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Google Web Designer for Google Ads Demo

Google Web Designer for Google Ads Demo

PAUL: Hi I’m Paul from Google and today we’re going to show you how to build a Google Ads compatible banner in Google Web Designer If you don’t have Google Web Designer installed visit the site to download it for free Now that you have it installed go ahead and open it up You can create a new blank banner start from a pre-built customizable template or open an existing file you’ve already created For this video let’s create
something from scratch Under environment make sure to select Google Ads If you select any other option other than Google Ads your creative will not upload
correctly give it a name this can be anything you want set the destination
folder, set your dimensions and choose either Quick or Advanced animation mode finally click OK to create your ad If this is the first time you’re using Google
Web Designer I highly recommend you check out the YouTube channel and visit their Help Center to get more familiar with the tool To start I’m going to draw
out a new div and give it a blue background color Let’s use a custom font from Google
Cloud fonts Select the text tool and click the add fonts icon at the top This brings up a list of available cloud fonts I can use Visit the Google cloud
font site to see even more details about each font and find the right one for your ad Let’s search for Roboto and choose Roboto Slab by selecting it Now it’s available in the fonts drop-down Drag out a text box area and type some
text Let’s adjust the font size to make it
larger and change the color to white and let’s make it bold and center it Great! Looking good next let’s add an image in our creative by dragging it
from our local folder onto our page I’ve already compressed this image so it’s as small as possible while retaining the quality I want I’ll switch
on the transform controls and resize it down to fit then move it into place and use stage
align controls to get it centered Perfect Now let’s add our call-to-action button Let’s make a new div for a button but let’s add some rounded corners Adjust the border radius to your liking and draw out a button area Now let’s give it a background color and move it into position Finally I’ll add some text over our
button Now let’s add some animation we can
easily add an animation by transitioning between different scenes When you make a new scene it captures the current position and properties of everything on our page For more information on creating animations see the Google Web
Designer Help Center I want the main headline text to fade and slide in to accomplish this I’ll first move the text area down and then adjust the opacity
property to zero This will be the beginning state of my animation Then I create a new scene by clicking the add scene button This new scene will be the
end of our animation so I’ll put the text back in its final spot and adjust
the opacity to 1 Now I can click Play to view the
animation Now we’re done Let’s preview and then publish Click the preview
button to view your ad in a browser We see the text slide and fade in Go back to Google Web Designer and choose publish locally On the publish screen we
can verify the settings look good and click publish to create a zip of our
creative This can now be uploaded directly to Google Ads For more information please watch the video on uploading to Google Ads In this video we
showed you how to create a new banner from scratch using Google Web Designer We added some quick animations that look great the output is ready to go in your
Google Ads campaign Thanks for watching!

12 thoughts on “Google Web Designer for Google Ads Demo

  1. It means whosoever uses this tool to create his website, Google will put his secret code on to website and without letting know Google would track everything from your website. I strongly recommend people not to use Google tool instead use other free tool.

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  3. I’m extremely confused – Google Ads itself now only allows you to create Responsive Image Ads. I thought Google were getting rid of all other types of images?

  4. 4:33 The only moment in whole video which he was so close to blink.
    4:35 Something happened to his voice. Maybe a malfunction on voice module?

  5. What about the click tag? Google Ads doesn't accept the Tap Area component. So would I have to hard code the tag after its published?

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