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Grameenphone Operation & Maintenance | Chorka Media & communications

Grameenphone Operation & Maintenance | Chorka Media & communications

gram inform the leading telecom operator in Bangladesh the journey started in 1996 we are supporting this job by making and managing workplaces across the country our design and development civil wars and generation Electrical vision and resolution Comfort cooling and environment construction and personality our prediction and plumbing system affirmation building management and czt missile Givens electrical system and standby power office and kitchen equipment repair and maintenance we serve our employees to serve our customers 4755 employees unbraid in 43 locations more than 1 million Scotty displays we are skilled professionals with wireless spectrum of service focusing on customer centricity we believe in actions and excellence we are always there igniting initiatives JZ challenges optimizing resources solving problems going beyond the jaws in cestus inspiring individuals in Beijing bounders they've gone to be out making success stories stories with some amazing facts lifts up GP house travels every day covering towards the heart of Mount Everest total power distribution and signal cables can spin planet Twitter once total space managed by the team is 1/5 for the Vatican City we handle the annual budget of 5.3 million u.s. dollar which is 2.5 times the annual budget of Gymboree wage-earners and distributes 6.5 and alert our electricity annually which is equivalent to 2 months electric consumption of Sierra Leone we are recognized we celebrate believe our values keeping promises paying inspiring being respectful making it easy the journey continues gentlemen to the census we are committed we are restless we work hard to keep you in comfort we switch to give you cool workplace we invent to shape the future the future you are dreaming now we make the difference we are prepared to take every challenge every day all day we are a team a team of only 14 specialized professionals [Applause] we are the oralin team of sure service in BMO you you

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