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Guide to Shopping ads on Google: Fix your feed disapprovals

Guide to Shopping ads on Google: Fix your feed disapprovals

In this video, I’ll show you how to get your data feed is in tip-top shape. Which will get even more of your products online and make it easier for searching shoppers to find you. If you see issues with your data feed, three main things might be the culprit: feed processing, data quality, and
policy violations. Let’s dive in. Get started by logging into your Merchant Center account and visiting the Diagnostics tab. This is where you’ll see which items or products are under review which are active or expiring and which need fixing. The feeds card lists issues that prevents us from processing an entire feed. Such as upload or fetch issues. Click into the feeds tab and into your affected feed to learn more about what the issue may be so you can resolve the errors. Now, let’s talk data quality around specific items that may be disapproved in your feed. Accurately describing your items and reflecting the products on your site at all times will make it easier for shoppers to find what they’re
looking for. You’ll want to submit high quality images so potential customers can see your product shine. They should have a light, solid background and be focused on the items. Images 800×800 pixels or a bit larger are best Images should be free of watermarks banners or promotional copy… ….and be saved in one of our supported formats. Also, be sure to test your image URLs to make sure they’re working properly. You may see errors if your data feed contains unrecognized or invalid attributes or is missing required attributes. Double check that you filled out all of the required fields in your data feed to resolve
these errors. Information such as price and availability also has to match your site so be sure to regularly update your feed to reflect the freshest information. If these change frequently, you can use supplemental feeds – a secondary feed with a subset of attributes – to make quick updates without having to re-submit your entire feed. Next up, we’ll talk policy violations. When your products aren’t in line with Google’s policies specific items – or your account as a whole – could be suspended. In most cases, you’ll get an email explaining which items have been suspended and why. You’ll also see a notification in your Merchant Center account. To avoid this, there are a few steps you can take. Make sure you’re familiar with
items that aren’t permitted for sale on Google. You must also follow professional business practices, including: Making sure your landing pages are not broken or under construction Show your customers the payment methods accepted and your accurate business contact information prior to checking out. And, have a functional and easy-to-identify “buy” button. Finally make sure to have a straightforward and secure checkout process The quickest way to fix a violation is to remove all violating items from the feed or change their availability attribute to “out of stock”. If a product is incorrectly disapproved for a policy violation you may be able to request a manual review in Merchant Center. Click “Request Review” under the “Item Status” section of the product page”. Once you confirm the offer complies with Google Shopping Policies and Product Feed Specifications tick the box and click “REQUEST MANUAL REVIEW” Check the top of the page to see when it was last refreshed Make sure your data feed is healthy, and you’re all set. Now shoppers can see what you have and find what they’re looking for which will help lead to more sales.

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