supremacy in an obvious way.

  9. These cars are based on a German platform, sold by an Italian company and built in Canada. Platform was Mercedes from the DaimlerChrysler days. Current owner is Fiat Chrysler. Build is in FCA's Brampton, Ontario plant. Other than that, 100% American!

  10. I never really understood why Dodge uses Flowmaster Mufflers for their commercials but never in the production car.

    Then again, I personally think the Borla Atak produces the best exhaust note for the Challenger.

  11. Trying to figure out why the Redcoats are aiming at an empty field when those muskets have an effective range of about 10 feet. ALSO…no Bayonettes, guys??? Your Leftenant is trying to get you killed.

  12. "Music by Jay Ungar" – Do you mean this is being PLAYED by Jay Ungar? The tune was written in early November of 1700 by the Scottish outlaw, "Jamie MacPherson, while waiting to be hanged. It's called "MacPherson's Lament", or in versions that are sung it's often titled "MacPherson's Rant".

  13. Gives me chills every time.. still remember this from 8 years ago! Love it. Has a special place in my heart <3

  14. Freedom in the mind of a stupid, inbred, lazy american fat-ass is as arbitrary a concept as his/her preference of ice-cream.

  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKLcLunvtWo
    AOE2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DMC5

  16. when your a Hamilton fan and imagine it as Christopher Haha this would be more funnier if Hamilton and Lafayette is on the back of the car 😂

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