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Have you seen this YouTube ad?

Have you seen this YouTube ad?

♪ Shitty music ♪ Oh, that’s my fucking jam How’s it going everyone? It’s ya boy Complains About Everything That’s- that’s all this channel has turned into now Complaining about things Which I think would be a bit of an over-generalisation But you know, a lot of the comments, a lot of the people they all do seem to say the same thing That this channel is becoming nothing but a channel where a chubby white child complains about his privilege Now- ♪ haircuuut ♪ ♪ Backpacks, backpacks, come get your backpacks ♪ ♪ Boots and pants and boots and pants ♪ I am so sorry, fucking hell But I’ve got something else to talk about today ♪ New shoes ♪ It’s not a complaint, it’s not a complaint. This time it’s a blessing. YouTube has blessed us And, oh, I am so happy for this blessing today Now a lot of you might be thinking, “What is that? What is that exactly?” If you take a look at my desk- desktop background If it focuses ‘Is mayonnaise an instrument?’ Is that the topic today? No. No. I’ve lied to you. It’s- it’s nothing to do with mayonnaise being an instrument But after reading the comments of yesterday’s video A lot of people complaining; talking about how the advertisement was just a picture of a black man smiling In a dark room With really, really bad music playing ♪ Shitty music again ♪ Now originally, I didn’t really think anything of it Because, ya know, nothing wrong with that It’s just an advertisement. YouTube advertisements are infamous for being absolutely shit. Do you guys remember when they had, like, two hour advertisements on YouTube? They were unskippable, even though the video was like one second long God, they were- YouTube was somehow worse Now, I did a little bit of detective work, I thought to myself I can’t let this go, I’ve gotta investigate, do a bit of digging And I actually clicked on my own video, the advertisement came up It’s called ‘Maxime- eNGLISH’ And it is, indeed, a black gentleman staring at the camera with a beautiful white-toothed grin With some- I’m gonna call it ‘experimental’, some experimental music playing in the background ♪ Shitty music yet again ♪ I remember, after making that video on child exploitation on YouTube How everyone started uploading mock videos And the music they played sounded a lot like that So, uh, congratulations? I think? Probably not, to be honest Now a fair amount of you might be complaining because you think that that’s really good music You- you shut your mouth, you don’t know what good music is I got a pair of Timbs, I- I know good music, alright? I even kept the label on, ya see that? I kept the fucking label on I know good music I know good music, cunt You know nothing You listen to your will.i.am and uh.. Adele While I listen to my Spyro the Dragon soundtrack and Baths That’s what I listen to, fuck. Sad life. Now, the main problem with this doesn’t come from the fact that this isn’t the best music The problem comes from the fact that this man paid Google money to advertise this This guy was like, “Yo bro I’ll give you a 50 cent, I’ll give you a pair of Timbs, now play my music. You blast that shit.” Fucking- I just LOVE- I love that music. It’s good music Don’t- again, I’ve got the Timbs, you don’t, you don’t know shit boy ♪ please stop ♪ You know when you get a cat and you put in, like, a microwave, you hear like a radio frequency in the microwave? I dunno, I’m just making this up What I’m trying to say is, the music ain’t good, alright? I’ve tried listening to it a couple times, I got a few of my music buddies You know, David Guetta Uh… Rihanna I got Rihanna as well They were just like, “Nah, fam. This shit ain’t lit, bro.” And then they said five crying emojis afterwards Bruh Who- who did this? Who did this? Stonehenge. Who did this bro? lol A lot of you may also be complaining that this video’s directionless, and I’ve just kind of shat it out with no coordination. I- what the fuck would give you that idea? You just jealous that you don’t have a pair of Timbs I’ve got a pair of Timbs, bitch I also did go out of my way to check this gentleman’s social media, as well That was quite decent, actually Some of the stuff he’s uploaded is good Then I found out he didn’t actually make it himself, he reblogged it So… I’ve gotta take that compliment back, unfortunately. I do have very little to work with here, guys, alright I’m actually gonna have to start reading comments in a few seconds Because the video hasn’t reached 10 minutes yet Also, another thing as well I know a lot of you, you complained about me drinking out of a fucking jar, right? Alright, you what I’ve done? To shut you all up I bought this I literally bought a personalised glass just so I can, you know, just shut you up Basically I don’t see what the problem is, alright? It’s a jar, shut the fuck up I have just covered water all over my carpet. My new carpet I can see a lot of people complaining, saying how directionless this video is But, I say to you at least it’s not an Overwatch video Yeah. So you shut your fucking mouth, and you eat what’s on your plate, alright? The comments to the video as well, which I’m unfortunately gonna have to read Because, again, the length of the video You can’t really talk much about a black man smiling and doing terrible singing The comments, they’re very depressing The pinned comment, pinned by the guy himself “Woah.” 138 likes Maxime Augustin himself said “yea” “How is this an ad…?” “I was born in the wrong genera-” Ah- that’s fucking unfunny, cunt Why’s he 250 likes for that? You guys remember that meme? “90s kids, who remembers this?” Insert picture of the Playstation one “Only 90s kids will remember this!” Insert picture of the ‘my name Jeff’ meme Yeah, only 90s kids will remember that Guys, remember 007 Racing on ps1? You remember the Rugrats on ps1? I remember the Rugrats on ps1 The last level you played as Reptar I think that game turned me into a fu- [[FURRY]] “Whos mans is this and why was he in my ads?!?!?!” “What the living fuck is this?” “BRUH THIS IS HOW I WANNA START 2017 UR SHIT FIRE BRUH” “still better than any other ads on youtube” “So this is what people listen to nowadays…” It’s quite a mixed culture of people Usually because, with advertisements, they unfortunately catch everyone in a very big inconvenient net You know ‘Finding Nemo’ you know that net that caught all the fish near the end of the film? It’s like that It catches all of you Some of you fucking hate each other, it’s a proper culture clash Some of you like listening to your Beethoven 7th Symphony, and that’s it, and then you go to bed Some of you like listening to your hardcore grime Your, uh, that kid from Manchester, what’s his fucking name? Little T. Little T, there we go Some of you listen to your boy Little T Little T: Little T Little T: Yeah, stop bullying, yeah Little T: It’s really not nice Truer words could never be spoken, Little T Now, one of the comments, which I don’t entirely agree with, he left a little statement saying Go onto Google and type in ‘black man’ and you will get a special surprise With a winky face From my experience, the winky face is incredibly deceptive Man sends you a winky face, you block him instantly But, unfortunately for me, ’cause I’m very bored I’ve already hit a mid-life crisis at my age Very petite age of 14 I’m a 14 year old boy Just as a disclaimer, so none of you get butthurt I typed in black man onto Google, it’s really not anything of importance to racism And plus, as well, he told me to do it I was- I was peer pressured into doing this, alright? That’s the key factor here So, you put me in court, you say I’m racist for Googling ‘black people’ Hey, he peer pressured me into doing it Ah, my voice broke Am I gonna edit that out? Do I care? No. No, I don’t care So I type in ‘black people’ into Google search You know, uh, just following this man’s orders, this peer pressure And then it takes you to a suggested search for ‘really black people’ I don’t know why, it’s not me. I am but the messenger, this is Google’s fault, not mine. And then, after that, the suggested result was ‘blackest man in the world’ Type in ‘white man’ into Google, does it come up with ‘really white man’ or ‘whitest man’? Nah, it just comes up with albino ‘Cause white people, fucking pussies Who wants to go out and say that they’re really white? That’s not- that’s not a good thing to be proud of Unless you’re albino, it’s actually not your fault there and I do apologise. It’s very insensitive That’s pretty much the legend of Maxime Davis, or whatever his name was with his videos and stuff Quite a weird individual If you see him again in the advertisements Tell him hi, hello Go promote his music, his mixtape. He makes good stuff. He doesn’t make good stuff. My retinas bled listening to that music That doesn’t make sense, but they fucking bled My inner ear is about to implode, so don’t listen to his music Basically, treat him like he’s got an incredibly deadly illness It’s very viral, you can catch it easily So if you see him, ya know, stick on your level four biohazard suit Just be like “Alright mate, alright Davis, Maxime. How you doing, mate?” And then you stay away from him If he tries to come over to you, tries promote his mixtape Just get a tranquilliser gun. Shoot the dumb cunt, alright Stay away from him, he’s dangerous That’s pretty much the entire video I hope you enjoyed it It was a completely aimless, directionless, pointless video I have completely wasted your time by talking about a YouTube advertisement Uh, do I care? I- well yeah I do care. ‘Cause I’ll probably get a lot of unsubs I can’t wait Thank you all for watching. Be sure to like and subdrive

