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Groupthink on online platforms | IN 60 SECONDS

Groupthink on online platforms | IN 60 SECONDS

Online platforms such as Google and Facebook
can promote groupthink, a mob mentality that discourages creativity and individual responsibility. You might have noticed that platforms and
websites show you content you already agree with. It’s also evident that groupthink has become
part of the management of these companies. For example, Google fired James Damore for
advancing what was called “harmful gender stereotypes.” And Facebook has suppressed news it considered
to be conservative. Now, people are calling for the government
to regulate these tech giants. That’s the wrong approach. The First Amendment states that “Congress
shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech.” But for years, regulators have been exacerbating
the problem with policies such as Title II Net Neutrality, which concentrates power with
online platforms. To create a marketplace of ideas online, regulators
should remove the barriers to entry which limit the ability of other companies to compete
in the online advertising space. If forced to compete for ad dollars, Silicon
Valley would have less incentive to placate its own bias and the market will have more
meaningful platforms for different kinds of speech. To learn more about my take on platform competition,
check out the links in the description below. Also, let us know what other topics you want
our scholars to cover in 60 seconds, and be sure to subscribe for more research and videos
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16 thoughts on “Groupthink on online platforms | IN 60 SECONDS

  1. I think the fault of this vid is that it's seeing this is a "speech problem", instead a "business problem". Free speech is under threat as collateral damage of shitty business practices, such as hiring oversensitive incompetent control freaks.

  2. Google has large control of internet adds, but rather then let consumers decide, let's just get rid of title 2 so isps can force you to see the adds they choose, this is so dumb

  3. Well Roslyn Layton we agree that government never needs to limit our free speech in anyway shape or form. Matter of fact, we need to fight to keep all our rights. For instance, I don't own a gun nor do I want one but would stand up for that right. Very important stuff, you's can do 60 second vids about our rights.

  4. Sorry, but Net Neutrality IS necessary, as it's the only real item protecting consumers from mega-corporate fighting having too much negative fallout on the consumer. I don't want AT&T telling me that just because Rooster Teeth pissed them off that Netflix will get bandwidth priority over them. Each bit should be given impartial treatment by the ISP, period. Removal of Net Neutrality only promotes MORE groupthink, as it silences divergent opinion and business startups.

  5. Next video from Roslyn: "Isn't it annoying when you have 10 hot dogs but only 8 buns? This is clear evidence of why you must oppose net neutrality!"

  6. That's the first video I've disliked in a while. Was this whole video just an excuse to try to convince us Net Neutrality is somehow bad for US. I don't think you have any chance of getting anyone to agree with that.

  7. God, twisting two different things to be the same problem….also offering a pitiful defence for that Google employee who misrepresented scientific studies (the author of the referenced study made it blatant that the conclusions of the study were not what this dude was trying)

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