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Guide to Facebook CBO Ad Scaling & Bidding in 2020 ($0 to $28,000 in TWO WEEKS!)

Guide to Facebook CBO Ad Scaling & Bidding in 2020 ($0 to $28,000 in TWO WEEKS!)

Last week I made $8,600 in sales from
just $1,400 in facebook ad spend within a week of the ads going live the great
results and I’m stoked with them however one of the most challenging things that
people just do not get right including myself sometimes is scaling these ads
correctly and efficiently without burning through all your cash so over
the past week I’ve been focusing on scaling these ads correctly through CBO
strategies that’s campaign budget budget optimization for those who don’t know
and also just general scaling strategies and in today’s video I will be sharing
with you these exact strategies and what sort of results they produce for me welcome back to the zero to $10,000
Facebook Ads challenge where I’m taking and have taken a brand new Facebook Ads
account in Econ store from scratch to $10,000 in sales within a single month
before I kick of this video I want to give a big thanks and shout out to those
who have followed on this challenge for the past few weeks and more specifically
those who have followed this channel for the past couple years at the end of this
video I want to give a big gift to those who have followed this channel for the
past couple of years so you want to make sure that you watch till the end of this
video so fujian from last week’s video I was very happy with the $9,000 in sales
I made within a single week while maintaining a very strong nine to ten
times in row us and I was faced with the challenge of where can I take this how
can i scale these ads within the next couple of weeks so without wasting any
more time let’s get stuck right into this Facebook business manager and I’ll
take you through the resultant strategies so we’re currently on the
statistics of yesterday in today’s is the 21st of July we started the ads as
you know last week eight eighth of July bring it to today so once we update that
let’s see the results the results have been we’ve we’ve hit $28,000 in sales
guys just with just under five thousand dollars in sales which is a six hundred
twelve percent increase in the amount spent but there’s reasons for that
because like said I’ve been focusing on scaling these
ads last week but again extremely stoked with the results are very strong ro ass
a huge conversion value here of almost 30 thousand within two weeks and very
stoked with those results like I said because two weeks guys and almost
$30,000 in sales I didn’t think I’d do so well to be absolutely honest with you
so no complaints here whatsoever but this was all thanks to the initial
campaign structure that I spoke to in the video two weeks ago and also the
scaling strategies that I will be speaking to today first and foremost if
I go into the campaign section you can see here from last week Facebook
actually has decided to update finally update I should say my ads manager into
the new interface and I want to add a couple points to this new interface for
those who don’t already know this this is Facebook’s update as part of the f8
developer conference earlier in the year they’re basically trying to make the
interface more streamlined so with a vertical approach rather than a
horizontal proach which is the old approach so as you can see here
basically the interface has a vertical approach where everything draws
downwards rather than across the screen which I kind of like I’m still getting
used to it but it mimics the forum and reddit approach and other than
superficial interface changes big the biggest change that this all ties into
is of course campaign budget optimization it’s one of the largest
changes which has been happening for about a year now
otherwise it’s predominately a user interface change if you’re not already
on this interface then expect to be pushed on to this interface soon enough
they’re just rolling it out across servers across Facebook right now so
this interface will be compulsory soon so getting stuck into it let’s talk to
scaling and CBO strategies campaign budget optimization and first and
foremost for those who don’t know what exactly it is I’ll explain it with this
graph here Facebook’s budget optimization is
typically set on an ad set level so as of right now we see budget
managed through the ad set level however many ad sets that you have
each ad set has a different budget however Facebook is pushing people to
change their budget level on to the campaign level hence why it’s called
campaign and budget optimization CBO because budgets we manage on a campaign
level and this will be compulsory right now it’s an option but it will be
compulsory what does is change many things but the
the biggest thing is the fact that you’re going to be controlling budget on
just a singular platform which is campaign overarching rather than so many
different ad sets and it can be convenient but I have a few insights
that I want to share with you guys that I’ve learned from managing different
budgets on different levels so like I said essentially we’re looking at budget
optimized on a campaign level rather than an ad set level now how can you see
this on Facebook’s manager well you can see this here I’ve got two campaigns
running on CBO and two campaigns on manual bidding so you can see this by
looking at budget here and also going into the edit function of campaigns but
the easiest way is to see the budget and we can see these two here are being
managed on an ad set level so using ad set budgets these two here are being
managed on the campaign level and there’s a few things I want to talk to
about CBO because in my experience I actually find that CBO as of right now
