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Harvard Accuses Google Ads of Racism

Harvard Accuses Google Ads of Racism

let’s sweetie i is a professor at
harvard issue with something really strange way cheaper will turn and she noticed that all of a
sudden and or these advertisements these adsense a google adsense advertisements uh… for companies that can do
background checks to see if someone has a criminal record now she thought that
that was strange because she thought okay wire these advertisers assuming but i have a criminal background so she decided your own study to
basically see whether or not white names have the same
results when it comes to the advertisements and on if most black
names or you know traditionally black names have the hot distant same result
that she had been she google turning well she found out that uh… white man’s odds are black means our
twenty five percent more likely to get that type of ad sweeney has evidence
that black identify names at two twenty five percent more likely to be served with an arrests related
that there is discrimination in delivery of these ads is what she said that’s super interesting you know we talk often about all the different disadvantages that
wineries have in this country to interviews all yeah you know you up
to bring that up but is approaching and which is to they should be addressed them and get
beyond that means that is really call yet don’t feel even the president tree
university progresses can argue with me about that
it’s uh… so that’s not for some political goal this issue and what’s
happening in the country so that you know you you make informed
decisions and to look at that domain you know we talked about in the case of
foreclosures and loans and all the different in the get
charged more minority student targeted more of by at bankers in the court will
get a loan to set up now in use for starters of of
actividades you’re more likely to come up with ads
for criminal related things it’s just it’s
madly yasir it’s not a conspiracy to cut you know i did has contradicts that said hey don’t like
to know if there are a lesser every look tiny eventually put him out for
promoting their now that’s not how it works and d these ads are based on what people click
for what people are more likely to click four when they’re making searches so at one
time you guys are more detail into how she did the study because i think that’s
important so sleepy gathered this evidence by
clicking over two thousand names that was suggested sha suggestive of a
race for example for same such as trade
bombing kisha and are now uh… suggest owner is black while names like lori brendan and today
suggest the owner’s wife sweeney entered these plus surnames into google dot com in
reuters dot com in examine the ads they’ve returned most seems gathered as for public
records however black identify names turned out to be much more likely than
white identify names to generate janet generate ads food the word arrests okay now after this happened of course
people were contacting google to get their response and they wanted to know
why this is happening is that really their algorithm does it have something
you do a google adsense and here’s what their response was adwords does not conduct any racial
profiling we also have an anti and violence policy
out which states that we will not allow ads an advocate
against an organization person or group of
people it is up to the individual advertisers
to decide which keywords they wanted to use to trigger these acts so that indicates that the advertisers
are choosing black names to put their add something
about arrests and criminal records etcetera uh… they think it’s going to work
better but look at this sumptuous outlook you
know i’d love to see their data to see what
they come up with and i’m not prejudging that even okay what is the real world the fact that
these kind of assumptions as they’re effects trevor on mon as an example you chuck
now what no matter what you think about the third place what happens axis for the black guy or seventeen-year-old lying dead on the floor they don’t check uh… i mean did you check his criminal
record even though he’s dead the guy who shot him dead dot was shot dead in by
the davis criminal record an outright because what what’s the assumption black
equals arrest criminal record non-black does not equal that and hence we get what happened as an example in
the travel market so let me ask an extremely inappropriate question ’cause
i’m curious to see what you think and as i know people in the senate has been
wondering if you know that you have these
disadvantages by naming your child something that’s considered a
traditionally black name said you were afraid from doing so but no i thought that’s
absurd request was processed it right and i’m not advocating for that i’m just
curious what everyone thinks because by active i would not position for instance
if i knew okay armenian sounding name will have a
disadvantage when it comes to the job market right job for so whatever uh… that i’m not i’m in a my daughter
laurie or like t_v_ or whatever it is great well look so this is something that
uh… camera system tribune dealing with for a long long time and so for example
asian immigrants i decided to throw that out some coin
you’re crazy none of my kids ministry yeah particularly steve those really
simple predicts that your song restrict but
mighty you present enough for us to richard just blue appropriate for a good luck ten days in in with the so-called americanized
way do you pronounce it is kind of putting you in a disadvantage right sure of corporate saying would you be
interested to set this mistake medically there but uh… i don’t regret it at all but if you or your naked about your
career right hardware like about it i meant yes i would certainly thing about it and i would be reluctant to me my kid anything kidding us your specific
question after their name another animated for media so idon’t
know which records forget the affect of abilities in terms
of basement okay perhaps you should answer uh… among the do what you like uh… sunday when people said not to fifties is one of those consistent onset an insult to actually finances community
about gennifer in our fifty so you know so is i’m among one of having to macdonald’s moving with the hollywood
with the kids name but then on the same time if someone or
if they make it blacks on the name and i have no problem that either but
there’s no if you do you use all you know what society we live in you take is with the uh… facing so
they can be prepared to counteract that which is only works
in the region considered when you were naming my what i’d start another friend of the court blacks on the names but um… ollie north those would be but i’m not going money but i think it’s
this all seem more for like women than than boys you
know yet but i thought it was like we should
engage in wrestles with with girls made more than boys names with the was black
some unethical in public we should enough it issued an old after acronyms like you know the most air time on frontline
right uh… but that’s not the problem of
liquid randomly that so there is a really yahoo is a tremendous are needed
from a couple that the other detective but now it is the third thing because
you know but i don’t believe in and trying to mel and i’m not going to go for the hard
work sell enough but i don’t believe that i haven’t tried changes you want to
be if you really feel you and they make it whatever you want to for that sake you just have to prepare
them mentally for work didn’t have to do it right for example he did indicate duane
and they could be pretty successful in evening weekend low brockman because of the commute any success

