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GoPro: Wild Animal Dental Surgery with Kevin Richardson

GoPro: Wild Animal Dental Surgery with Kevin Richardson

Who’s a good boy? Are you happy now? Are you happy? Yes, you are much happier. Look at that,
look at that spring in you step. Yes, yes, yes. I do need. That’s my good boy. Good boy. I can’t do this with you anymore,
you’re too heavy. Yeah, 200 kilos worth. Hey big boy, how you feeling?>>I’m arriving at the park
earlier than usual, it’s a Monday morning, a huge week ahead. Performing dental surgery,
around about 20 animals at the sanctuary, including the leopards and the hyenas. When we did Aslan, it opened up everyone’s eyes to
the importance of dental healthcare. If we’ve got the ability
to make their lives better by fixing their teeth, why not? We’re here at the operating theater, it’s
where it’s actually all gonna take place.>>Nice to meet you.>>Glad you’re here.>>We have such a fantastic team.>>What can I say about Gerhard?>>A man of few words, but
when he speaks, there’s wisdom. This guy travels around the world
to do work on walruses, and on hippopotamuses, and elephants.>>This week, we’ve got a number of
animals that we need to look at, but it is exciting. The atmosphere, that’s the way we do it,
It’s in the bush.>>Dr. Steenkamp had some ideas and
one of those was to duplicate the theater. Have two tables, as one goes down gets
stable, then we can go and fetch another. We get normally one case that’s quite
bad and one that I think is not so bad.>>Between myself and Dr. Steenkamp,
we have over 30 years of practice. We said, okay,
we’ve got several lions here. Most likely, we’ll have broken teeth,
and they can be whether root canaled or extracted. So the packing that we brought
with us was exactly that.>>And then there’s Adrian,
we call him the anesthetizer. I’ve worked with many anesthetists in my
time, but there’s a gut feel that he has. He uses the monitors just to verify
what he’s already thinking, and that’s impressive.>>Always in a little bit of anticipation,
a bit of nervousness on the first day, no matter how many animals
you’ve anesthetized before, there’s nothing that’s quite a good thing. Once we get going, I think everything
will ease, and we’ll relax a lot more.>>Hyenas are an incredible species
that I hold close to my heart. Each hyena, I’ll tell you,
they’ve got characters of note.>>Thank you. It’s a metal. Not strong enough for hyena teeth. From a perspective of the dentition,
obviously hyena’s teeth are quite strong. So, I’m really interested to
see what they think of that.>>This hyena, Gina, is probably one
of the hyenas that I have a really, really good relationship with,
been now 15 years. So, I’ve known her since she was a tiny
little cub, before she became the top dog. What’s interesting is when you’re
romping around with her and play fighting, all the other hyenas
I think look at you and think, what does this weird creature got that we don’t
have, because she rules with an iron fist. There’s definite fear that
goes through that enclosure. If she doesn’t like you, she picks on you. We only have four leopards
at the sanctuary. Two that are needing teeth
repair are Coal and Nikita. I’ve got a really good
relationship with Nikita. She’s just an amazing cat. Really, really affectionate,
and it’s very, very strange for a leopard to be like that. Hello, my sweetie. The leopards are going to
be pretty easy to dart. In fact, the female, I’ll probably just
give her an injection in her buttock. The only reason I can do that is
because she’s been handraised by me and she’s actually an incredible cat. You try this with Coal, the other male,
he’s probably gonna swing around and swipe you in the face and
that’s not gonna end well for my face. Probably be an improvement.>>Two root canals,
two fractured teeth, so very similar to what we’ve been doing for
the past few days.>>Once you have a fracture of a tooth, the most important bit is
the pulp on the inside. If you see the white that’s there, that is
the enamel, and then all of this is root.>>I think that we have
an incisor that’s busted as well.>>This is was not like this a week ago.>>And that infection can then go
all the way down this root, and eventually even out into the surrounding
bone causing inflammation or infection into the bone,
potentially causing an abscess. So our aim this week is
to remove all of this, get to healthy dentine,
to fill it with cement and then do a final
restoration on the crown. Tal is the first lion that I ever
developed a relationship with. Hello, big boy.
It started back in 1998, when I was just 22, coming on 23 years of age and that’s
how my career with lions kickstarted. So my relationship with
Tal has been incredible. It’s gone through a full cycle,
he is now an old men. There’s several complications that one can
expect when working with an older animal. They’re not as resilient as the younger
cats, so we are a bit concerned that when you put him under that there could be
breathing problems or heart problems. The one thing that makes me more nervous
than anything is those things I can’t control and that would be part of
the anesthetics that makes you humble.>>And
you can feel the hot breath coming out.>>I mean the worst thing that can
always happen is losing an animal under anesthetic or
something going wrong like that. But fortunately, those kinds of cases
really, really are few and far between.>>There’s always the trade-off
as to what do you do, do not put him under anesthetic and
leave him with bad teeth or do you take the risk and
give him a better quality? See his muscle tone is not as good as it’s
used to be, you can see he’s very thin, the ribs are showing.>>206 1.>>Hang on for a second,
just be quiet for a second.>>He’s stopped breathing.>>Color is still okay here.>>Heart rate is 48 which is a bit slow.>>Give him a nice big
slap on the chest Gerhard, get him to take a breath.>>I was lost of words, really. I thought to myself, is this it? Is this how I say goodbye? It’s not a very nice way, it’s not how you imagined it after a 18 year relationship with him.>>We just had a moment where I was
just as I was about to connect him up to the oxygen, he just stopped breathing for a lot longer than what I
would be comfortable with. Being an older lion he can’t
afford to go without oxygen for a period of time a long period of
time anything that’s necessary. I’m actually giving him an antidote now, which does mean that he
might become quite light.>>All right.>>No, it’s all’s well that ends well. Preparation. It makes one start to reflect on how vulnerable these situations can be. How vulnerable these animals
can be in your hands. This big powerful, king of the jungle and like there,
he’s flat on his back clinging on to life.>>There’s a lot more wears than
the one we had from yesterday. The 11 year old were much better
dental wise than this guy.>>But he’s also a great grandfather. My boy. My boy, not very graceful.>>Right.>>I think that whole adrenaline
kinda rush, that emotional drain, the rest of the day, I was just
mentally and physically exhausted. I’m obviously happy to have Tal back. A bit of a stressful day,
a bit of an emotional day. Glad it’s over. Hi, guys, so it’s the last morning today. We’re here at the farm,
I’m just coming to collect the guys. Don’t have such a hard morning. Just gotta go and do some checkups on
some of the animals, how they’re faring. My god. Now we can see those teeth. Here boy. He’s got his attitude back, which is good. Hard to believe that he was
a flat cat on the table, where we thought, man,
maybe this is the last. As I said to you, as I told you,
he’s got a long time left in him. I work with these animals on a daily
basis and I can see that, these animals actually know that we’ve done something
for bettering their way of life.>>We not have hoped for
anything better, in fact. It went really, really well. Walking around,
seeing those animals today, and how quickly they’ve recovered back to
normal really, it’s just been fantastic.>>Initially, we were gonna count
the amount of root canals we did, but we decided to add them all together and
look at the length of root canals we did. At the end of the week, we did 1.334
meters of root canals in the whole week. I’m sure that’s a Guinness World Record.>>Where on Earth do you get to do this? That amount of predators in one week,
with those kind of people, that kind of experience and that group
you take collectively everyone involved. It’s just amazing. Definitely, something that
will go with me to the grave. I think if we each do what
we can to help the animals, as a collective, we’re gonna get very far.

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