is not extremely useful so what Facebook is trying to do with CBO is technically
Bennett benefit their ad inventory control bidding costs more conveniently
through the campaign level and then most importantly save the advertiser and
client wasted ad spend or so to speak this is what Facebook is saying however
you know what’s true what’s not true is yet to be determined until we get
further information on CBO or further data on CBO but it will be compulsory
from September onwards but I have heard guys that actually bitch
changing CBO being a compulsory component on Facebook ads into 2020 but
this is one of the most important things I’m going to share with you if you don’t
want it compulsory then you must not have all your campaigns on CBO once you
change your budgets to a campaign level you’re locked in or I should say
actually if you have every single campaign on CBO then you’ll be locked in
and there will be no chance to go back to manual bidding so let’s see how CBO
stacks up with manual bidding I will talk to manual bidding in a moment and
show you how I manage manual bidding but let’s see how CBO stacks up with manual
bidding so let’s take a look at this highlighted campaign that you can see
here this is a CBO campaign the one underneath it is a manual bidding
campaign exactly almost exactly the same amount spent as you can see here I have
managed this this one manually and this has been manual managed by Facebook man
automatically and this is the trend that I’m seeing across the industry and for
myself with this specific test we can see 30 purchases 27 purchases
however the purchase conversion value has is a bit higher on the ad sets or on
the campaign that I man managed manually myself so overall I didn’t see much of a
difference when managing budgets myself no big difference in terms of mount
spends yet I can see that I’ve been able to target users who are more likely to
spend so to speak so even though purchases are a bit lower as you can see
here 27 purchases we can still see that the average current sales order is
higher than average significantly higher 5.1 K in comparison to 4.7 K so that
overall ro s if you can see here is higher than the automated bidding
strategies more importantly I also wanted to talk about the cost per click
huge disparity here huge disparity including the click-through rate so 16
Sen okay cost-per-click in comparison to
Facebook’s automated 70 full since cost-per-click that is a big disparity
here that we’re talking about and let’s talk about click-through rate as well
because obviously cpc’s does impact click-through rate to a certain extent
we can see that 0.86% click-through rate for the automated bidding strategy CBO
whereas 2.17 percent click-through rate when it comes to managing manual bids
myself now I recommend if you’re completely new to Facebook Ads manager
stick with CBO because it’s completely automated it makes things easier however
if you’re an advanced user of Facebook ads then and you know how to manual bid
then from what I’m seeing so far manual bidding although it might take a little
bit more effort you will see a larger raw ass a larger return on your ad spend
and potentially more conversions later down the track now it’s only been a week
of course with this test but that’s what I’m seeing overall with this specific
campaign this specific EECOM store so that’s really interesting to note guys
and I’m not the only person that has seen this result I did a quick Google
search and I somewhat upon this website and looking at their results as they
said we’ve tested in his results looking at a campaign with a significant amount
of spend we tested CB overs manual bidding and look this result produced 10
more purchases pursuing optimization on our own accord so in other words when
they use manual bidding they saw ten more purchases in compassion to CBO they
also do ad though with that being said we did slightly better over the long
haul with this but CBO performed closely so they make a good note here that
Facebook wouldn’t implement something that would hurt us would it potentially
not so Facebook’s main goal is to deliver the best experience to users on
the platform so in other words you have to remember that Facebook although their
priority is of course ad spend and gaining revenue through advertising
on behalf of advertisers they need to produce a really good really solid
foundation of a user experience for those who just just use Facebook just
browse their news feeds so that’s their prior priority and giving them power to
manage their your budgets completely through the campaign level can
potentially be a dangerous thing because there might be a conflict of interest
their interest is to balance you know users who use Facebook with advertisers
who spend money with Facebook so let’s get into the manual bidding section of
this video I won’t be getting into too much detail because it is a completely
separate beast in itself but for those who don’t know how to manual bid then
this will be a great starter points that I’ll be sharing with you today so let’s
start and create a new campaign this is a template campaign I’m just going to
create right now conversions hit continue and scroll all the way down on
the ad set level to budget and schedule because when you want to manual bid
you’ll be managing on an ad set level not a campaign level because this isn’t
CBO so we’ve got a conversion based campaign here your daily budget for
example will be twenty dollars let’s leave it at that
now cost control is extremely important too but the most important thing before
this step is show additional bid strategies when you’re creating a new
campaign when you’re manually bidding is to create okay a target cost first and
foremost to get consistent costs but before that as well you want to go with