100 thoughts on “Harvard Accuses Google Ads of Racism

  1. Does google adsense take statistics and evaluate them on it's own? Yes. So it's not racist. More minorities are in jail. So the stats reflect it. What may be racist is the policies that land minorities in jail in the first place.

  2. friend of mine has a long ass arabic name and in the midle is Harald so he can walk up to norwegians and introduce himself as Harald. easy compormise i think.

  3. You’re not denying genocide; you’re supporting it and making excuses for it.
    Play with semantics all you want, but the fact remains, any where there is a significant White population, they are being flooded with millions of non-Whites in an attempt to create a blended humanity there.
    This is wherever Whites exist. Its genocide.
    Anti-racist is just a code for anti-White.

  4. But it's not Google! It's the advertiser which uses dynamic contextual ad serving over the DoubleClick network (Google). Google do not deal with the contextual parameters! The advertisers set the parameters which are served over the network.

    Blame the advertisers, not the ad network/publishers. And if you conduct the "research" when the ad campaign is not running, the results would be different.

    I work in the advertising industry, BTW and I know what I'm talking about.

    Thank you.

  5. on youtube, if im listening to mexican music, i'll get macdolnalds commercials, along with rap and hip hop, otherwise i never see mcdonalds, obviously targeting minorities

  6. Cenk, your kid's name is Prometheus?? I'm not sure if you were joking, to be honest, but that is a pretty bad ass name.

  7. I don't think people should not give their kids foreign names, it might be good for them. Taken to a extreme, and just because it's a funny song/poem, I think a good example of why I think this is a good idea is "A Boy Named Sue". Apply a similar reasoning that the dad had to things like racism, so they can learn to deal with it and maybe better understand it, maybe it'd be better for them somehow.

  8. wtf are you talking about click the "gear" button for settings and turn OFF safe search. Mine is currently off. I am in the US. I guess the news story here is people are fucking idiots and will come up with any conspiracy to avoid that fact.

  9. You have no idea what you are talking about. I can turn safesearch on or off and I am in the US. You need to stop lying ass-hat.

  10. That's why I've switched to Bing. I used to not like the UI, but Google's censorship and changes have gone to a point where I just can't stand it. The safe search was when it just got too annoying.

    And the big problem is that, with Bing, I can't search for something and have it NOT return adult results if the search phrase may refer to that kind of content. AND the? search results when I do? an image search aren't blurred enough so that you can't see them, so you can kind of see the pictures.

