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Gorilla BTS | Episode 2: CMU Advertising

Gorilla BTS | Episode 2: CMU Advertising

On our way to Mount Pleasant for some commercials with Central Michigan University I’m driving a freaking Land Rover today What are we doing here actually? Do you
have any idea? I’m trying to figure out how to put my radio on. We’re setting up the most complex shot of the piece. using something called a ‘Lamba Head’ which is that strange object – we’ll cut to the gymnast as she flips off the beam and then we’ll cut to someone jumping into a pool and then the camera will rise from the icy waters of the Chippewa River to reveal a professor teaching her students in the water And that’s what this is all about That’s pretty cool It’s day two of our CMU production We’re filming both the ‘Handoff’ spot, and the ‘Permission spot’ And the ‘Feel the Love’ spot Hey! We’re shooting some footage for a commercial That’s what we’re doing today Just arrived at another set We’re going to be filming in the river So I was totally supposed to keep Seth’s
shades safe while he was going into the river And I definitely failed at it Day three

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