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Harris, Biden, Have Heated Exchange On Health Care | NBC News

Harris, Biden, Have Heated Exchange On Health Care | NBC News

Vice President Biden's campaign calls your plan quote a habit every which way approach and says it's just part of a confusing pattern of equivocating about your health care stance what do you say to that well they're probably confused because they've not read it but the reality is that I have been spending time in this campaign listening to American families listening to experts listening to health care providers and what I came away with is a very clear understanding that I needed to create a plan that was responsive to the needs of the American people senators had several plans so far and any time someone tells you to get something good in ten years you should wonder why it takes ten years if you notice there's no talk about the fact of the plan in ten years will cost three trillion dollars if you will lose your employer-based insurance and in fact you know this is a single most important issue facing the public and to be very blunt and to be very straightforward you can't be President Trump with double-talk on this plan your response center absolutely unfortunately vice president buying you're just simply inaccurate in what you're describing the reality is that our plan will bring health care to all Americans under a Medicare for All system our plan will allow people to start signing up on the first day babies will be born into our plan and right now 4 million babies almost are born every day in America or every year in America under our plan we will ensure that everyone has access to health care your plan by contrast leaves out almost 10 million Americans the plan no matter how you cut it cost three trillion dollars when it is in fact employed number one ten years from now after two terms of the senator being president after her time secondly it will require middle-class taxes to go up not down thirdly it will eliminate employer-based insurance and fourthly what happens in the meantime the cost of doing nothing is far too expensive second we are now paying three bill a trillion dollars a year for health care in America over the next 10 years is probably six trillion dollars we must act your plan does not cover everyone in America by your staffs and your own definition 10 million people as many as 10 million people will not have access to health care and in 2019 in America for a Democrat to be running for president with a plan that does not cover everyone I think is without excuse hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

38 thoughts on “Harris, Biden, Have Heated Exchange On Health Care | NBC News


  2. I got a question, Joe Biden likes to remind everybody how much Obama likes him (his biggest accomplishment). Well then why isn't Obama publicly endorsing him? and campaigning for him??.😂😂😂😂😂 such an obvious logical question, yet the MSM too Stupid to even notice..

  3. This is nothing compared to the bomb tulsi dropped on kamala. Let's get real here. Kamala got clocked. She can't even respond. Lol

  4. Where was the Joe Biden who debated Paul Ryan in 2012? Y'know, the laughing jerkass?
    That Biden better show up!

  5. It's Simple The Governing Body Murders Millions of Americans Yearly & Locks Up Millions more , And They Have Too Get The Rest of the World To Pay For It! They Plan Orchestrate for Weeks, Months and Years The Abuse of The Public & Community's Throughout America with Supplying Guns & DRUGS And Drug Attic Undercovers & Feds, The Care Is Called BABYLONIAN Authorities A Criminal Organization. NOT A RESPONSIBLE GOVERNING AUTHORITIES BUT THE BOTTOM SCUM OF CULTURE!

  6. When the Children watch this they learn how we resolve differences, as adults, that you respond emotionally, and you lash out, and you try to destroy the other person, in any way you possibly can. But is that a good thing? No. And that is how we lose our Country.

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  10. I have to agree that Kamala's plan is the best if we're going to do MFA. I think once most people learned exactly how it would work they would think its a good idea. 10 years is probably pretty reasonable to phase in, it would be a big change but a lot of people would probably want a Medicare Advantage plan so it wouldn't change things that drastically.

  11. camel doesn't have what it takes.no good ideas and certainly not the temperament.she's too emotional and nasty as well…see ya,lol

  12. Why Does Congress Make Taxpayers Pay Hush Money for sexual harassment by members of Congress and other federal workers?

  13. What is the one thing that ALL they Democrats have in common? The answer is each and every Democrat running for the presidency are anti 2nd amendment. If your pro 2nd amendment you must not vote Democratic.

  14. Does Harris REALLY CARE about YOUR health when she chose BIG CORP contract $ over citizens of SF getting cancer? Biden selling out to China? Bernie ONLY want GOV control of your life the Commie way. YOU have NO say so When u get care, OR IF u get care. If cancer treatment only PROLONG your life not save U-YOU WOULD BE DENIED! RESEARCH IT!

  15. biggest crooks up there. Are we draining swamp or electing them Pres? Biden sold our Military Weapons plans to China for 4 Billion laundered thru bogus CO. Harris bed with Feinstein/HUGE CORP kickback for looking other way/citizens of San Francisco shipyard get Cancer-https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2019/03/15/18821934.php

  16. Good try tearing it down, both demoKKKrats and leftist media.. However, America's Economy is Better Than EVER!! Today, Federal Reserve LOWERS Interest Rates for the 1ST Time Since 2008. #TRUMP2020 is an Easy Vote!!

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