  11. I don't care about anything you just said. Again, advertisers are just making a logical and safe bet. As a black man, I would never live in America to begin with. And if I was born there, my goal in life would be to move out as soon as possible.

  12. Just watch College football or Basketball, you'll see plenty of them. Jadaveon Clowney plays Linebacker for South Carolina, probably the best in the country. Dontavious and Jonte' (John-tay), are two of my life long friends.

  13. probably because the society is discriminating the blacks so the it's more likely to have them related to "arrest"? but Google has algorithm, which is conducted by AI theory to create the linkage… if their sources are incorrect, that maybe an issue, but i doubt in this case. they should also look for the criminal records from the police to confirm that as well then. i personally don't believe google has that kind of policy, as i can see how hard it works for lgbt community!

  14. You honestly need to learn to be more well-behaved if you expect to be taken seriously or if you have a compelling argument. Your argument is lacking because it fails to explain exactly why this is a problem in terms of civil liberties. How exactly does this actually effect anyone besides sales? If you can't come up with an argument to persuade someone, then you don't resort to insults. If you do, then you should practice more.

  15. these 'arrest' ads are targetting black people because black people get arrested more. Not because black people do more crimes, but because they are targeted by authorities. And tyt has done a million stories about how the arrest rates of black people are way more higher than white people for no reason

  16. my first thought is that it must be because they are afraid of a lawsuit of some sort
    i dont really see what other reason they have for doing it

  17. >That changes STRICT filtering to MODERATE.

    No. Strict image filtering is Moderate. The difference is Strict filters website results.

  18. Just to defend black people here for a second.In a white dominated society that prides freedom of this and that,why am I not allowed to name my kid a "black" name.
    I maybe don't want to name my kid a white nam because I may fear my kid will be picked on in a mostly black school and such. Its kind of like the white Barbie doll story.Black girls who get white dolls may feel terrible about the color of their skin, because society (alot of the times) project "white is right" and "white is beautiful"

  19. I dont think this is rasism… this is targeting products to a market more likely to need the services.

    the reason black people might need it more is most probably rasist… but this is just a echo of a symptom not the sickness

  20. I accuse Google for making Youtube insult me with its channel suggestions. Instead of tracking my searches and suggesting content that might actually interest me, Youtube is tracking my IP and suggesting bullshit that the idiots in proximity around me have already popularized. Just because I live next door to Sweden, the goddamn site insists that I must be a mouthbreather who likes shit like Pewdiepie. And those suggestions cannot be dismissed.

  21. Google probably uses the most common names associated with the arrests. Maybe it just happens to be the more black people are being arrested. Not saying that black people are criminals, but segregation still occurs, blacks may be pushed down into worse neighborhoods and that's where these arrests occur.

  22. Why is it every time a black person is proven wrong, they then go & point the finger at someone else's direction? Just admit you are wrong & take some responsibility.



  25. Youtube refuses to save any settings that exist in the bottom of the page, and guess what? When I set it to worldwide, that goddamn moron's channel is still there in the suggestions and Youtube is making me look stupid by implying that I'd be interested. I don't understand what's so hard about personalizing channel suggestions. Advertising channels that are already extremely popular makes no sense at all. I haven't subscribed to them yet, what makes Youtube think that I want to change my mind?

  26. If you run your ads on Google based on false stereotypes… you're going to get a lot of bad clicks and pay lots of money for those bad clicks. No one is going to run their ads based on someone's name… stupid.

  27. Is that why all the porn sites I visit advertise ways to get a bigger- ehh cause I'm half Japanese?! No but seriously if this is true- then the entire history of advertising has been racist, ageist and sexist oh and speciest.. Damnit I said but seriously- forgot that part

  28. Black people are almost 3 times more likely to be incarcerated in the U.S.A. so why is this story surprising? If there is prejudice then it exists in the police and the judiciary, not in Google ads.