a cost cap now let’s just say my current cost control you have to start off
higher than normal let’s go with 40 for example and go with a cost cap okay cost
cap of $40 now what you’re going to do from here your daily budget will be $20
which doesn’t make sense if your cost cap is $40 but this is just to give an
example well let’s change this a little bit let’s just say my budget is $200
you’re gonna run this for a couple of days because this will be a test
campaign so running this for about a week let’s just say the cost cap will be
$40 per conversion now what you’re trying to do is to manage as many
conversions as possible within that cost cap of $40 now you’re going to test test
test and see how your bidding is going okay so within that conversion window
you’re gonna keep the conversion window as small as possible actually so one day
after clicking is the conversion window for this test campaign so essentially
you’re going to try to get as many conversions within a single day at the
cost cap of $40 now as you test you’re going to keep an eye on certain metrics
such as cpc’s and see what sort of conversions you’re getting what sort of
traction you’re getting through to your store through to the cart and if you’re
getting conversions well then if you get your if you’re getting conversions at a
you know forty dollar cost cap then you want to continually bring down that cost
cap to a certain point where you see sweet spot obviously you’re gonna load
it down to the point where it impacts conversions where it impacts your
general sales so once you hit that the once you hit that spot where you’re
seeing decline sales you’re gonna bring up that that cost cap a little bit –
let’s just say 25 dollars and then once you hit 25 dollars you’re gonna see this
sweet spot okay once you hit that sweet spot this is the fun part once you hit
that sweet spot and you’ve manually seen and discovered that sweet spot yourself
you’re gonna change this budget and schedule to a target cost campaign so
with this type cost you’re gonna realize that your sweet spot might be twenty
eight dollars and forty eight cents yes it can be that specific okay so within
that target cost you’re going to let Facebook take over but it’s very
specific it’s not CBO in the sense that it’s completely taking over from start
you’re going to let Facebook take over to the point where it’s going to hit
that target cost consistently and that’s where you’re gonna see very strong
steady results day in and day out so it’s still early days but with this
highlighted campaign you see here you know adding that target cost cap is
extremely important in the sense that you’re pushing down costs and you find
that sweet spot so only been two weeks so I can imagine that you know adding or
managing the bidding manually for a longer period will only just produce
better results so CBO guys is great in the sense that it’s all automated it’s
great for newbies however when it comes to guys manually bidding is very
powerful if you know what you’re doing so and guys for those who got to the end
of the video here is the gift that I promised so it is on social marketing
mastery which I’ve mentioned now it is a program to dominate Facebook and
Instagram ads in just six weeks and for those who have followed on my channel
for the past couple years I really appreciate you and for those who are
watching right now I appreciate you too so I’m about to close pre-enrollment
soon but for those who haven’t pre-enrolled and for those who have pre
enrolled as well I will be sending out an email offering a full 50% discount
code so even if you’re on the fence right now okay if you’re on the fence
with this program that’s completely fine when you pre enroll it doesn’t lock you
in to this program it just gives you the option to jump
into this program once I do open it up but for those who have pre enrolled and
for those who want to pre enroll in are on the fence I recommend that you just
pre enroll today anyway because I will be sending out to the database a full
50% discount code for you to use if you choose to enroll into the program when
it comes to manual bidding and these advanced strategies it will be all part
of the program to help you achieve really strong ROI it’s like you’ve seen
in this case study there will be whole load and load and load of value
jam-packed into this program and yeah so like I said if you’re interested get
into it before it’s too late so for those who are interested in advanced
strategies helping you to get and obtain that strong raw s then I highly
recommend you take a look into this program there will be limited spots I
will be closing it off so get into what while you can this will be your last
chance I will be sending out a huge discount code
soon enough so for those who are interested go ahead and pre enroll now
so for those interested be sure to pre enroll as soon as you can because I will
be closing the program and it will be an honor for you to join me in this program
like I said you don’t need to join the program I just appreciate you for
watching but it’s for those who want to take their skills to the next level so
make sure that you do pre enroll and get that huge discount while you still can
as with next week’s video I’ve been getting a lot of questions on this
Instagram story that I posted up I’ll show you right now on a average sales
order or average cut value of 4 digits a lot of people ask me how I manage that
how I was able to produce such strong strong cart value and that’s next week’s
video I will be talking to the specific strategy and also platform that I use to
achieve full digits in sales per per sale I should say per order so stay
tuned for that video because it will be extremely interesting

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