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GoPro YouTube Case Study | YouTube Advertisers

GoPro YouTube Case Study | YouTube Advertisers

Brad: Our first video hit, which was the base-jumping
one. Even now I still feel my stomach hung up, turn when he flips the camera around behind
him. It made us all go, “Wow.” It’s going to change everything. Stephen: GoPro got started in around 2003.
Nick Woodman had been on a surf trip and was looking for some different ways to be able
to capture he and his friends. Suzanne: This camera is the original GoPro.
At the time, it was a point and shoot camera. We’ve evolved from there. But the whole principle
inside is still the same which is really capturing life’s most exciting moments and sharing them
with others. We have a fanatical fanbase that will love
using GoPro cameras. Stephen: Almost every week we come across
a new video on YouTube that opens our eyes to a new area that we hadn’t thought of. Lee: You can’t ignore the amount of GoPro
content that’s being published on YouTube. It’s crazy. Brad: Those moments are so genuine. It isn’t
just sports. It can be used for so many different areas. That’s the part that’s exciting. That’s
the part that’s really showing where GoPro can expand. Suzanne: Whether it’s sending our GoPro cameras
up in the space, or it’s a simple moment. I saw a woman share a hula-hoop that had a
GoPro attached to it. It’s really neat to see people’s passion coming forward and people
sharing how, when they watch that video, it inspired them to get outside and do something
big with their life. Brad: What we realized through YouTube, was
the best way of advertising what our camera could do was showing the content. Stephen: A lot of the consumers out there
were very early on, sharing their content while tagging it as GoPro. Customers were
marketing the brand for us. Brad: That is what built that momentum. We
made sure that all of our videos were GoPro HD. And everyone knew exactly where it came
from and what the camera was. Lee: As our views increased, we immediately
saw lift in direct sales. Stephen: The YouTube has been so proactive
in looking at how to work with us, truly as a partner. Lee: We’ve become curious about what’s possible
with our videos. We’ll reach out and we’ll initiate a strategic conversation, and they’ve
been really receptive and supportive of those ideas. Brad: The YouTube analytics. That’s something
we watch all the time. We love watching our videos and watching to see where people’s
interest starts peaking. YouTube is a production tool, not just a viewer. Stephen: I can’t imagine a world without YouTube.
It’s been an instrumental platform for GoPro’s success. Brad: We have a following audience that is
much bigger than, say, a restricted snowboarding brand or a surfing brand, and it’s because
of our exposure with YouTube. Suzanne: I’m a big believer in things coming
together. The world’s aligned. And right now, YouTube and GoPro are very much aligned. Brad: It’s a surreal story. To go from a little
Disposable Kodak to meetings with Shaun White, is a dream. It’s unreal.

51 thoughts on “GoPro YouTube Case Study | YouTube Advertisers

  1. You can get a used Go Pro Naked for a very affordable price; about the normal price of pretty much any decent digital camera.

  2. hi gopro i know its very unlicky that you will reply to this but there is allways a chance, will you be bringing out a underwater lens as i have just been scuba diving and the amount of people with gopros is amazing and i spoke to a couple and they all said if only gopro could have a flat underwater lens, there is a big market here for you guys!

  3. are you kidding? gopro is dead cheap for what it is. Youtube made me get mine too. A Tom Wallisch edit made me realise how awesome they are

  4. Stop Whining about the price! You get what you pay for. Stunnging quality products and quality customer service! Its very very worth it! Highly reccomended to anyone! Regardless of price!!

  5. unfortunatly the internet video players like youtube and vimeo cant play 1080 @ 60fps, Slr cameras cant shoot that, 720 @ 60 is the closest you can get to hd slow motion at this level without getting a dedicated HD slow motion camera like the phantom flex. the gopro2 is blessed with VGA 120fps that should be good enough for most people

  6. Very, very, very nice Video! You're amazing! Fortunately I am part of that in my country, I work for BRASIL RACING, Distributor GoPro in Brazil.
    I Work as Sales Representative in my state and I GoPro training for salespeople stores.
    This video in particular, is a VERY GOOD WEAPON! For training people!
    I hope I can go to Calif to know you guys personally.
    Congrats for you ALL! Not only the king Nick Woodman, but all the team! See you!

  7. This was really interesting!! Please, please post one of these for Original Skateboards – that would be very cool!

  8. For what you get, they're not that expensive at all. It's not 'loose change' but then once you buy one, it's yours and you can use it forever – because that's how long they last.

  9. update: May 30, 2013 have had my hero 3 for about 4 months and i must say best investment i have ever made, the pics, videos and content are insane!

  10. Very amazing stuff. I know 4 students who bought this product in the past few weeks and love it. I think I'll be picking one up myself! 

  11. Sharing thoughts,videos,photos in other conversations so nice exciting..but know our limits to flag in..specially personal life.

  12. Love GoPro products. I have a Hero 3+ black, Hero Session 5 4K, and Hero 7 Black. I also got tons of accessories. Endless possibilities, Thank You GoPro!

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