  29. Your comments are so vague, they reflect that of a person who may watch too much of television, specifically the news Intelligent people know the news attempts to influence peoples perceptions and decisions with biased, statistical, scare tactical propaganda.The result is uniformed, mislead people like yourself who believe and share that same bull.Criminals come in all races.The news report criminal activity that exploits not informs. You should work as a reporter because you sound so uniformed

  30. Really. Its just black people?Why is it that people like yourself make vague comments about black people without understanding possible contributing factors like the history of exploitation and institutional racism in America. That's a bold statement, I think many people tend to play the blame game its a human thing not a race thing. The only logical thing you mentioned was taking responsibility for your actions, but you can leave the" why do blacks" comment out. You don't sound to humbled!

  31. Using traditionally ethnic names to find out the results of the study isn't exactly using racial stereotypes. If you wanted to find out information on a white guy's name, using a common Japanese name like "Daisuke Nakamura" wouldn't exactly net you the most accurate results.

  32. I am not an American so can someone explain to me how do you categorize white American names and African American names? How can you tell the difference?

  33. Actually its the other way around. There are more White people in jail than Black people. Its just assumed Blacks commit more crimes because of stereotypes and representation in the media.

  34. Liberals make me throw up! *BLAHH* So the ad she got "assumed" she had a criminal record by having the add there at all? The ad is to check people for criminal records such as people who do hiring. Why would they be set for people with crimal records to view? This makes no sense Anna if that is your real name. Are they going to shill out $20 or whatever to check themselves? Why is it that people who accuse others of racism is invariably the ONLY real racist? Look in the mirror TYT! Race Baiters!

  35. Remember when George Zimmerman clearly defending himself dared to shoot a black guy? Remember how TYT was screaming bloody murder? Let's fast faware to the past couple of weeks. We had a far more horrific case where 2 black kids shot a 1 year old baby in the face execution style and TYT has NOTHING to say abou that now do they? Nope, the baby was white and TYT would say he was "privlidged" for his entire 1 year of life! Say TYT still finding you obscure racism and ignoring you own I see! DBAGS!

  36. In order to ridicule then you must have a superior intellectual arguement. I am still waiting on TYT or any left-wing liberal to have a superior intellectual arguement on anything. I come in here and make quick work of these clowns and all the liberal knuckleheaded sheep who can only attack by name calling because their arguements are easily torn apart. Have fun thinking other people owe you in life!

  37. black people make up about 12% of this country.white are a much larger majority of this US population.Its a fact whites breakore laws just by sheer numbers.but blacks will always grow up in joods with so much opportunity for bad than good.And police will always be there to start a rap sheet.FUCK EM .But googles search is based on reality not racism..Look up lock up rates

  38. It would be a shame for you not to make extra income when other normal people do it easily after studying Rapid Money Miner (go check it out on Google).

  39. Like it was said, these are algorithms based on prior searches and subsequent clicks. The ads simply cater to the traffic.

  40. Ah. I'm sorry. For those who are handicapped with a hamster that can't run at all, my comment was to point out the irony of calling liberals "knuckleheaded sheep" while complaining about liberals attacking with name calling. I'm sorry about your hamster.

  41. But you see, the difference is if you were to perform a living autopsy on your average American hating liberal the doctor would in fact find that the person was indeed a knuckleheaded sheep. So, I have science in my corner on this.

  42. These are not black names. These are ghetto names. Please inform where in Africa these names originate from?

  43. Google's response is not true, BTW, or skirts the real issue. There's an article in Science about it. Big Data now uses heuristics to make decisions. So it's not a rule made my a racist, but a heuristic, algorithmic, statistical decision. Yet the result is the same – racial profiling – by machines rather than humans.

  44. Machines now make inscrutable decisions about your life, from applying for a loan to getting insurance. It is about a Lot more than racial profiling and can Deeply affect your life. And since it's just Big Data and Bayesian statistics, no one can actually Explain how the decision was arrived at, and you can't blame anyone (the ultimate in corporate deniability), so it's well-nigh incontrovertible.

  45. Way to easy assumption, that the advertisers have used "black" names. Well it could also be, that the advertiser did not use "black" names but their ads got triggered by things like "arrest" etc, when a name pops up in the links together with "Darnell X got arrested for". Still not okay though.

  46. As soon as any name is run by a police officer including George Zimmermans if he has a conviction it shows up unless its been expunged.

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