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  1. 1:26 that profile picture on that comment is a youtuber called M3RKMUS1C he plays COD, BF, and Destiny or pretty much every fps thats well known. he is pretty funny if you wanna check him out. M3RKMUS1C

  2. Speaking of ads
    There's a dumb ad in the top right corner of my screen
    Advertising iTunes
    With angry birds in the title
    And the people in the picture have wii remotes

  3. I found out how to skip Youtube Ads without having Adblock or watching em lmao. Pyro won't eat for a week.

  4. I have a weed I have such good music taste… I listen to My Name’s Wet Hills and Big Wheels every day… and maxime English!!!! It’s XDDDDD U KUNT U HAS NOTGING WITH UR BOOTS

  5. Makes an 11 minute directionless video on a 2 minute ad.

    Boy you what

  6. Pyrocynical: look at my decktop. IS MAIONAZE AN INSTRUMENT
    ME: Pyro, will IS MAIONAZE AN INSTRUMENT be the topic to this video?
    PyroCynical: Is Mayonnaise an instrument?
    Me: no
    pyro: there you go bud.
    me: thank you.

  7. Remember hot wheels turbo racing djfjfksjdjjfjesicjfkejwjdjfjrjekwjsjcjjdkekwjxjfkdjwksjejfjdjdjcjjdjrjewjdhfj

  8. the second ad at 40 secs is from my home state south dakota. ik this is an old vid but just thought u would wanna know that pyro.

  9. 𝘾𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙖 𝙢𝙞𝙭𝙩𝙖𝙥𝙚 𝙞𝙨 𝙟𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙗𝙖𝙛𝙛𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙡𝙤𝙡

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