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Hatriot Mail: Beta Poster Boy David Pakman

Hatriot Mail: Beta Poster Boy David Pakman

It is time for hatred, male hatred at male
in 2020 becoming increasingly belligerent. It’s hard to believe given the last seven
years of it, but it is happening. Quick reminder. What is hatred? Mail. So what if the president’s been accused of
sexual Harrison 15 times or that he paid hush money to a porn star? At least he never wore
a tan suit. Hey, Trian male written by Patriots who hate David Pakman because America and
because freedom. Okay. And let’s get in directly to this week’s
hatred. Male episode. What a loser. It is stupid. David Pakman is
total liar. Slanderer. David Pakman is the poster boy for the leftist. Super progressive,
politically correct, sensitive snowflakes. I doubt this scrawny loser has a single black
friend, David beta Pacman. You are so bigly wrong. No collusion, loser, sad. You are a
bitter, uneducated, racist, selfish loser. The black friend thing is kind of funny to
me. You would think that someone who questions how many black friends I have would be a leftist
saying, Hey, it’s important to have, you know, a diverse group of friends or something like
that, but I think that when right wingers ask, how many black friends do you have of
a, of a left winger? I think generally they’re making a racist point. Like you might defend
minorities on your, but you don’t actually want to be around minorities or something
like that. Any, anybody experienced this before? I think that’s the gist of right-wingers.
Asking left-wingers do you have any black friends? I’m speculating, but maybe someone
can interpret for me. Remember that the best way to fight the hatreds is to use the coupon
code hatred at 40 when you sign up for a membership on my website, join pacman.com the coupon
code Patriot 40 saves you 40% Patriots. Just start crying whenever that coupon code
is used because they know, uh, that they are impotent in their hatred, chaotic attacks.
That coupon code of course is spelled H, a, T, R. I. O. T, four zero.

86 thoughts on “Hatriot Mail: Beta Poster Boy David Pakman

  1. David.
    Well handled with the hatriot crap. Keep up the good work.

    Have you been having electric shock treatment? What happened to your hair??

  2. Pakman has common sense. These trumpturds would spent thgeir last cent on war. Get real. F. Ktards we spend 54 percent of tge bugdget on milateryu. Tgbats enoughgj. Send yougur sorryy asz to war.

  3. Honestly, I've been watching this channel for a long while. There's actually a large majority of people who dislike to even hate SJWs are in the comments. So safe to assume he doesn't really pull in the extreme left? I'm just stating based from what I HAVE seen. I can be wrong but I doubt it.

  4. Surely the black friends nonsense is just this cockwomble projecting onto David,the guy obv has no black friends, probably because he doesnt want any..,that being said I'd bet he hasnt many white ones either…

  5. David what they are really asking is if you own any black people like they want to do. I live in the most racist state in the country and this is how I inturpit that question when I am asked the same.

  6. Speaking of "black friends", I'll say this as a black guy, anytime you hear these tards say their "black friend" chances are that they don't have any. Although I'm sure many of you knew this already. But it still cracks me up when these MAGA tards try to browbeat me into accepting a notion that's not true about black because of their black friend. Such as their so many black people who support trump because of their black friend.

  7. Obama had much Accusions of much stuff. Why is only sexual Hasrrasment credible . Especially when plenty. Like one in Mall completely debunked

  8. How Does he know this guy is white. Couldn't Trevor Noah also argue blacks have the least to Victimhood and they only stop pee and arrested when guilty

  9. Why do a certain group of people have to always bring black people into a conversation that has nothing to do with us? Why do they never bring up Asians, hispanics etc? As though it's only the black and white race of people in the world….I believe I have asked this question multiple times and I still haven't received a answer.

    Edit: please "certain group of people" leave black people alone. Stop bringing us up. We want to be left alone.

  10. You forfeit the right to call anyone a beta when you go out of your way to emulate the speech and writing pattern of arguably the most stupid and illiterate man in all of recorded history. I'll never understand why right wingers consider themselves the grand arbiters of masculinity and alphaness when they're driven to tears because of Starbucks and razor commercials.

  11. David may be the poster boy for Americans and freedom. But…
    It's one hundreds times better than hitler or donald (over-the- wall) twump as a poster criminal😘🤭

  12. Right-wingers questioning left-wingers about our friends is their attempt to suggest that the left is hypocritical. "You preach diversity and equality, but you don't live it." It can also be a way of suggesting something like, "See, we white nationalists are correct that everyone just wants to be with their own kind ."

  13. David, until I saw this video featuring this letter, I never knew your middle name was Beta. In 2024 you should run in the Democratic primaries on the issue of taking everybody’s guns.

  14. Just when you think Trump couldn't get any lower, he does. Just when you think one of his supporters couldn't become more unhinged, they surprise you with a whole new level of batshittiness, if you will.

  15. “Arguing with a Trumper is like playing chess with a pigeon. They knock over the pieces, shit on the board, then strut around like they won.” 

    -Anomonish (but I'm looking into the joke's oranges)

  16. Is this shit legit? I mean, Trump is the alpha troll, so I have to assume the rest are the beta cuck trolls. There's no other explanation.

  17. The one thing that's really sad is how many on the right blatantly copy Trump's insane Twitter style to attack us.

    There is no sense of humor on the far right, not much taste, no fashion sense, no culturedness, no sense of shame and decency. no research and precious little (misguided) intellectualism and almost no imagination and innovation. However, what they do have in spades is hate (and below that fat layer, fear).

  18. Well, you do come across as pretty condescending, your work would be improved by understanding the perspective of the other side.

  19. Have you noticed these hatriots never given any evidence for their claims, given they all pretty much say the same insults, you'd think there would be plenty of evidence to support their claims, yet none is ever provided.

  20. The idea is that white progressives still choose to live in wealthy, white neighborhoods instead of living in the sections of the country that look like Afghanistan… it is a little weird to me that wherever you find sub-saharan Africans, (Canada, Australia, United states, Europe) they end up looking like Afghanistan

  21. Did you notice that that guy didn't add that there was no obstruction? Wonder if he realizes there was obstruction of Justice.

  22. This is a smart way for David Pakman to show the ignorance of the anti left. The fact that when they can't find the words they just vomit no collusion which makes no sense in the sentence

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