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Guide to Shopping ads on Google: Create a Shopping remarketing list

Guide to Shopping ads on Google: Create a Shopping remarketing list

In this video, we’ll show you how to use your existing remarketing lists in AdWords to show your ads to shoppers who have previously visited your website If you don’t have effective tag set-up to create a remarketing list check out our getting started guide With your ads up and running you should start seeing more shoppers visiting your online store, everyday Remarketing allows you to continue to engage these shoppers that have previously visited your site the next time they browse for products you sell Here’s an example of how remarketing lists work with shopping ads Let’s say a shopper, while riding the subway is looking for rain boots on your site She spends time browsing the site looking at different boots and color options but finishes her commute before she can complete the purchase Later in the afternoon after walking through a puddle she’s abruptly reminded of continuing her online search for rainboots Now that she’s part of your previous site visitors remarketing list your ad for the rainboots shows up as a top shopping result when she searches on Google The shopper clicks on your ad and can resume where she left of on your site Eventually leading to a purchase and some much needed puddle protection Let’s walk through how to add a remarketing list to your shopping campaign Sign into your AdWords account and select an existing ad group and a shopping campaign Click the audiences page click plus (+) audiences We recommend selecting ovservation as the targeting method This allows for improvements in your reach for your remarketing lists while still maintaining your current traffic for first time site visitors You’ll see existing remarketing lists used as part of your search campaigns below Remarketing works best if you choose a list that includes at least one thousand people Select the audiences you would like to target If you have Google analytics on your website you can create additional lists from the audience manager in the shared library Now that you have a remarketing list for your ad group, its time to add a bid adjustment for that audience A bid adjustment is your lever to boost the chances of your product showing up to shoppers Find the new visitors list in the audience tab in that ad group along with a bid adjustment column The bid adjustment is the percentage to increase your existing bids for this audience Select the audience click on the edit drop down and select change bid adjustments To increase your chance of showing to the visitors list set a bid adjustment greater than zero percent You can bid anywhere between negative ninety percent and four hundred percent Unlike search ads, you can not exclude an audience We suggest starting with a bid modifier of plus one hundred percent Then adjust up or down to compete for more ad engagement and optimize from there You can apply additional audience lists to your ad groups if you want to adjust differently for specific groups of visitors And thats it! Now that you’ve added a remarketing list to your ad groups your ads are ready to reach your most valuable shoppers in all the moments that matter

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